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Our Master's Landscape Architecture programme offers an innovative and interdisciplinary approach to landscape architecture education that enhances the quality of life and the natural environment. With a focus on sustainable practices and cutting-edge technologies, students gain the skills and knowledge needed to become innovative leaders in the field. Our faculty consists of experienced professionals who are dedicated towards providing personalized attention and guidance to each student. Combining design, technology, and sustainability, our curriculum prepares students to create beautiful and sustainable landscapes that meet the needs of communities and the environment. Our hands-on approach and focus on collaboration ensure that students develop the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the field of landscape architecture.


  • Minimum of 50% aggregate marks in a Bachelors of Architecture degree programme. (Weightage 50%)
  • Online application, Statement of Purpose (of not more than 1000 words) submitted at the admissions office.

The application process additionally includes:

  • An interview session for the shortlisted applicants along with a portfolio of work. (Weightage 50%)


  • One of a kind Program curriculum, that has evolved from 10+ other internationally acclaimed programs 
  • Equal considerations to environmental sciences and social sciences 
  • Complete immersion in the real-world issues and establishing that invaluable connection of the academic and the professional worlds with robust democratic ideals – Participatory design studio with all stakeholders of the city 
  • “Word of mouth” admissions – our reputation is getting us a fantastic pool of students; a lot of students with years of work experience in the field of LA – Students from all of India and beyond including NCR – Nepal, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Bihar, Bengal, Rajasthan, UP, Punjab, Maharashtra 
  • Course Reader for every subject that roots our learnings in cutting edge practices from around the world 
  • Participation in events/ workshops 
  • Working on ISOLA membership, MOU with local administration and private players.

We strive to produce “thinking” Industry-Ready Graduates with a heightened & informed moral and ethical conscience! Our graduates will be capable of responding to the challenges found at the intersection of DESIGN, CULTURE, URBANIZATION, and ECOLOGY.



1. Community centric design approach

2. Holistic understanding & learning

3. Sensorial Understanding/ Adaptation

4. Ecological Conservation

5. Interdisciplinary Learning




Community Engagement, Participation


Faculty Profile


Arjun Kamal


Shruti S. Hippalgaonkar


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