Snapshot 2019 2nd Quarter

Sushant School of Art and Architecture

SSAA Degree Show 2018

The Degree Show 2018, Sushant School of Art and Architecture’s first ever degree show, showcased some of the best B. Arch, B. Planning and Masters level theses works that contributed to the boundless realm of inventiveness in their chosen discipline. The idea behind holding the Degree Show was to give a stand to students’ works, which not only shine but also set a precedent for years to continuously uplift the thesis work at SSAA. Through this platform, we aim to steadily manifest innovative minds and accumulate their stimulating ideas that are often narrated but not sufficiently catalogued.

Close to 300 students submitted a compendium of original and distinctive research and design proposals, thus setting a precedent for years to come. While the need to channelise the already evolved ideas (as evidenced by a few of the works) was undeniable, it was exigent to cultivate those with fragmented intents or hypotheses or those of limited contrivance. The resultant manifestation of sophistication and novelty brought forth a variety of solutions to the platform. The Degree Show intends to become the rabble-rouser of greater ideas and contents by showcasing as many examples of such curated fragments as possible within its limitations of words, graphics and space for publication. It does not decree as lesser, those which do not get represented.

Architecture finds itself situated on the tenuous line separating life-as-habit and life-as-choice. In our flights-of-fancy to reveal new paradigms, we have the potential of untethering ourselves from the very real material essence of architecture, and in corollary, from the world we live in. The sharing of its fundamentality of creativity, aesthetics and relevance with the material world should allow us to disembark from our self-imposed ‘voyage of clamour’.

The Degree Show 2018 allowed to disembark from the voyage of clamour, and immersing oneself in the temporality of students’ works, we showcase that reality isn’t just casserole of ideas inside one’s mind, but a matter of fact with its immediate concern that of implementation.


The Life and Works of CSH Jhabvala

An exhibition on the work of Modern Architecture firm curated by Anand Apte Jhabvala, designed by Iftikhar Mulk Chishti and sponsored by the Jhabvala Family was first displayed at the IIC in conjunction with the CSH Jhabvala Memorial Lecture and was organised by the School of Planning and Architecture New Delhi. The exhibition was displayed from 12th to 28th February 2019 to coincide with the JKCT Memorial Lecture on 16th February. The existing exhibition was augmented with new research work by SSAA students, including video interviews to run parallel with the exhibition.


Strung Course: Life and Works of C.P. Kukreja

Strung Course: Life and Works of C.P. Kukreja showcased works from the architect’s formative years through five decades of his practice ranging from housing, institutions, healthcare facilities, hospitality sector, offices, industries, commercial, religious and recreational Infrastructure. The idea was to highlight CPK’s understanding of design principles, which integrate strong architectural and environmental design philosophies, successfully blending with material science and sustainable construction technology. The exhibition included drawings, sketches, models, and photographs of projects built in India and internationally. We hope that through this exhibition, his work reaches out, gets discovered and appreciated by a wide public audience.



An Indo-Portuguese word dating back to the 18th Century, Veranda resonates in Hindi and Urdu with baraṇḍā "roofed gallery," Marathi varãḍ, varãḍā "parapet," and echoes back to Sanskrit varaṇḍaka: "mound of earth, rampart separating two fighting elephants." Veranda: is the inaugural interdisciplinary journal of Architecture, Planning, Art and Design published by Sushant School of Art and Architecture, Sushant University. A hybrid journal of texts, essays, papers, critical commentaries and reviews, it explores a new writing and research on architecture where connections to urbanism, planning and pedagogy re-think text and image. From the rich varied content of the inaugural edition Veranda: (colon) makes a case for hybridity aiming to present dialogues in architecture always about to happen. This is a journal-in-flux responding to current but changing issues, in Gurgaon, India, and beyond. With a distinctive graphic identity and layout, the journal appeals to both international and Indian readers, re-assessing language, topic, theme and image. Something of the moment yet also academic, something respecting the pull of tradition and heritage but situated in the contemporary, even “speculative globalism’ of current India. Veranda defines its own difference and appeal to language (image and text) by including the silent and uncertain issues yet not spoken about. Veranda was launched on 15 Feb 2019 during the prestigious International Planning and Architecture Conclave at SSAA, AU


Save the Sarai – 100-day Challenge

In January 2019, Sushant School of Art and Architecture embarked upon an endeavour to once again save our built heritage and its lost typologies. 18 January is celebrated as SSAA’s Heritage Watch Day, and each year, a 100-day challenge is taken up as a part of Masters in Architecture Built Heritage (M.Arch BH) studio to save a chosen typology by engaging communities and other stakeholders. These challenges are envisioned to generate awareness about the significance of our heritage. A number of landmark days are chosen during the course of 100 days where students engage and have dialogues with communities and create awareness in the form of public participation. The main idea behind the 100-day challenge is the focused efforts and continuous interactions with the stakeholders through these 100 days for highlighting the issues and values of lost typologies of our built heritage.

In the current 100-day Challenge to Save the Sarai, all these and many more tools were used to bring forth and debate the Kaman Sarai, a building of heritage significance in Gurgaon that has a dire need to get re-assimilated into the society. Day 1 was marked by a workshop with students of Govt. Boys Senior Secondary School, Civil Lines, Gurgaon to raise awareness about the lost typology of 'Sarai' and envision a future for the Kaman Sarai. The M.Arch Built Heritage studio is focusing on documentation, condition assessment and developing proposals for the Kaman Sarai. The 100 day challenge was punctuated by activities such as a flash mob on 16.02.19 (Day 30) at the AU campus and a talk by eminent Conservation Architect Ms. Gurmeet S. Rai on Cultural Routes, amongst others.

The challenge is SSAA’s attempt to dig deep into the notion of what heritage means to us today as a profession and as people, what heritage signified and what our built environment signifies today. We look at that which we don’t build anymore, extrapolating that on what gets lost is much beyond the built – including lifestyles, a concern with environment, and an intimacy with our built. As a part of our Heritage Connect, we bring into focus our lost heritage wherein we identify, analyse, ponder on the value of particular lost typologies of our built heritage. We propose methods of reintegrating heritage in the daily lives of people. Through the two-way process of bringing in the various concerns of our heritage to our studios and of reaching out to immediate communities to create awareness, we, the people, professionals, simultaneously become the patrons, the proponents, the propagandists, the protectors and the powerbrokers of our heritage.

SSAA’s strategy of how to protect built heritage in eight steps – AWAKE | NOTICE | REFUSE | ACT | SAVE | IGNITE | RESIST | RESCUE – becomes our very own Soch-ki-Udaan


iPAC 2019

SSAA concluded its International Planning and Architecture Conclave (iPAC) 2019, an academic carnival of exhibitions, installations, discussions, workshops and lectures. This annual event enriched our students’ learning by offering them opportunities to interact with eminent national and international academicians, practitioners and professionals, amongst them were some of our own alumni. iPAC 2019 was scheduled from 12th to 16th February 2019. Its theme, ‘The Third Eye’, focussed on convergences and divergences within the School’s core disciplines of Design, Planning, Art and Architecture. With a vast range of dignitaries and national and international delegates, the conclave was a watershed moment in the history of SSAA. The famous architect Hafeez Contractor’s talk was attended by 800 plus students and faculty from SSAA, SSPD and SSD.


Sushant School of Design

IAMGURGAON: Community Engagement

The students of Foundation at Sushant School of Design participated in a unique initiative for the Maha Swachhata Marathon held in February 2019 in Gurgaon, called IAMGURGAON. This was an installation jointly created by students, artists and sculptors, to draw attention to the issues of waste management. This event garnered a lot of attention and empowerment as a community to the issues of waste segregation.


NATIONAL INNOVATION DAY: Delhi University Innovation Challenge

Product Design students participated in the National Innovation Day Design Challenge in February 2019. Divay Gupta of 2nd Year won the first prize in the category of Innovative Ideas for Inclusive Design. His product “Cap-sule” was designed to help senior citizens and people with finger impairment open PET bottles with ease.


ABHIKALP@SUSHANT: A Celebration of Student Work

The students put up an exhibition of their semester work in May 2019. This showcased the students’ journey to becoming design professionals. This event was attended by families and friends of students as well as stakeholders in the design community. Renowned designer Alex Davis of the Indi Store inaugurated the event. The event closed with an award ceremony for students recognizing value achievements as designers


Sushant School Of Business

International Conference on Sustainable Management Practices In VUCA World (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous)

The International Conference on Sustainable Management Practices in the VUCA(Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous) world organized by Sushant School of Business Sushant University in collaboration with Warwick University U.K saw the conglomeration of dynamic Industry Experts, Dignitaries from Ghana High Commission, Researchers from India and abroad, University Officials from various schools, learned faculty and students for a 2 day deliberation on management practices to be adopted for managing the challenges of the VUCA world and brainstorming on probable solutions in all aspects of Business . The conference started with the lighting of the auspicious lamp by Dean Prof. Samiksha Ojha, V.C Prof. Raj Singh, Guest of Honor Mr. H.E Michael A.N.N Oquaye, High Commissioner of Ghana and Chief Guest Dr. Manpreet Singh Manna, Former Director, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) under Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India, New Delhi.

Guest of Honor Mr. H.E Michael A.N.N Oquaye, High Commissioner of Ghana spoke about the need for business owners to be pragmatic and relevant with the changing times in the Vuca world.

Chief Guest Dr. Manpreet Singh Manna, Former Director, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) under Ministry of HRD, UNSDG core member representing India, charmed one and all with his charismatic and impactful talk that was rife with ironical examples of how ancient Indian sensibilities still hold ground today citing examples of Mahabharata and its management lessons, the Holy Basil (Tulsi) plant and its scientific benefits for human sustainability and how as a country we are going back to basics after being swayed by global rush for western management techniques. Dr. Manna highlighted that Policy and courage of Implementation would lead to sustainability. He said that I.Q without E.Q were both imperative for upbringing in the Vuca world. He gave his version of VUCA as V value Add U user friendly C comprehensive and A accessible.

The concluding session saw Dr. Samiksha Ojha, Dean - SSB give away awards to the winners in best Research paper and case study categories and handed over certificates to all participants in the much-awaited valedictory ceremony.


Value Add Certifications from UK for SSB Students

Sushant School of Business, Sushant University is delighted to announce its collaboration with International Skill Development Corporation (UK) for the Finance courses with ACCA (UK) and Business Analytics courses with Institute of Analytics (UK). The MoU was signed to help the students of B. Com (Hons.) and BBA (Hons.) to get better expertise and professional insights in the above mentioned fields.


Music Fest - La Musique Festa

Sushant School of Business, Sushant University organized Music Fest “La Musique Festa” on 23rd April 2019. It was for the first time that SSB was organizing a Music Fest to give an opportunity to all the budding singers/musicians among students to showcase their talent. Students from various colleges/universities across Delhi/NCR performed in the event. Participants performed in solo and group categories. Best part of group performances was that participants performed self-composed songs. The event was inaugurated with a traditional lamp lighting by Dr. Samiksha Ojha, Dean - Sushant School of Business with all the judges and organizing team.

The event started with a solo performance by Hilsa Mishra who also won the first prize in Solo category. It was followed by group performance of band Fiza among various other entertaining performances.

The event was judged by one of the popular band in town “The Divine Strings”. Performance by singers and bands mesmerized the audience. Best performers were awarded with the cash prizes and trophies. Special attraction of the event was the performance the Band - The Divine Strings.


Placement Season 2019 at Sushant School of Business

The Placement Season 2019 at Sushant School of Business was really gratifying for the students and also for the corporates. Hiring a person is a cost to the company itself and the students have to be trained to fit the skillset of the dynamic organizations of this digital arena.

The students of MBA, BBA and B.Com were selected in companies like Big Basket, KPMG, Rentikle, MRKS consulting, American Express, Decathlon, Infocom Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. to name some at attractive CTC offers.

But final placements was only one feather in the cap. The Summer Internships were closed in a record one month period where the students have got 100% PAID INTERSHIPS in all under graduate and post-graduate programmes. A summer internship is kind of a trial period, where the company can closely observe the work ethic and behaviour of prospective employees and employ the few who they feel would be a good fit for the company’s culture.

The students are pursuing internship in companies like shapemyapp, Hero Corp, OYO, Outlook, A2Z Corp, Shapoorji Pallonji, Colgate, Bridge Group Solutions, Dot Converse, Dreamrewards 360, Kotak Mahindra, HDFC, Decathlon, Vaddigaddi, Graffax Cotton, Concept Research Media, Planet Spark, Rupee Makers, etc. The projects are in the fields of digital marketing, content development, supply chain, marketing research, HR processes, financial analysis and customer relationship.

In addition, one student of MBA, Akash is doing an international internship with Jeebly, Dubai.

BBA students of Sushant School of Business (batch 2017-21) did a Live Project with one of the best research companies of the globe - AC Nielsen on Lok Sabha Elections 2019. They were appreciated for their relentless hardwork in the main drill of 48 hrs to support the team behind the election results.

The hand in hand mentoring of corporate and academia would surely create students that are responsible corporate assets in times to come.


Sushant School of Health Sciences

Sushant University hosts GRAVITY –an optometric grand rounds conference based on evidence based learning in eye care.

Indian optometrists come across large numbers of patients in their clinics which gives them rich patient management exposure. With that backdrop, Sushant University Gurgaon hosted a two day conference “GRAVITY” on 30th and 31st March at Lemon Tree Hotel, Gurugram. The conference was focused on upgrading clinical management skills through the sharing of clinical knowledge of experts from across the country. It was the first ever optometry conference in India which focused only on unique clinical cases and enriched the audience through evidence based learning method. Prof. Dr. Raj Singh, the Vice Chancellor of Sushant University, in his inaugural speech, brought forward the need for quality education, research, and innovation in this profession for better eye care delivery. The Chief Guest was Lt. Gen. Narayan Chatterjee, whose enlightening speech mesmerized the audience as he endorsed that the care of eyes is to be done with compassion and ethical values along with clinical expertise.

The two days not only included clinical cases but also a case journey of optometry students presented by Mr. Nilesh Thite and Mr. Rajesh Wadhwa, who educated the audience on a legal case which changed the Indian law scenario.

The conference conferred Legendary Awards to leaders in the profession who were the founders of Optometry in India: Dr. E Vaidyalingum, Mr. Naval Baliwalla and Mr. Jayanti Bhai Patel. Sushant University also celebrated the 40th year of the IACLE (International Association of Contact Lens Educators). This session was hosted by Menicon Ltd UK, JBCF. Ms. Lakshmi Shinde and Mr. Nilesh Thite, the IACLE heads in India, were felicitated by Ms. Jyoti Dave Singh. 13 other FIACLE members present in the audience were also felicitated.


Launch of Yuva Simulator Lab

Sushant School of Health Sciences in collaboration with YUVA Healthcare Institute of Advanced Skills has established an Immersive Learning Simulation Lab at university campus. YUVA will provide scenario based training to the students under immersive learning environment.



80% of blindness is preventable and glaucoma forms the third largest cause. It is defined as silent thief and people only know about this once they lose 50% of their vision. Timely detection and screening is the only way to prevent it.

On 12th February 2018, Sushant School of Health Sciences , Sushant university, and Manthan Eye Healthcare Foundation entered into a new collaboration in establishing another Centre of Excellence for glaucoma screening at the Sushant Vison Care Center .

Most eye centers do not have the instruments required for screening and detection. With this initiative we will be training our optometry students and will be serving the society too.

This will help in timely referral of patients who are in need but goes unnoticed.

This will bring in the opportunity to not only train our optometry students but also to improve the eye care needs at our vision centre. Patient care, Academics and Research is the main objective of this centre.


Phlebotomy Workshop

Sushant School of Health Sciences organized a workshop on phlebotomy techniques on March 27, 2019. Eminent speakers from various multispecialty hospitals were keynote speakers in this. It was an excellent learning platform for B.MLT students to get hands-on learning in addition to enhancing their theoretical knowledge. Students from other institutes had also participated in this workshop


School of Law

3rd International Moot Court Competition

With more than 60 law students, 39 legal luminaries, and the cash prize of INR 2 Lacs, School of Law, Sushant University concluded its third edition of International Moot Court Competition. Inspired by western mooting culture, the competition was ‘one of a kind’ in India and has made its niche because of its unique format and contemporary moot propositions. The event was inaugurated on April 6, 2019, by Professor Manoj Kumar Sinha (Director, Indian Law Institute), Honorable Dr. Justice Satish Chandra (Former Judge Allahabad High Court), and Prof. Dr. Raj Singh (Vice Chancellor, Sushant University). Subsequently, the participants were put through two consecutive and simultaneously conducted mooting rounds judged by partners of law firms, practicing lawyers, and academics. The final round was judged by Honourable Mr. Justice Swatanter Kumar (Former Supreme Court Judge), Professor Mool Chand Sharma (Former Vice Chancellor, Central University of Haryana), and Dr. S.B. Mitra (Executive Director-GAIL). The all-girls team of Government Law College Mumbai bagged the best mooting team and won cash prize of 1 lac (INR) and the winning trophy; while UILS, Punjab University, (that too, all-girls team!) stood second and won 50 thousand with the runners-up trophy. Ms. Aparna Menon from GLC - Mumbai won Best Speaker (oral submission) trophy with 30 thousand (INR) and the team from Symbiosis Law School, Pune won a trophy with 20,000 (INR) for the best memorial.

The two-day event became a legal networking hub and a breeding ground of discussion, debates, and analysis under the presence of eminent personalities. Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Kanu Priya (Dean, School of Law, Sushant University), the entire team of School of Law worked zealously to make the ‘first of a kind’ moot court competition as one of the sought-after competitions.


School Of Law deliberated on Rights of Children “UNHEARD VOICES”

School of Law, Sushant University, Gurgaon organised an International Conference on Child Rights: Unheard Voices with the support from Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation, Delhi Commission on Protection of Child Rights, and SCC Online on 27 April 2019. Shri Rakesh Srivastava (Chief Guest), Former Secretary, Ministry of Women and Child; Prof. Nuzhat Parveen Khan (Guest of Honour), Dean, Faculty of Law, Jamia Millia Islamia University; and Mr. Bidhan Chandra Singh (Guest of Honour), Executive Director, Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation graced the inaugural session and reflected on various issues related to child rights. The deliberations centered around child abuse, children in need of care and protection and children in conflict with law, child trafficking etc. keeping the objective of providing children an educated, safe and child friendly world. India has one of the highest population in the world and the onus lies on each one of us to make the youth aware of the existing issues faced at the ground level. The Conference was a synthesis of views from policymakers, academia, and change makers as rightly put by Mr. Bidhan Chandra Singh. Shri Rakesh Ji provided us an insight of how we can contribute to policy making as law professors and students. School of Law, Sushant University recognizing the efforts of all the delegates, also released the publication of conference proceedings.

The Inaugural Session was followed by four Technical Sessions on Child Protection Laws and role of NHRC and Children in Conflict with Law, Child Rights and International Laws Framework, Issues of Child Abuse and Child Trafficking, Role of NGOs in protection of Child Rights. The conclusion drawn on the basis of technical sessions was that a great deal of thought needs to be put on this issue even though a lot has been done for children but it cannot be ignored that still a lot needs to be done. There’s a need to prioritize safe childhood globally. Children are being brought and sold for prices lesser than that of animals. We need to protect them from all forms of violence, abuse, and exploitation as it is integral for their holistic development. At an age where they should be in school learning and enjoying their childhood, they are married off; engaged in work – in farms, households, restaurants, and in industries; trafficked for labour and sexual exploitation; and exposed to abuse and violence.

The event was concluded by the Valedictory Session, which was graced by the Special Guests for the evening, Prof. KPS Mahalwar, Former Chair Professor, NLU Delhi and Ms. Chandni Bedi, Executive Director, Navjyoti India Foundation, providing us an insight on the laws available for the rescue of children and how NGOs act on the legal framework. Dr. Poonam Dass, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi and Ms. Mansha Gupta and Mr. Ashish Jain, UPES Dehradun won the Best Paper Award.


Most Promising Law School - 2019

School of Law, Sushant University adds another feather to its cap as it has been ranked as Number 1 in the category of ‘Most Promising Law School- 2019’ by GHRDC (Global Human Resource Development Centre).

School of Law, Sushant University is the only Law School in Delhi-NCR to be recognized and awarded for excellence for 4 consecutive years for its outstanding achievements.


School of Hospitality Management

Hospitality Euphoria

This year again, for the third time in a row, the School of Hospitality Management, Sushant University, in collaboration with the Nestle India Limited, organized Hospitality Euphoria in which students from various colleges participated and competed with eight home teams. Each team was called upon to prepare a three-course menu of its choice belonging to any Indian region or any country in the world with the condition that the teams would use a Nestlé product in the dessert.

The imagination of these young budding chefs, once given full liberty, was astonishing and they created unusually striking delicacies like Lala Lamb, Machi Gambouti, Tortellini with apple and cucumber broth, chicken in chou pasta, Maggi masala with tomato sauce, pan seared fish, veg maggi bread rolls, bread di-chicken. The desserts comprised of Kiti Fruity Kat, Mango-Kit-kat, badam halwa with kit-kat shake.

“Before food is consumed, its appearance on the plate, the aroma it carries, its temperature, texture, colour, and the style of its presentation play an extremely important part for it to be called A Work of Art” says - one of the experts in the panel of judges.

While in the main arena the students were presenting their culinary expertise, a “Battle of the Best” of bartenders was going on in the Vatel Café in which the students were show-casing their expertise in preparing scintillating, colorful, well garnished mocktails, which were being adjudged by managers from the Lemon Tree hotels.

“Being well aware of the importance of social responsibility that our industry has and of its obligation towards the environmental concerns, we also put up, in this Euphoria, a stall which highlighted the awareness of saving the oceans, which, as we all know, are suffering from contamination, resulting into the depletion of its flora and fauna. A Towel origami formed an interesting part in this Euphoria, in which the students rolled up towels into shapes of swans, whales, fish and other living beings in the seas, oceans and the waters of this planet”. Said Mr. Amreesh Misra, Dean - School of Hospitality Management, Sushant University.



Be it an international level 20-20 cricket match or the one played at the level of an Indian Premier League, the excitement does not remain confined exclusively to the stadiums.

Rare are the occasions when a busy Hotel Management college ties up with even busier and charged-up hotels and yet manages to organize an exciting, successful cricket tournament. This is, in the true sense – The Industry-Academia Interface. In a “never-before held event” organized by the Go-Getters’ Club, the teams which participated enthusiastically were from Pullman, Andaz by Hyatt, Marriott Courtyard Gurgaon and Double Tree by Hilton. The home teams to play against these teams, in order to make a pool of 8 were the teams of Hotel Management students from second and sixth Semesters.

All the teams played limited 10-10 overs matches wherein the first year students emerged as the most successful ones and managed to get into the finals to compete with their rivals - The Pullman Hotels – only to lose the match to them, thereby declaring the Pullman to lift up the Go-Getters’ trophy.

“It was fun, a very good break”. We should do this often as it brings us all together, otherwise, hardly can these people ever imagine to enjoy a cricket game like this. The Running Trophy is ours”…. said Ms. Smriti Lamba from the Pullman Hotels.

“This was our first ever attempt to get into matches like this. We discovered a lot of new talent within us and the tournament, though a little one, gave us the opportunity to be better prepared for future matches and try to improve upon this game” said Mr. Amreesh Misra, Dean, School of Hospitality Management.

Besides getting to bond closely with the hotels with whom the School of Hospitality Management works, these events bring in a sense of belongingness – be it towards to the place in which you study or the hotel in which you work.

The focus of the School of Hospitality Management ,besides imparting dynamic hospitality education, is to also integrate its activities towards adopting the best practices of the renowned hotel companies of this world…


Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Accor Hotels: Pullman and Novotel New Delhi Aerocity.

The School of Hospitality Management, Sushant University, in order to create a designated industry partner with whom it would work very closely, recently signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Accor Hotels: Pullman and Novotel Hotel, Aerocity New Delhi. The main objective of this MOU is to enhance the student academic experience along with the best practices of the industry.


School of Engineering and Technology

Sushant University ties up with IoT-NCR

Sushant University ties up with IoT-NCR, world's 4th largest open IoT community and Thingif(y) (an angel funded AI & IoT product company). IoT-NCR along with Thingif(y) have launched digital technologies lab where students will get opportunities to work on real time industry based projects and will get exposure to attend all the Seminars and Meets of IoT-NCR for knowledge sharing. Students will have current market insight in Technologies. The training sessions will be conducted under the specific guidelines and expertise of IoT-NCR practitioners.


Industrial Visit to Daikin Neemrana

On 6th April 2019, second and third year students of Mechanical Engineering, Sushant University, visited Asia’s largest Air-conditioning manufacturing plant of Daikin at Neemrana, Rajasthan, India. Daikin Air-conditioning India Pvt. Ltd. (DAIPL) is a 100% subsidiary of Daikin Industries Ltd., Japan, a global leader in the manufacturing of commercial-use and residential air conditioning systems. This industrial visit started from the first manufacturing plant of Daikin India, where students went through various types of air-conditioning systems and industrial chillers. Then moved to shop floor where they observed various machines and manufacturing process of AC’s. Further students moved to the R&D Centre where they observed and learned the various quality tests performed by Daikin to maintain their market repute.


Hydro Power Plant Visit

With an aim to explore beyond academics, an industrial visit to Hydro power plant was arranged by the department of Civil Engineering, SET, Sushant University, for B.Tech Civil students from 15th April'19 to 16th April'19. The purpose of the visit was to provide an opportunity to the students to learn about the actual dam site conditions and to know about the practical concepts in the world of Hydro Power Generation. The officials of Dam provided full support and detailed information on the design of site conditions and working of Dam.


Xebia ties-up with Sushant University

Xebia Academy Global, the Education Business unit of Xebia has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Sushant University, Gurgaon, to launch a B.Tech Computer Science Engineering programme specialization in DevOps for the academic session 2019-20. Xebia will undertake the designing of course curriculum, creating study modules containing high quality industry-specific content and strengthening the faculty through building a team of competent educators. The company will also support with the placement of the graduating students.

With the focus of the B.Tech programme on future-oriented field of DevOps, the course structure has been designed to addresses the talent gap by providing relevant knowledge and upskilling the students. The curriculum development, which comprises course materials, assignments, and training sessions, will be piloted under the specific guidelines and expertise of Xebia’s DevOps practitioners.