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SU Incubation Cell

Incubation Cell @ Sushant University

Incubation Cell @ Sushant University

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Sushant University has been a forerunner in several fields, the most prominent of them being in the area of innovation, modernization and the generation of novel ideas. The university wishes to further progress with its students and feels the necessity to enable them to secure a direct experience in the field of occupational excellence and encourages them to promote innovation-driven activities while making sure that their actions are sooner or later rendered as valuable for the society. This initiative, as is expected, will, in the longer run, provide a comprehensive and integrated range of support including mentoring, training programs, networking along with an array of allied benefits.


The proposed incubation Cell is expected to provide the usually looked for and the highly desirable gestation ecosystem support for the students of modern era. This unique endeavor is also expected to augment a strong innovation-driven culture within the University. The current resources, researchers, the research ecosystem and the common facilities within the reach of the students are avenues for new ideas to get nourished in most congenial and affable university learning system. These young students as innovators will get tactical and entrepreneurial support at the center making it possible for them to promote a well thought of and a well explored start-up.


Incubation cell dedicates itself to identify and to discover within the parameters of the university, student entrepreneurs whose potential has remained untapped and their capabilities have been unutilized, underestimated and, in some cases, entirely unharnessed.


The main objective and mission of the Incubation Cell, Sushant University is to ensure that all innovations, improvements and developments thought of or put forth, must eventually bring about a change in the students’ outlook, in their thinking and must ultimately bring about a transformation that directly or indirectly brings in value and proves to be beneficial to the society and to the mankind.

This will entail:

a. Obtaining grants and endowments – from the private sector or prom the government.

b. Expanding the reach of the students and making them capable of a profound study in the field of research, examination and exploration

c. To be in tandem with the industry to ensure that all actions are directed towards the needs and wants of the various industries, domains and towards the different sectors of the Indian economy. The requisite area of the establishment and the commissioning of the incubation cell as well as space for providing training and interaction with the students is available within the university premises

Incubation Cell @ Sushant University

Mr. Neeraj Kaul

Advisor & Mentor – SU Incubation Cell

Area of Expertise: Strategic Management, Marketing, New Product / Solutions, Thought Leader SDG - Green Energy, Environment, Technology

Email : kaulne@gmail.com


Prof (Dr). Sudipto Sarkar

Chairman - SU Incubation Cell

Area of Expertise: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Fluid-Solid Interactions, Separation and separation control of boundary layer, Heat Transfer, Immersed Boundary Method, Grid generation for Complex Boundaries, Transition and Turbulence, Large Eddy Simulations (LES), Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS), Turbomachinery, IC Engine Simulation, Non-Newtonian Fluid Flow

Email : sudiptosarkar@sushantuniversity.edu.in

Dr. Richa Narayan Agarwal

Member Secretary

Area of Expertise: Human Resource Management /Organisational Behaviour/ HR Analytics/ethics

Email : richaagarwal@sushantuniversity.edu.in

Ms. Aanchal Dangwal

Area of Expertise: Human resource management & HR Analytics

Email : aanchaldangwal@sushantuniversity.edu.in

Dr. Neha Gupta

Area of Expertise: Renewable Energy Resources, Smart Grids, Neural Networks

Email: nehagupta@sushantuniversity.edu.in

Dr. Sachin Datt

Area of Expertise: Information Design

Email: Sachindatt@sushantuniversity.edu.in

Dr. Saurav Chhabra

Area of Expertise: Hospitality

Email: Sauravchhabra@sushantuniversity.edu.in

Dr. Purva Mujumdar

Areas of Expertise/Interest: Construction Management, Structural Engineering, Design Management, Automation in Construction, Sustainable construction materials and processes

Email: purvamujumdar@sushantuniversity.edu.in

Prof Antim Dev Mishra

Area of Expertise: VLSI Design, Internet of things, Machine learning

Email: antimdevmishra@asushantuniversity.edu.in

Dr. Priyanka Pradhan

Area of Expertise: Digital Marketing, Marketing Management

Email : priyankapradhan@sushantuniversity.edu.in


Dr. Anjali Sehrawat

Area of Expertise:Government and Politics of India, Political Theory, Theory and prospects of International Relations, Globalization, India-Central Asia relations, Government and Politics of Kyrgyzstan, Silk Route 

Email : anjalidabas@sushantuniversity.edu.in


Mr. Kulmohan Singh

Area of Expertise: Linguistics & Proposal Drafting

Email : kulmohansingh@sushantuniversity.edu.in


Incubation cell aims to develop an ecosystem for aspiring entrepreneurs having innovative and executable ideas with both commercial value and positive impact on society.

Young Aspiring Entrepreneurs of Sushant University have presented their ideas in front of the Incubation Cell, comprising of members with expertise in their respective multi-disciplinary domains. The ideas were analyzed by the members of the cell from scalable business perspective

Students received suggestions from incubation cell members and expert guidance from Mr. Neeraj Kaul, External Advisor to Incubation Cell.

Now the students are going to submit a formal proposal to the SU Incubation Cell for the evaluation.

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