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Vatel has taught me the in and out of the hospitality industry and has encouraged me to discover myself, to be confident and an accomplished professional in the hospitality industry.

Upasna Arora


(OCLD) Management Trainee – Oberoi Group

Sushant University gave me the opportunity of International Internship under the Marco Polo Program, and I went to Switzerland to study for one full year! Sushant truly takes care of its students, giving them every opportunity imaginable and giving them an experience, they will cherish for their lives.

Kripesh Karakoti



I am proud to be a student of Sushant University. During the three years at college, I have learnt to be courageous and have tried to be nothing but the best. I have gained valuable skills & knowledge as a result of which I was able to become an entrepreneur which was my dream.

Adam Paul



It was a great experience. I wouldn't have wanting anything different. All my teachers have been really good. They have motivating attitude, help us to enjoy learning and always encourage us for the challenges.

Harshita Salone



I have learnt at Vatel India to be confident as confidence is the key to success being a budding hotelier, speak effectively and think efficiently and always aligned towards valuable guest experience

Abhishek Chaudhary


Management Associate

Radisson Hotel Group

With 5 job offers in my hand, the choice of the company with which I should chart out a career was indeed difficult…I finally chose Front Office, where I am also getting to refine my French language…

Aashna Purba

(Batch 2016-19 )

Right from the first day when our orientation started, I knew that I was getting into a domain that, besides being extremely interesting, would teach me several important values in life. A perfect tact of soft skills, which forms as an essential part of hospitality trade, which, till the recent years, was an area that wasn’t pursued on a formal basis, was adequately stressed upon and I can realize its importance in this domain which deals with people from all over the world.

Added to this a detailed exposure into French language gave me the required input usually looked for by the hotel managers. My appointment as an operational trainee at the Oberoi hotels six months before the completion of my course is, as far as I think an outstanding achievement.


(Batch 2016-19 )

 “My strong and deep-rooted ambition to become an entrepreneur after my hotel management studies at the Sushant University led me to open my own enterprise. The lucrative offers after the completion of my Degree though tempted me to take up a job but now, having my own successful lounge in Punjabi Bagh gives me tremendous satisfaction. The university helped me create a vision and also taught me how to turn it into a reality…”

 “The skills and practical know-how gained during my hotel management studies at the School of Tourism and Hotel Management at the Sushant University made me very confident. Today I am positive and convinced about how I have to shape my future…Thanks to my teachers, my mentors and to my guides..”

 Arjun Kalra/ Dushyant Yadav

(Batch 2013-2016)

“I took up the hotel management course at the Sushant University as I was passionate and obsessive about culinary arts. I always knew I would be victorious…it was by virtue of the encouragement and the support given to me by my professors that I now run a successful bakery in Dwarka, New Delhi.”

 “Grooming, discipline and control stand to be the best qualities in any field but are absolutely essential for a hotelier. As an entrepreneur I mastered the art of winning my customers and I can see my clients turning into friends – the list is growing by the day…Thanks, Sushant University.”

 Vasundhara Narula

(Batch 2013-2016)



Hard work, discipline and self-respect are the most precious values I picked up from the hotel management course at Sushant University. As was assured to me, these values have actually taught me ways to remain focused on my goals, and have encouraged me to explore a world full of opportunities.

 Every cook may not necessarily be a good manager and every manager may not be a good cook…it is by virtue of excellence in both these qualities and a perfect mélange of the two that real Chefs are produced. The French word Chef means a Head, or a Chief…one who may have risen from the ranks but now has worked his way up as the supreme commander of the kitchen operations well-versed to handle all types of situations…

 Sheer number of years spent working in a hotel or a service establishment may not always prove to be creditable until it does not earn you credits for having learnt something really valuable. Results of hard and dedicated work put into hotels are indeed very promising – this is one of the rare industries in which the receptionists and become general managers, directors or vice presidents.

 Learning hotel management from Sushant University gave me the opportunity to, besides working on important projects in Jodhpur and Udaipur, visit Turkey and Austria. This really improved my horizon and entirely changed my outlook.

 My advice to the young aspirants pursuing studies in the hospitality trade are only three: hard work, hard work and hard work. This is a three-pronged approach to success – assured, certain and absolutely guaranteed…


(Batch 2015-18)

I always knew that I was cut out either for a career in Guest Relations or in Hotel Sales and Marketing. I am glad to see that my talent has been very rightly understood and I have been offered a career in Sales and Marketing at one of the leading hotel chains. The present extremely competitive scenario in the service industry will make me learn the different strategies and eventually make me a resulted-oriented professional…something that I have always wanted to become…


(Batch 2015-18)



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