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Message from The Vice Chancellor

To all Prospective students

Aim of education is to create a learning platform for critical enquiry….. What, How, and Why. The world is evolving at a very fast pace. Diverse opportunities and innumerable challenges – the simultaneous existence of both is desirous of an education methodology that shapes intellectuals who deliver quality performance.

Sushant University, Gurugram located in the midst of fortune 500 companies is an emerging educational temple.

It evolves  through a growth oriented learner-market centric engagement in order to create an experiential ambiance. Methodology and drives of education at the University are oriented to ensure a competency-based education. To this, our approach is multi/trans/inter-disciplinary which provides assurance of quality learning and thereby influencing learners’ overall performance.

The vision of the University is to provide an academically enriching environment, to help to create build and hold a “Globally Competent Graduates” for an ever-changing knowledge economy, as well as the professionalism at large. To an effect, University has strong global collaborations; distinguished faculty which comprises a blend of academically and professionally qualified; practicing executives; state of the art infrastructure, research engagements and consultancy projects; and, an educational portfolio that blends the best of campus and digital delivery into a highly supportive and personalized student experience.

Students at University are highly enthusiastic, participative, and entrepreneurial in their bent of mind. We at University create an opportunity for our students to develop a global mindset through our partnerships with universities and organizations around the world.

With students-teachers being an important component of university, along with other stakeholders, we are engaged in a research-focused; participative; and innovative practice while we are in engagement with a diverse group of participants.

On behalf of faculty, students and the Sushant University, I deem it as my privilege to welcome you all to this temple of knowledge to collaborate and engage in the journey of experiential learning with us to enhance creativity and innovation.

Let’s learn and excel together…,

Dr. DNS Kumar

Vice Chancellor, Sushant University

About the Vice Chancellor

A visionary, creating new roads leading to a progressive society, Dr. D.N.S. Kumar, joined Sushant University, Gurugram as the Vice Chancellor in January 2020. With more than 33 years of rich experience in different roles and responsibilities, Dr. Kumar has taken several initiatives in opening new paths connecting Academia to the world ahead.  A Doctorate from Karnatak University-Dharwad (Karnataka), Dr. Kumar has many stars to add on his shoulders. A certified Master Analyst in Financial Forensics (MAFF) from NACVA-USA; Certified Valuation Analysts (CVA) from USA; Certified Management Accountant (CMA) from Institute of Management Accountants-USA and Fellow-Indian Institute of Valuers. Dr. Kumar has specialized in Valuation of Companies, Bankruptcy, Liquidation and Reorganisation.  

Dr. Kumar has worked closely with Industry and Academia, which has given him an insight into both the professional spheres. He focuses upon building a bridge between the academia and the industry, and has taken many initiatives in this aspect. Dr. Kumar has an experience of working for more than 15 years for/in industry. 

As an academician-cum-consultant, for more than three decades, he wore various responsible hats as Associate Dean, Director, Chairman and Vice Chancellor. He was the Associate Dean, Academic & Administration at Alliance Business School, Bangalore (India), Director of CMR Institute of Management and Technology, Bangalore (India), Director of Continuing Education, at Institute for Finance and International Management (IFIM), Bangalore (India), Chairman of CU Academic Staff College, Director, Centre for Research-Projects, Christ University, Bangalore (India) and presently the Vice Chancellor of Sushant University, Gurugram-Haryana.

Alongwith the responsibilities as an administrator and academician, Dr. Kumar has always worked as a consultant with many renowned consultancy services like- VSS Enterprises, Bangalore (India); AKP Ferro-Cast Pvt. Ltd., Belgaum (India); Katson Polymers, Belgaum (India); Karnataka Elesto Polymers, Belgaum (India); Belgaum Foundry Cluster (BFC); Aditi Technologies, Bangalore (India); AKP Foundries Pvt. Ltd., Belgaum (India); The Sakhali Urban Co-Credit Society Sakhali, Goa (India); The Vividha Co. – Op. Society Kundem, Goa (India);  Dynamic Marketing Agencies, Bicholim – Goa (India); and  Hanuman & Maruti Bottling Pvt. Ltd. Kundem, Goa (India) on areas, such as, Internal Audit, Financial Management, Tax and Budget, and even Enterprise Audit.  This practice has given an edge to his vision of building a bridge between academia and industry. 

Other than the consultancy handholding, Dr. Kumar undertook more than 39 projects with industrial houses, Government of Karnataka, and Government of India. The projects are like: Detailed Project Report on Rain Water Concepts(I) Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, Project Report on Hydraulic Unit at Bangalore- Shree Renuka Infra-Projects Ltd., Bombay (India), Business Plan on Water Literacy Foundation, Bangalore (India), Detailed Project Report Integrated Infrastructure Development Scheme, Government of India Rs. 10.00 crores - Tiny Industrial Association, Belgaum, Karnataka -India, Detailed Project Report for Establishment of Vocational Trade Institute under Suvarna Kayak Koushallya Abhivraddhi Scheme of Govt. of Karnataka Rs. 4.25 crores -Karnataka Law Society, Belgaum, Karnataka (India), Development of Project Report for Establishment of Truck Terminal at Kakti Project worth Rs. 89.0 crores, Shree Renuka Infra-Projects Ltd., Bombay (India), Development of Project Report for Special Economic Zone at Vantamuri, Project worth Rs. 2450 crores -Shree Renuka Infra-Projects Ltd., Bombay, Development of Project Report for Establishment of Power Generation Plant, Hattargi, Project worth Rs. 722 crores, Shree Renuka Infra-Projects Ltd., Bombay (India), Development of Project Report on Composite Industrial Park, at Belgaum, Project worth Rs. 1200 crores, Shree Renuka Infra-Projects Ltd., Bombay(India), Financial Appraisal of Expansion Project for Bank and Karnataka Udyog Mitra, Bangalore -Belgaum CNC Pvt. Ltd., Belgaum, Karnataka (India), Development of Project Report for IT and Textile Park at Belgaum Rs.190.00 crores - Shree Renuka Infra-Projects Ltd., Bombay (India), Financial Appraisal of Project for New Company – for term loan Rs 26.46 crores - AKP Ferro Cast Pvt. Ltd., Belgaum (India), Financial Appraisal of Project for New Company – for term loan Rs 26.46 crores - AKP Ferro Cast Pvt. Ltd., Belgaum, FINSOFT: A Financial Package, Executive Director, Jinabakul Forge P. Ltd., Belgaum (India), FINSOFT- A Financial Package, Jt. MD- Bemco Hydraulics Ltd., Belgaum (India), Loyalty Rating, Managing Director, Polyhydron Private Ltd., Belgaum (India), VISON 2010-Jt. Director. DIC, Govt. of Karnataka, Belgaum (India), Valuation of Firm, Ex. Partner Jaihind Engineering Works, Belgaum, (India) Valuation and Dissolution of Firm, Partner, Jay Technologies, Belgaum (India), Valuation of Firm and Partner’s Share, Partner, Standard Engineers (India), Belgaum, Valuation of Firm and Reconstruction, Partner, Progressive Enterprises, Belgaum (India), Market Survey for Belgaum Foundry Casting –SISI, Ministry of SSI, Govt. of India, New Delhi, Belgaum Forging a Pleasant Horizon-The Belgaum Chamber of Commerce & Industries, Belgaum (India), Income Generation and Rural Women, -Rural Development Organisation, Belgaum (India), Innovative Programme Scheme, Rural Development Organisation, Belgaum (India), Valuation of Company, Director, Ashok Iron Works, Belgaum (India), Costing the Bearings, Managing Director, Jinabakul Forge P. Ltd., Belgaum (India), Project appraisal on Solid Waste Management, the Commissioner, City Corporation of Belgaum, Govt. of Karnataka, worth Rs.10.82 Crores, Intellectual Capital, Polyhydron Private Ltd., Belgaum (India), FINSOFT: A Financial Package-A.K.P.Foundries, Belgaum (India), Financial Appraisal of Project Industrial Infrastructure up gradation Scheme, Government of India, Project of Belgaum Foundry Cluster- worth Rs. 24.61 Crores, Cost –Volume Profit Analysis, Akash Industries, Belgaum (India), Product Development, Costing & Profitability, Mahalaxmi Engineers, Belgaum (India), Shareholders Value Added, A. K. P. Foundries (P) Ltd., Belgaum (India), Genuineness of Subsidy in Belgaum Division- the Commissioner for Industries & Commerce, Government of Karnataka, Bangalore (India), Establishment of Tool Room & Training Center-TECSOC, Government of Karnataka, Bangalore (India), Industrial Employment-the Divisional Commissioner, Government of Karnataka, Mysore (India), Market Value Added, Polyhydron Pvt. Ltd., Belgaum (India), and Economic Value Added, J. P. Foundries, Belgaum (India). 

In the field of research and publication, Dr. Kumar has guided 11 PhDs and has authored 4 books, 3 Monographs, and published 40 Research papers and 17 papers in newspapers.  He still has 2 books on the verge of publication, and 2 research papers have already been accepted for publication. 

Dr. D. N. S. Kumar has been recognised with awards and accolades for his contribution and initiatives towards the society to make the world a better place to live. Bhartiya Rastriya Vocational Excellence Award-2007 by Shree Laxmi Institute for Women and Rural Development, Dharwad and Mohammad Yunus Economic Development Award 2006 by Rural Development Organisation, Belgaum, are few to mention. 

After he joined Sushant University, in 2020, the year that had serious concerns on sustainability for many industries, Dr. Kumar paved a new way of looking beyond the crisis and built a strong bridge between Academia and Industry with several MoUs to count upon. These tie-ups were not only pertaining to industry or placement but also for entrepreneurship and skill development. Being a visionary, he could see the gap for future requirements.

To see beyond the boundaries, think out of box and create new avenues are some of the traits Dr. Kumar leads his life with and encourages a generation of thoughtful and responsible leaders to create a generation of ignited minds.

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