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Helpdesk for end semester online examination, Jan 2022.

Dear Students

Greetings of the Day!!

Due to the prevailing COVID situation, you must be aware that the End Term Examination scheduled to be held from 10th January 2022, will be conducted ONLINE.

Online training for Students has been Conducted on (06/01/2022)

Please find below the link of the recording of the same


Another session for online training was conducted on 07/01/2022 at 11:00AM and 3:00PM link to join had been shared to your email.

IT Digital Helpdesk:

For any further Query / Support, WhatsApp Helpdesk has been created. Only those students facing issues may join this link. ( before the Exam/ exam registration)

WhatApp Helpdesk Link: https://chat.whatsapp.com/CzEZCsozoR5HHt9pmiatOy

 School exam and IT coordinators


              IT Team for support
S.No School DEAN / HOD Exam Coordinator Contact No Email Ids Google Meet Link for Online IT Support
(Valid from 10/01/2022 till 31/01/2022)
1st Level 
1 SET Dr Sudipto Sarkar Mr Anand Sharma
Mr Antimdev Mishra
https://meet.google.com/rfu-mmme-yvx Narendra Maurya
2 SSB Dr JS Mukul Dr Nidhi Chowdhury 
Ms Suman Dahiya  
https://meet.google.com/ost-jnug-yan Narendra Maurya
3 SAHS Dr Rahul Sharma
Mr Rahul Saini
Mr Saurabh Saraswat
Ms Purnima (ICRI)


https://meet.google.com/qsv-srwe-swu Manoj Kumar
4 SHM Dr Garima Prakash Mr. Sunil Kumar  9810768994 sunil.kumar@sushantuniversity.edu.in  https://meet.google.com/udt-nyex-uoj Manoj Kumar
5 SSAA Dr Vibhuti Sachdev Prof Virendra Malik 9999683982 virendrakumarmalik@sushantuniversity.edu.in  https://meet.google.com/bfz-heso-gai Abhishek Chauhan
6 SSD Dr Sasi Menon Mr Pritam Lenka
Mr Taral Shah 
https://meet.google.com/axc-guru-wrq Pradeep Lal
7 SSPD Ms Pritha Sajjin Ms Harneet Kaur 8882253226 harneetkaur@sushantuniversity.edu.in  https://meet.google.com/vgf-csvz-xik Sanjay Singh
8 SOL Dr JS Dahiya Mr. Deepak Miglani 9958086337 deepakmiglani@sushantuniversity.edu.in https://meet.google.com/rab-jucc-ghq Sanjay Singh
9 Soft Skill Dr Shaily Bhashanjaly Dr Shaily Bhashanjaly 9891344079 sagarikagoswami@sushantuniversity.edu.in     
All students are to adhere to the following guidelines:
  1. Sushant University (SU) would be conducting its theory examinations for regular and reappear exams in online mode from 10th January 2022 (for Semesters 1,3,5,7,9). The TDL exams, however, scheduled on the 10th January stand postponed for all Semesters for regular as well as reappear.
  2. Practical exams that were originally scheduled to be held from 3rd January to 7th January (& 10th January for TDL Exam) for regular and reappear as communicated earlier (dated 2nd January) would be scheduled at a later date. All other, if any, practical exams scheduled between 10 to 28 January would be held as per the announced datesheets.
  3. The Theory exams will be conducted daily in two shifts i.e. 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM respectively in online mode. All Exam Schedules are available on SU Website. (https://sushantuniversity.edu.in/academics/examination/datesheets)
  4. Students are required to be seated with their laptops/desktops/mobiles logged in at least 15 minutes before the commencement of the exam.
  5. All Theory Exams are of TWO HOURS duration (Three hours for the B.Pharm & Ph.D programmes). An additional time of 30 minutes would be given for scanning and uploading your answers. The TCS platform would not allow any submissions beyond the maximum time mentioned here.
  6. You have to upload your answers in a single PDF file- Take /Scan /photos of answers from Mobile devices to any readily available Image to PDF converters like camscanner, or https://www.ilovepdf.com/--> image to pdf, or any other inbuilt features of their phones. Then upload the same on to the TCS Lx portal. (See attachment)
  7. Please ensure you upload the correct file as it can be only done once
  8. Any discrepancy (fee issue, Admit Card etc.) on the part of the students must get resolved by student with the help of the authorities at least one working day before the commencement of the examination, failing which they will not be permitted to appear in the examinations and concerned student(s) shall only be responsible for any such kind of situation.
  9. All the students must have their University email IDs and TCSion login IDs and password in order to appear in the examinations. In case you do not have a valid University email ID then get in touch with the IT department.
  10. Any kind of cheating, collusion, impersonation or plagiarism would lead to s/he being booked under Unfair Means as per Rules and Regulations of SU.
  11. Faculty incharge of the exam would also be sharing with you a Google Meet link during the duration of the exam. Please keep this on so that any issues during the exam can be resolved immediately.
  12. Digital Helpdesk has been created at the University level (see attachment) for resolving any technical issues. Only those students facing issues (login, password, course/subject not reflecting etc) may be advised to join.
  13. WhatsApp Helpdesk Link: https://chat.whatsapp.com/CzEZCsozoR5HHt9pmiatOy
  14. (This Helpdesk is available before the Exam Only).
  15. A help file is attached for the students on the process of the Online exam.
  16. You must have received an email related to how the online exams would be held. One sessions has already been held. Additional session by the IT and/or your respective Schools are being held. You are strongly advised to attend these.
The University has set up a University Level Exam Committee for Online Examinations for Odd Semester January 2022. This committee will look into any exam related issue brought up by the student and/or faculty that cannot be resolved at the IT/Faculty/School level. The members are-
  1. Mr Anil Yadav – CoE (Chairperson)
  2. Dr Sudipto Sarkar – Dean SET
  3. Mr Abhishek Antil - Head IT
  4. Prof V K Malik – Exam Head SAA