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Date: 23 October 2020

Name of Speaker: Srijani Hazra

Designation: Assistant Professor

Title of Proposition: Proposition title: Contemporisation of Traditional Construction Systems in Building New Image of a Place 

“We shape our building, and afterwards, buildings shape us.” The quote by Winston Churchill reconfirms the constant need of updating our building systems and meeting global challenges.

The presentation aims to explore how the evolution of construction systems adapts traditional knowledge systems of sustainable building and reshapes the social and cultural sense of belongingness for people.

Research has shown that this cyclic process of change, sudden or gradual, leads to a shift in social and cultural norms of the society. The changed notion of belongingness for a place sets the new norm for society. Building on existing knowledge of construction systems, it inquires whether the act of contemporisation impacts the change in community or whether the aspiration of the community dictates the evolution of construction systems in building. Construction systems, which are best portrayed through building envelopes, are the most active interface between humans and the building. The study aims to add value to existing construction system knowledge by developing architectural guidelines for an alternative vocabulary of building systems.

Further research is needed to understand people, their behavioural and psychological associations with construction materials.

YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gewqIM8EH8g&t=6s




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