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Date: 14 August 2020, Friday

Name of Speaker: Aruna Bhardwaj

Designation: Associate Professor

Title of Proposition: Dilemma in Research Design: Journeys of Urban Childhoods

If one aims at a sustainable future of humankind, children are one of the key stakeholders in designing the built environment. However, the what, how and where of this thought process is still in its nascent stage. With cities as the principal engines of growth and with the world currently being predominantly urban not rural, it becomes imperative to identify the steps for the physical and mental wellbeing of man’s future by focusing on the concept of ‘the child in the city’. In the proposition, various dilemmas that an early researcher faces in researching child specific planning and space design is deliberated. Existing literature on this subject is presented and some possible directions that this research can take are explored. The importance of diversity in children, existence of safety and risk in current urban scenarios, and the importance of the child’s voice in the decision making process are presented.

YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZJxOVjelV4&t=3030s

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