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JKC Gallery of Art & Architecture

SAA with Jugal Kishore Chowdhury Charitable & Educational Trust has launched the JKC Gallery at its premises. The aim of the gallery is two-fold – to provide a platform to collate and exhibit the works of architects and artists in architecture and to become a national-level resource centre and repertoire for architecture in India. The museum and exhibition space will house curated collections of the Indian Modernists, post Modernists and counter-Modernists and other artists in Architecture.

C P Kukreja: Sustainability and Materiality, showcased works from the architect’s formative years through five decades of his practice ranging from housing, institutions, healthcare facilities, hospitality sector, offices, industries, commercial, religious and recreational Infrastructure. The idea was to highlight CPK’s understanding of design principles, which integrate strong architectural and environmental design philosophies, successfully blending with material science and sustainable construction technology.

An exhibition on the work of the Modern Architecture firm Anand Apte Jhabvala curated and designed by Iftikhar Mulk Chishti and sponsored by the Jhabvala Family was first displayed at the IIC in conjunction with the CSH Jhabvala Memorial Lecture and was organised by the School of Planning and Architecture New Delhi. The exhibition was displayed from 12th Feb to 12th March 2019 at the JKC Gallery of SAA as a part of iPAC 2019. The existing exhibition was augmented with new research work by SAA students, including video interviews of students of C.S.H. Jhabvala to run parallel with the exhibition.

The third JKCMemorial Lecture 2019 was delivered on 16th February by the eminent architect Hafeez Contractor at the Sushant School of Art & Architecture in conjunction with the International Planning and Architecture Conclave (iPAC) 2019.

The second J K Chowdhury Memorial Lecture 2018 ‘Talk to the Finger – Saying No to What’ was delivered by Roger William Connah at the School of Art & Architecture. Frank Gehry once used the middle finger to ‘insult ‘journalists and to make a point – this lectures discusses whether that was a reasonable response and whether in it there is message to the next generation – Forget Frank Gehry?

The idea behind holding the Degree Show 2018 was to give that stand to students’ works, which not only shine but also set a precedent for years to continuously uplift the thesis work at SAA. The Degree Show 2018, our first ever degree show, showcased some of the best B.Arch, B. Planning and Masters level theses works that contributed to the boundless realm of inventiveness in their chosen discipline. This platform has the capability of steadily manifesting innovative minds and accumulating stimulating ideas often narrated through a journey of flamboyancy.

The show focused on the works of Architect & artist Golak Khandual.
Golak studied architecture in SPA between 1976 and 2003 and the displayed works spoke of his architectural training. He has led a nomadic life practicing architecture in an intensely hands-on and participatory way. His motto has been ‘Work with nature. Not against it.’

Jugal Kishore Choudhury was among the first generation of architects of post-independence India. An exhibition curated by Uday Bhanu Pattnaik, Manjari Gupta and Piyush Das with support from SPA Delhi and JKC trust was exhibited in Guwahati during January 2015 along with the first JKC memorial lecture. SAAA, Sushant University, JKC Trust with Council of Architecture displayed this Exhibition along with a Panel Discussion on the master architect in March 2017.

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