Ansal Snapshot 2019

Sushant School of Art and Architecture

SSAA Degree Show 2019
Beyond Conflict

SSAA’s Degree Show 2019 was held on 11 October 2019 at the IHC and subsequently the exhibition was on at the JKC Gallery at SSAA Campus.

Innovation in research, original ideas and novelty in discipline have shaped the legacy of Sushant School of Art and Architecture (SSAA). Thirty years in the field of architecture education has enabled the institution to create a platform where students are now able to look beyond the conventional methods of perceiving architecture.

Today, young generation of architects and planners face massive challenges of struggle between commercial and altruistic objectives. They face global challenges which generations before them had not even imagined or deliberately closed their eyes. Case in point are the environmental issues, unstable economies, rising competition, ever changing technologies and depleting resources which are forcing us to rethink our traditional concepts of planning, designing and creating.

It is with these disruptions, 175 students submitted original and distinctive research and design proposals for Degree Show 2019, covering projects with adaptive reuse to questioning rules for built heritage. Retrofit, Rectify, Modify and Adapt were some of the key words that emerged from discussions between these young architects. These students held sustainability and environmental value systems as the core objectives of each project - Projects that will shatter the politicisation of development and unblock the out-of-place development pipeline.

Our understanding of Architecture pedagogy calls for a refurbishment of the discipline to demonstrate reflective teaching practices while adapting cross-discipline curriculum to prepare and support the radical ideas of students’. Students will then be familiar with growing research in architecture theories and practices. The panel discussion on ‘Future of Architecture, Planning Education and Practice’ mentioned just that. Promoting individualised learning, settings for innovative teaching, understanding of newer technology, incorporating sustainability and supporting community involvement are some of the strategies that faculty of architecture should adopt to revolutionise the teaching.

We have no hesitation in acknowledging that in these dynamic times the students and the faculty will collaboratively enhance the nuances of essential architecture and planning that will in turn change the built development outlook and practices.

The Degree Show 2019 – beyond conflicts, addressed the existing conflicts in everything that we see around through design thesis projects of students and multiple explorations that challenge the normative – density, ecology, conservation, typology, identity, production, learning, religion and many more!


Alumni Meet - 25 Years of Graduation, Life and Works of Batch ’94 (11 October 2019)

In 1989, four prominent Indian architects of the time came together to start the Sushant School of Art and Architecture - on a campus nestled in lap of nature, in the pre-developed era of Gurgaon. Supported by the Chiranjiv Charitable trust and under the direct patronage of Smt. Kusum Ansal & Shri Sushil Ansal, the school developed into a nerve center for architectural thought and innovation in the country.

By the time, the first batch of SSAA graduated in 1994, the school was beginning to get recognition at prominent institutes across the world. Today, 25 years after the first batch’s graduation, the time came to acknowledge their contributions, their life histories and the varied trajectories that came to life.

25 Years of Graduation, Life and Works of the ’94 Batch of the Sushant School of Art and Architecture was an event where we celebrated the journeys that our pioneers have taken. These journeys - of their lives and works – are a true reflection of the ethos of SSAA, and in some way chart the narrative of the school itself.

SSAA Alumni - old and new, Faculty - past and present, Leaders of the school - then and now, and prominent members of the field of architecture and our supporters came together at an unparalleled event where we recreated the nostalgia and explored continuity, tradition, academic & professional collaboration and more ways to take SSAA to new heights.


Apni Sadak

October 4, 2019, Gurugram: Under the SSAA initiative Mera Gram|Gurugram, the three Sushant Schools (Art & Architecture, Planning & Development and Design) in partnership with HKS Architects and key stakeholders including GDMA, Residence Welfare Associations, University Students and staff, along with informal sector representatives held a ground-breaking civic participation event, right outside the university premises. The event Apni Sadak focused on transformation of the street into "Hasti Khil Khilati Sadak" that promotes last mile connectivity, pedestrian safety and an active public space.

Apni Sadak project was introduced by studio faculty Aruna Bhardwaj. Speaking on the occassion.

Dr Vibhuti Sachdev, Director and Dean SSAA, spoke about student engagement with civic spaces and the right of each and everyone to cherish the open streets. Gaurav Chopra, Managing Director India, HKS. “Through month of service HKS is pleased to contribute towards the transformation of this avenue; and initiative is intended to improve the pedestrian experience for the community and neighbourhood.”

The commitment of the government authorities towards safe and inclusive streets was reinforced by the chief guest, Shri Dinesh Chauhan CTP , GMDA. He applauded the student initiative and supported the project goals and objectives.

Mobycy CEO, Akash Gupta, reiterated the need to pursue eco sensitive options to resolve last mile connectivity. Shri Bedram, Auto driver, spoke about the difficulties faced by the service providers in the absence of any public amenities. The students conducted art competition and workshop for community. They also presented a nukkad natak on Apni Sadak, music and dance performances creating an atmosphere of a vibrant and accessible street.



“The beginning of thought is in disagreement - not only with others but also with ourselves.”
― Eric Hoffer, The Passionate State of Mind: And Other Aphorisms

Sushant School of Art and Architecture launched COLLISIONS, a platform that shuns absolute faith, absolute power and subscription.

COLLSIONS is a platform for disagreements (on various issues related to the disciplines of Architecture, Planning and Design) where we exercise our right to express, fight, combat, question, oppose, challenge and resist preset notions, dogmas and even linear thought processes. We find a hard problem and talk about it… We leave the door open for solutions, insights, confluence, divergences – that will allow us to challenge some more!

COLLISIONS 1 - Grade | DeGrade At the beginning of the new academic session, SSAA instigated its first COLLOSION (July 2019), by evoking the very critical issue of Grading that we often avoid in architectural or design education. Relevant for all those teaching architecture or design in the current scenario of global education, this issue often pops up and is equally often shoved below the carpet. In fact, every time we pick up an idea to teach, we wonder – should it be marked or not? Should it be formative or summative? Will the students respond to us if we don’t have the right to ‘give’ them marks? What is the difference between grading and marking? What is the purpose of marking really – to wield ‘control’ over our students or to give them an idea of where they stand or even to allow them to apply for courses abroad that depend on GPAs – another sign of our having made it? But what if there were no marks, just pass or fail? Just 100% or 50% or 0%? What does it mean for Architecture or Design, subjects that are subjective? How to assess Design objectively?

We wonder, and then, WE MARK. In COLLISIONS 1, lets talk, push, fight it out – WHAT IF THERE WERE NO MARKS?


Sushant School of Planning and Development

5 Million Cities

Date: February 28, 2019
Venue: Viceregal, The Claridges Hotel, New Delhi

Key Guests:

Prof. Michele Clarke, Associate Pro Vice Chancellor, University of Nottingham, UK
Mr. Vijay Srirangan, Director General, Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Prof. P.S.N. Rao, Director, SPA New Delhi
Prof. Peter Fussey, Professor of Sociology, University of Essex
Dr. Anil Kumar Roy, Associate Professor, CEPT University
Dr. Devendra Saroj, Associate Professor, University of Surrey
Mr R Srinivas, Head, Metropolitian Division, TCPO, New Delhi

Knowledge Partners

  • University of Nottingham, United Kingdom
  • Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industries
  • Sushant School of Planning and Development

Planned urbanisation is one of the key strategies of Government of India. This necessitates effective integration of knowledge, skills, investments and technologies. Currently, there are 10 national Missions focusing on cities. However, these Missions do not focus on any particular types of cities. Swachh Bharat (Urban) Mission covers 4041 Statutory towns, AMRUT Mission covers 468 Class-1 cities and Smart Cities Mission covers 100 cities. Other National Missions will cover smaller number of cities and towns.

Lack of a robust and resilient infrastructure has been a major growth barrier for Indian cities. Hence, successive governments have been trying to make the cities investor friendly through various reforms and mission mode funding.

The workshop provided a forum for exchange with policy makers, scholars and businesses who shape the growth strategies for these nine cities and urban India. The workshop also helped in identifying knowledge management requirements for key change makers. Since innovation in planning and policies is a contemporary discourse within social sciences and urban planning both in India and UK, the outcomes were decided be used for follow up research and partnerships.


British Chevening Scholarship Information Session

Date: October 18, 2019
Time: 15.00 - 16.00 Hrs
Venue: SSAA Library, E-Block

The Chevening team at the British High Commission, New Delhi Office visited the Campus to conduct an information session on the Scholarship programme. A detailed information on these scholarships was discussed with the students and the faculty. These scholarships are awarded to outstanding professionals from all over the world to pursue a one-year master’s degree in any subject at any UK university.

Students were enganged in modules to provide an insight into how Chevening provides fully-funded scholarships, leaving the students free to focus on achieving their academic goals and enjoying the experience of a lifetime. The student is given chance to live and study in the UK for a year, during which time the tudent will develop professionally and academically, grow their network, experience UK culture, and build lasting positive relationships with the UK.


Effects based Planning: Driving innovation and resilience

Key Speaker: Prof Hamish Rennie, Associate Professor, Faculty of Environment, Society and Design from Lincoln University, New Zealand on “

Date: August 22, 2019

Traditional planning has focused on where activities should be located and directed where growth will occur. In 1991, New Zealand adopted a novel ‘effects-based’ approach to planning. No longer directing where activities will occur, the approach sets acceptable levels of cumulative environmental effects and requires every activity to minimize its environmental impacts. This has driven much innovation in addressing sustainability issues and, possibly, promoting resilience. Using examples from coastal, river, rural and urban areas I argue in favor of effects-based planning as a preferred planning approach.


Sushant School of Design

Arts University of Bournemouth visit

The trip to the Arts University of Bournemouth, UK was undoubtedly a healthy, creative and thoughtful exercise for budding designers from Sushant School of Design. The course included workshops everyday most of which, interestingly, had an unconventional yet very useful and practical approach towards learning.

The first day started with a short campus tour where the students were taken to different sections of the building, like art studios, plastic museum, library, fashion studios, graphic studios etc. Later that day, the first activity started with an experimental drawing exercise related to topography and mapping the journeys taken by us at a different age like during childhood. They created an artwork mapping different situations on a map giving an idea of their personality and aspirations.

The program was an experience to cherish and look at the things around us with a fresh vision. Whether it was the exercises related to the conventional or experimental ways of drawing, graphic designing or photography, there was a small critique session in all the exercises where each student presented their work. Witnessing the real artworks at Tate Modern and V&A (Victoria and Alb.) gave a better idea of scale and proportion and the overall emotional/psychological impact a good artwork could possibly leave on the viewer. It also broadens the artistic vision and opens the gates for new possibilities and relevant issues of the time we are living in.


Design Day

Eminent designer Mukul Goyal, who is also a member of the Advisory Board at SSD interacted with students of continuing and new batch at the school during Design Day on 9th August 2019. He shared personal insights about design inspirations, chasing dream ideas, projects, products and outputs.

Students had a chance to chat informally with him before exploring the workshops - 'Reverse Metamorphosis' and 'Anamorphic Illusions' conducted by faculty at SSD.


Portfolio Showcase

Between October 9th and October 11th, SSD students of all five disciplines - Visual Communication, Product Design, Interior Design, Interior Architecture and Fashion & Textiles, set up an exhibition and presented their portfolios to industry professionals which led to some of them getting placed in those companies for Internship. Students of Bachelor of Design, Fashion & Textiles displayed their work and projects through a Fashion show organized as part of 'Showcase' week.

Philip Horton, Associate Director at Arizona State University, visited SSD campus to meet and interact with senior students who were in the process of designing their portfolios. His talk on 'how to craft a compelling portfolio' was highly motivating for students as they were gearing up for their internship in the coming semester. This talk was also attended by students of SSAA, Ansal University.


School of Hospitality Management

Scope of Housekeeping

School of Hospitality management in Collaboration with Vatel France organised a guest lecture on 10th October , 2019 "Scope of Housekeeping in different institutions". Ms Bindiya Yadav, Executive Housekeeper, The Roseate House New Delhi, was invited to enlighten the students with different scopes available in housekeeping in different institutions other than hotels. It was a great interactive session where students participated with great enthusiasm. Ms Yadav also informed the students about the latest trends which are followed in housekeeping in hotels like artificial intelligence.

It was a great interactive and informative session for the students.


Perfect Health Mela

The right path towards fitness begins in your own kitchen. Following the path set by our honorary prime Minister Shri Narender Modi ji, students of Vatel India under the guidance of Chef Sunil Kumar Arora promoted the regular snacks turned into healthy food options at Health Food Meal organized at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. More than 10 varieties of healthy food products including low fat dark chocolates, roasted almond bites, no fat muffins and low gluten crepes were available for the visiting crowd. Students from over 50 schools attended the opening ceremony & were hardly able to resist the healthy yet amazing products prepared at Vatel campus, Ansal University. The best part of the product lineup was that each product was baked and moulded fresh by the students of Vatel India. Mr. Laurent Guiraud, Director-Vatel India was also present at the venue whose roots go all the way to France. He shared his special skills of preparing crepes With the final year students of Vatel, India. The event in total saw more that 25,000 students spread across three days.


School of Law

Intra-Moot Court Competition

School of Law provides worlds class opportunities to its students in terms of academic excellence and overall development. The institution has always tried to built the students into wholesome individuals by focussing on practical training and as a part of this endeavour the Moot Court Committee organized the 4th Intra Moot Court Competition on 27th September, 2019. This moot court competition was conducted to familiarise the freshers with the art and skills of mooting and advocacy. There was an enigma of brotherhood and the seniors participated with zealth with the juniors and made the event a learning experience for all. The competition saw a participation of 30 teams wherein the students displayed tremendous efforts and a zealous spirit and fought the given case in three different rounds.


Investiture Ceremony

School of Law organized its Investiture Ceremony on 26 August 2019. The ceremony witnessed the Swearing-In-Ceremony of the Conveners, Members and Volunteers of the Core Committees School of Law, namely Moot Court, Debating, Internship, Sports, Cultural and Legal Aid.

Guest of Honour, Mr. Anil Yadav (Controller of Examiner) and Dr. Kanupriya (Associate Dean) Ansal University swore in each Committee headed by a Student Convener and Co-Convener and 10 members each. The students undertook to shoulder the Committee responsibilities with diligence and commitment under the supervision and guidance of their respective faculty coordinators. The ceremony also saw feliciation of toppers from all batches where in they received medals and certificates from the Chief Guest for their outstanding academic achievements.


School of Engineering and Technology

Freshers 2019

School of Engineering and Technology organized a Fresher’s Party for welcoming their new batch of students on 11th October 2019. The spirits were high as the Seniors got together to welcome the new batch with foot-thumping dance and music. It was full of enthusiasm and thrill with wonderful performances including band performance, singing, dancing and games. The party was a fabulous way to kick start the academic year for the students. It also included various competitions for different titles which consisted of singing, dancing, talent display, dress parade which wove the magic of fun and joy in the event. At the end of the enjoyable competition, Ms. Shruti & Mr. Achint were selected as Miss. & Mr. Fresher 2019 and Ms. Shruti and Mr. Gurleen bagged the best dressed Female and Male title. After the competition, it was for the freshers and seniors to rock the party with dancing. Finally the program ended, leaving behind sweet memories that will be cherished lifelong. It was an amazing and a refreshing evening for the welcome of the new batch of the university.


Ardee Ansal Bridge Program

School of Engineering and Technology successfully conducted a week long Ardee-Ansal College Bridge Program. In total 64 students from different branches of Ardee School including Gurugram, Delhi and Goa participated in the hands on sessions and Project development Modules. The project sessions included familiarization with sensors, basics of Coding, interfacing with Smart Boards, Android App Development, Controlling the Sensor Stack using Blynk App.The students also got the opportunity to have an interaction with Mr Vinay Solanki ,who is an alumnus of IIM Ahemdabad and is currently leading the IoT business for Lenovo in APAC & MEA. Under the supervision of mentors, the teams of students developed real time working application based projects of social relevance which were presented on the last day in an exhibition. Some of them are Automatic Irrigation Systems, Voice Controlled Devices, Smart Cap for visually impaired people, Secure Smart Lock, Obstacle Detecting Self Driving Car, Energy Management System by Smart Lighting, Gas Detector for Septic Tank Cleaners etc.The event ended with a closing ceremony where Best three Projects were awarded and students were given titles by their respective mentors. It had been a vast learning experience and we wish to strengthen this kind of bond between Schools and Universities in future too.


Blockchain workshop

School of Engineering and Technology at Ansal University, Gurugram in association with CSI student Chapter conducted a two day workshop on Blockchain (Ethereum learning) Technology on 27th-28th September, 2019. This workshop was conducted in close association with our Knowledge partner Thingif(y). Day 1 covered the basics of Blockchain technology with a focus on Etherum. Day 2 was hands-on practical session using Ethereum and its environment to create App and smart contracts apart from understanding practically how to set up and use developer environment.The session was conducted by Mr. Vikas Singh (Founder -CEO|BloqueLabs) and Mr. Shantanu Sharma(Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Consultant).


Orientation week SET

School of Engineering and Technology Orientation program and industrial visits The first day of orientation commenced with an address by Dr. Anamika Paul, Dean SET followed by brief faculty introduction. After briefing students enjoyed performances prepared by their seniors and participated in talent hunt where we witnessed few amazing talents. For the second half of the day they were in for the thrilling game of treasure hunt with their detective caps on. The second day began with inspiring and encouraging words by our alumni Mr. Santosh Gupta and Mr. Aviral Sharma followed by a briefing by Mr. Yash about the features and functions of ERP. In the second half of the day, sports activities were organized to encourage team spirit among students thus ending the day on energetic note. During Orientation, as a part of industrial training, students were also taken to industrial visits to Yakult factory and Coca-Cola Happiness factory. The students got an opportunity to gain awareness about industrial practices and understand the overall operations of the production in the plants.


Sushant School Of Business

Warwick University visit

In two-week academic collaboration with Warwick University, the students were enriched with the fundamental importance of decision making and its application to most subjects and disciplines including Management, Business, Marketing and Strategy. The Students were comprehended about rationale decision making, in all walks of life - whether in their roles as consumers, employees, managers, and entrepreneurs and so on, people make decisions all the time on a wide variety of matters.

In addition to our academic course, the students got to explore Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of Shakespeare and home to the world-renowned Royal Shakespeare Theatre (RSC). It was a place with true Aesthetics.

The cultural trip also included a visit to the dreaming spires of Oxford, home to the world-famous University of Oxford, stunning architecture and the Ashmolean museum. Here you get to see various locations used in the Harry Potter films and the infamous Oxford castle and prison.

On the day trip to London, the students got an experience of the city bus and explored the London Eye and Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum which houses an array of celebrities and personalities from different walks of life. All in all, the two week collaboration was filled with interactive academic sessions, dinners and lunches.

Guest Lectures and Industrial Visits

SSB believes in nurturing the youth of today with practical knowledge and Skills that make them an asset to the Nation. With this philosophy SSB tries to bridge the gap between academia and industry by making them meet at a common platform. The students of SSB are given an opportunity to interact and network with the stalwarts from the corporate to have a more professional and working knowledge. The student for each subject in the semester is acquainted with Industry visit and Guest lecture to strengthen their knowledge in the Domain so that they can prepare themselves for a brighter Future.

Industrial Visits @ SSB

1. Visit to Amul for the students of BBA on October 17, 2019. The students got an opportunity to see the process of how milk is procured from Gujarat, Banas and further processed into Full Cream, Toned and Double Toned.
2. Compensation Benefits and Learning & Development visit for MBA students to Azure Power - it's a global independent power producer on 10th Oct 2019.
3. visit to Shahi Exports (Sarla Mills) India’s largest apparel manufacturer and exporter on October 11, 2019.
4. Visit to Roseate a luxury resort in New Delhi, on October 7, 2019 for MBA students. A premium hotel chain that offers quality services to cater to the new generation needs of cosmopolitan guests carving a niche in the hospitality industry.
5. Visit to Bisleri on September 23, 2019 for MBA and B.Com students .The students were given certificates for the visit and gift hampers of Fonzo drink and Bisleri bottled water.
6. visit to the Chambers of the labour court and witness adjudication on matters of Industrial Disputes.The students got to meet honorable ADJ A.S Chalia who is currently the additional district Judge at the labour court.
7. Sushant School of Business (SSB), Ansal University (AU) organized a Visit to Parliament House on 2nd August 2019 for the New Batch of students as a part of Foundation Course.


Guest Speakers @SSB

1. Ms. Shefali Sinha - on the topic "Application of Mathematics & Statistics in real Life"
2. Dr. Tanushree Bora (Owner - Xquads) - on the topic "A journey of an Entrepreneur"
3. Mr Mayank Ahuja (Senior Manager HR - Blackberrys) - on the topic "HR Analytics & Digitalization"
4. Mr. Chaitanya Sharma from Accenture spoke on Digital Marketing...
5. The experts from Dotconverse at Sushant School of Business, Ansal University,on July 18, 2019 organized a workshop on " WEBSITE BUILDING".


Knowledge sharing

1. Tackle the root cause not the Effect. In a knowledge sharing series by Ms Deepika Bajaj and Dr Gunjan A Rana at Sushant School of Business on September 20, 2019, shared creative way of solving problems in modern era using the “5 Why Approach” and “6 Thinking Hats”. Get out of desk, meditate, have coffee because worrying about the problems result in a solution that gives no result. Be smart and know your hat!
2. Knowledge sharing session was organized at Sushant School of Business, Ansal University on July 25, 2019 on "Financial Literacy" by Dr. Navdeep Barwal. The session covered the theoretical and practical aspects of Investment. The audience where also enriched on the ITR filing process.


Sushant School of Health Sciences

Orthokeratology Seminar

Orthokeratology Seminar was held on 3rd September 2019 at our campus. It is the one of the exclusive lenses which is used worldwide for myopia control in children. Speaker was Mr.Chris Eskteen (Global Marketing Director for Global Orthokeratology Vision USA). The session was attended by 130 delegates including our students and practitioners from different institutes. The session was followed by hands on experience for our Optometry faculty at clinic. It was a good opportunity to listen to such a speaker, and whole session was very informative.


Special Olympic

From August 8-10, Faculty from SSHS took 40 optometry students to serve Asha Kiran Hospital for the Specially Abled, a vision screening event organized and supported by The Special Olympics Bharat and Lions Club International. For 3 days, the students worked tirelessly and with earnest to screen almost 900 children and adults living at the Center. The students not only improved their skills, but learned to practice with empathy. We at Ansal University are proud of our students for making an impact to the society!


Cardiovascular technology conference, 2019: “Recent trends and advancements in cardiac diagnostic procedures”

On Tuesday, 6th August 2019, Sushant School of Health Sciences, Ansal University and MIER hosted its first Cardiovascular Technology Conference- “Recent trends and advancements in cardiac diagnostic procedures” at the premises of Medanta the Medicity under the patronship of Dr. Naresh Trehan (Chief managing Director: Medanta Hospital) and co patronship of Dr. Ravi R. Kasliwal (Chairman: Medanta Hospital), Dr. Awadhesh Dubey (Medical Superintendent: Medanta Hospital) and Dr. ( Prof.) Raj Singh ( Vice Chancellor: Ansal University). The conference was opened for students, doctors and technologists across the country. The conference was focussed on upgrading clinical management skills through the sharing of clinical and theoretical knowledge of experts from Medanta Institute of Education and Research (MIER). It was the first ever cardiovascular technology conference at the technologist level which focussed only on unique technologies and procedures, enriched the audience through the different methods. Expert Cardiac doctors and academic leaders were the speakers and panelists in this conference. This educational meet was conducive for all novice cardiac technologist and students to acquire the latest techniques that have evolved in the cardiac care field. The huge gathering of 100 delegates included students, faculty from educational institutions, and students who had newly joined Ansal University in the department of Cardiovascular technology.


Workshop on Diabetic Retinopathy Screening

Ansal University organised a one day workshop on DIABETIC RETINOPATHY conducted by Dr Padmaja Kumari Rani M.S, FRCS, FNB (Retina) on 12th of October 2019 which was supported by LVPEI and OCI. The invited guests include Dr. Premjeeth Moodbidri, Program Manager- Aloka, Vision Care, Zeiss and Scientist Sanjay Mishra, Optometrist, R.P Centre, AIIMS & Shri Berwal from IOF Around 150 students and practicing optometrists attended the workshop including university students, faculties, students from various nearby colleges and OCI members. The workshop was mainly focussed on the Diabetic Retinopathy, its classification and investigations and interactive quiz on grading the diabetic retinopathy severity. The workshop was supported by Optometry Council of India (OCI). The role of optometrist in the detection of diabetic retinopathy was highlighted. The need for the diabetic retinopathy screening, epidemiology, objectives of the workshop were explained by Prof Monica Chaudhary, Director, Sushant School of health sciences, Ansal University.

Dr Padmaja kumari, Consultant of KAR campus, LVPEI oriented the audiences with the Introduction of Diabetic Retinopathy, its epidemiology and its pathogenesis with retinal photographs. The full classification of DR based on International Clinical Diabetic Retinopathy Disease Severity Scale was discussed that included mild NPDR. NPDR, severe NPDR and PDR. CSME (Clinically Significant Macular Edema) was also discussed based on ETDRS Classification. Dr Padmaja also highlighted the need of involving optometrists in public health by taking up online course of Diabetic Retinopathy grading by university of Melbourne

She also emphasised on the responsibility of looking at the patient’s retina on a comprehensive view to ensure trained optometrists wouldn’t miss out any odd findings present in the layers of retina.

A post online assessment was done to qualify for the certification and to motivate the participants for further improving retinal examination skills & knowledge which can help in public health aspect too. Certificate distribution to all the participants was done. Felicitation of Dr. Padmaja kumari, Dr. Premjeeth and Ms. Paula was done after a Hands-on of non mydriatic retinal camera (Visuscout 100) developed by Zeiss.


Perfect Health Mela

Perfect Health Mela (PHM), a one-of-its-kind event organized by the Heart Care Foundation of India (HCFI) with support from other patrons is held every year with a mission to generate all-around awareness on health. The event uses a consumer-driven model to reach out to millions. Under the insightful leadership and guidance of Padma Shri Awardee Dr K K Aggarwal, the Mela was conceptualized as a confluence of tradition and modernity and attracts over 1 lakh visitors each year. PHM is one of the most visited, widely covered, and celebrated community health events in the country.

Experience health advantage through our interactive seminars, lifestyle exhibitions, workshops, lectures, competitions, and Health Check-up campaigns.

Around 200 students and Faculties of Sushant School of Health Sciences – Ansal University participated in the 3 days Perfect Health Mela as volunteers in different areas like helping the participant learn CPR skills, vision screening, Health check-up camps etc.

Apart from volunteering in the Perfect Health Mela our students and Faculties actively participated in the marketing of University.


WORLD SIGHT DAY 2019 - Vision First!

Sushant School of Health Sciences of Optometry at Ansal University celebrated World Sight Day 2019 with a week full of activities.

Multi-day school bus driver screenings: It began with a school bus driver screening on Monday, October 7, 2019, for drivers from Skylark and Adarsh Schools in Gurgaon. Drivers were prescribed spectacles at no cost. Screening for diseases such as glaucoma, diabetes and hypertension were also performed. On Wednesday, students performed comprehensive eye exams for employees of Johnson & Johnson was carried out, it helped them to understand the importance of regular eye exams and also how to avoid signs and symptoms of computer vision syndrome. On, Friday, October 11, students again participated in 2 bus driver screening projects. American Public School and Suraj Schools were both screened by faculty and students for vision impairments. Almost 100 drivers were screened on this day and spectacles were given at no cost to those who required them.

Awareness Program with guest speaker Mr Nazmul of Johnson & Johnson: On the actual occasion of World Sight Day, Wednesday, Oct 10, we had a celebration which included students performing an eye health awareness skit, a presentation about the epidemiological statistics of preventable blindness, and a presentation about the role of optometrists in the prevention of global blindness. The guest speaker at this occasion was Mr. Nazmul Mazumder of Johnson & Johnson. He spoke about the importance of understanding myopia control.

Diabetic Screening Workshop with Dr. Padmaja of LVPEI: We culminated the weeklong celebration of World Sight Day on Saturday, Oct 12. Sushant School of Health Science, School of Optometry, hosted a Diabetic screening workshop on this day. The guest speaker was Dr. Padmaja Kumari Rani from LVPEI. It was hosted with support by both OCI and Zeiss. Dr Padmaja taught the students how to not miss any diabetic retinopathy and how to grade it appropriately and understanding the proper time for referral and treatment options. Dr. Premjit of Zeiss then held a hands-on session for students to learn how to use their new, portable Visuscout retinal camera. Upon completion of this workshop, students have the opportunity to receive a certificate certifying them to grade diabetic retinopathy!

Sushant School of Health Science of Ansal University had a very successful week long World Sight Day celebration!