The School of Art and Architecture offers four post graduate programmes that have been incessantly refined to foster radical and innovative outsets in the field. The 2023 framework enables the student to design his path of knowledge to be able to accomplish the programme with his own unique trajectory in the chosen field.

Collaborative Studies and Studio projects across the programmes foster a rich interdisciplinary learning environment. Critical thinking with academic writing and community led interventions has been an integral part of our academic position. Also, the newly formed Future Trends and Strategic Innovation Lab offer distinct and significant courses embracing both traditional and forthcoming trends of the field in a wider cultural context.

Master of Architecture (Urban Design)

The programme identifies the role of the urban designer in redefining the 21st century urban landscape and develops new paradigms of research, practice and pedagogy to meet the challenges of urbanization with the focus on sustainability and heritage. It aims to alter the very thinking and approach with which we look at urban design in India, and intends to create thought – leaders who shall...

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Master in Landscape Architecture

Our Master's Landscape Architecture programme offers an innovative and interdisciplinary approach to landscape architecture education that enhances the quality of life and the natural environment. With a focus on sustainable practices and cutting-edge technologies, students gain the skills and knowledge needed to become innovative leaders in the field. 

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