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Date: 14 July 2020, Tuesday

Name of Speaker: Saniya Siddiqui

Designation: Assistant Professor

Title of Proposition: Social Institutions and Urban Structure: Waqf in a Pre-modern Islamic World 

Cities and the influences that shape them are a topic of endless fascination. The proposition discusses the impact of Waqf on the urban structure over time. With a focus on social justice, the proposition establishes the credentials and working of Waqf as an Islamic Institution from its inception in the 7th century through the modern period where its relevance is largely forgotten. Scholarship frames the Waqf as an institution aimed at poverty-reduction, a service provider, a revenue generator and a political tool in its period of glory. Its continuing impact on urban landmarks and landscape is discussed along with the role it plays in the conservation and preservation of heritage buildings and urban areas. With a focus on India in the present questions are put forth to find a contemporary way of readjusting the Waqf to achieve the intent it was originally established for. The proposition concludes with a way forward to use Waqf as an important lens to examine the built environment in Muslim societies.

YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-juDNRbubME