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Dance is the hidden language of the soul and we at Sushant believe in nurturing this hidden language and bringing it to the stage. The dance society aims to serve as a platform for students to not only learn new forms of dance but also create new styles of their own. Helping their abilities to work as a team and individually, the dance society performs at various important occasions and represents the college in various inter-college competition , off which Sushant’s dance society boasts of having won an award consistently for the last three years at NASA. What started as a hobby to destress from the daily grind of architecture school has now become a professional team , with its own Instagram page. (Follow: @ssaa_dance )

A.     Prerna Chatterjee

B.     Elvin Aby

C.     Kunal Garkhel

D.     Muskan Gupta

E.     Meghma Kataki

F.     Nikita pandey

G.     Tanvi Arora

H.     Rakshita singh

I.       Gurvansh Batra

J.       Mudit Khanna

K.     Prerit Bansal

We are a creative mix of writers and actors often reprising multiple roles to serve a story. From classical reference to pop culture to contemporary issues, we have been open to any direction our mind takes us. Preparing for a college event, a competition or a casual evening is a productive relief from the work schedule that yields great joy upon completion. Our diversity of thought sets us apart and provides for an enjoyable experience

A.     Rishab Rodrick

B.     Aditya Verma

C.     Shiven Misra

D.     Shivaansh Cairae

E.      Saarthak Gulhani

F.      Ishita Agnihotri

G.     Kshitij Sethi

H.     Eeshan Chauhan

I.       Aditya Pundir

J.       Bhavya Bhadwar

K.      Smridhi Arya

L.      Akshit Chauhan

M.    Raashi

A.     Shivaansh Cairae

B.     Dharmansh Jindal

C.     Mehr Khurmi

D.     Manandeep Narang

E.     Raghav Pasricha

F.     Ankit chopra

G.     Dhruv Gulati

H.     Vihaan