Corporate Resource Center

Corporate Resource Center

Sushant University (Erstwhile Ansal University), Corporate Resource Center (CRC) is dedicated to collaborating with the corporate, various industrial associations, with an objective to help the students understand the organizations and their requirements as well as prepare the students not only for their first job but also for a lifetime. Reputed Corporate are approaching Sushant University (Erstwhile Ansal University) to recruit students. Our students are highly valued and appreciated by India’s best corporate.

Gaurav Saini

Director – CRC


Due to the highly specialized industry integrated curriculum, our students are well equipped to face the competitive environment. Hence more and more companies are showing faith in our students. Sushant University (Erstwhile Ansal University) is known for its academic excellence, research contributions and industry interface. Our major strength lies in a strong team of highly qualified and experienced faculty, quality students and dedicated staff. As today business organizations need young and dynamic personnel equipped with managerial & technological skills and vision. To cater to the need, latest technologies have been employed for effective lecture delivery and the current emphasizes theory & case study based orientation.

Beside that we have taken some effective steps which include restructuring the course curriculum, offering new and contemporary elective courses, introducing online learning and teaching, upgrading state of the art IT infrastructure and modernizing the library. We groom our student’s right from the beginning and strategically planned timetables for all years. In the first year, we focus on communication skills of students. In second & third year, we groom them technically and in final year, we provide them the finishing touch through special technical and personality development programs. These specially designed classes are our strength, which gives our students an upper edge in all on-campus and off-campus test and interviews. We believe in “Inculcating Confidence through Knowledge” We instill critical thinking in our students and this makes the leaders of tomorrow self-reliant and lifelong learners. This approach has its obvious results as seen through the lens of student placements. Sushant University (Erstwhile Ansal University) grooms young & dynamic individuals to face the challenges in the competitive industry & the corporate world. The interdisciplinary Graduate & Post Graduate programme provides them both theoretical knowledge & practical insights to develop a holistic perspective on business realities. The practical inputs are given through rigorous field – Industrial Tours, Workshops, Seminars, Guest Lectures, Summer & Winter Projects, Live Projects and Case Study. The Soft Skills & Personality Development programmes help students to improve communication skills, build confidence & develop positive attitude, etc. Making them industry worthy and confident individuals. 


Corporate Resource Center is an integral part of the University. It follows a Student Centric Approach to meet the expectations of the corporate world. The CRC functions throughout the year towards expanding the institutes corporate reach and increase placement opportunities for the students. 


  • Equipping the students with relevant and conceptualized professional skill sets, mind-set.
  • Guide students to choose right career.
  • To meet expectations of the corporate world.
  • To assist the corporates in recruiting the most suitable students, and in an effort to develop a successful recruiting relationship.
  • CRC endeavours to substantiate the career dreams of students by equating them to industrial parameters and in the process to provide holistic individuals to the corporate sector and the society. 


Being an internationally acclaimed University, Sushant University is recognized for excellence in teaching, research and outreach; provide the highest quality education to students, nurture their talent, promote intellectual growth and shape their personal development; remain dedicated and steadfast in the pursuit of truth aligned with the requirements of the corporate world. 

To create a transformative educational experience for students focused on deep disciplinary knowledge; problem solving; leadership, communication and ethics.

Scope of Work

  • CRC to be the industry academia interface of SU
  • Final Placement of the students (Domestic & International)
  • Summer Internship of the Students
  • Arranging Live Projects
  • Arranging Industry Visits
  • Conducting Guest Lectures
  • Industry Collaborations
  • Counselling of the students 

Placement Process


Our Recruiters

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