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To foster a sense of fraternity among the Alumni of the Institute, and to create a platform for sharing profound experience and to constitute a community that continues to nurture and transforms lives through sustainable actions. 


The Objectives of the Association as stated in the Memorandum, and to which all of us, as Alumni of the Vatel hotel & tourism business school to as Members of the Association are given below. All intentions, initiatives and actions shall be driven by the aims and vision of these objectives.

 I.            To provide a forum for all Alumni of Vatel India, to connect, meet and interact, to promote and support each other in all areas.

 II.            To promote professional and socio-cultural interaction among the Alumni.

 III.            To build an active network of Alumni across India and the world.

 IV.            To encourage formation of Chapters of the Association to increase participation of Alumni.

  V.            To organize lectures, symposia, workshops, conventions for the Alumni and also for the students of the College to share knowledge and experience and promote dialogue and debate.

  VI.            To create awareness about the achievements, contribution and the rich heritage of the College amongst the Alumni, present students, workplaces, society and the media.

  VII.            To encourage the Alumni to take an abiding interest in the progress and development of the alma mater.

  1.   To promote and foster interest between the ex and present students of the College.

  IX.            To undertake, organize or promote such other activities which may be approved by the Members and the Executive Committee, particularly activities with civic or charitable and such other similar objectives related to the empowerment and education of women, human resource development and employment of alumni, socio-cultural and economic issues that impact women and Alumni.

   X.            To help, encourage and assist the spread of education, and to render assistance, award scholarships to deserving student and for this purpose to take all steps as may be necessary.

    XI.            To create, associate, or co-operate with any other Society or Association having the same or similar objects in such manner and to such extent as may be desirable or possible.

   XII.            To promote national integration through the destruction of barriers of caste, creed, color, race and regionalism through the Members of the Association on a larger national and global scale.

XIII. To provide leadership in promoting and advocating the Objects of the Association.

XIV. To mobilize resources for supporting the Objects of the Association.




Minutes of Meeting of Alumni Association of VHTBS, Sushant University, Gurugram

Date: 29-1-2021                                                                                                  Time: 2:00pm

Venue: Google Meet

Alumni Association Faculty In-Charge: Mr Deepak Thakur, Assistant Professor, VHTBS & Ms Anshu Rawal, Assistant Professor, VHTBS

The following were present: -

  1. Mr Deepak Thakur, Assistant Professor, VHTBS
  2. Ms Anshu Rawal, Assistant Professor, VHTBS
  3. Mr Rishabh Thakur (2016-19 batch)
  4. Ms Upasana Arora (2017-20 batch)
  5. Mr Akshay Singh (2018-22 batch)
  6. Ms Sanchi Arora (2019-23 batch)

The agenda of the meeting was

  1. Formation of alumni Association of VHTBS.
  2. Identification of President, Vice-President, Secretary & school level coordinators of the Alumni association.
  3. Collection and updation of alumni data for past five years.

Following transactions were carried out and finalized in the meeting.

  1. Mr Sagar Charles (2015-18 batch) was appointed President of the Alumni association.
  2. Ms Upasana Arora (2017-20 batch) was appointed Vice-President of the Alumni association.
  3. Mr Arvind Kumar (2014-17 batch), Mr Rishabh Thakur (2016-19 batch) & Ms Vasundhara Narula (2013-16 batch) were appointed as Secretary of the Alumni association.
  4. Mr Akshay Singh (2018-22 batch) & Ms Sanchi Arora (2019-23 batch) has been nominated as school level coordinators.

It was decided that all the association members from each batch will strive for collection and updating the data of alumni.

The social media, personal contacts and all possible communication means shall be used to get this data.

The meeting ended with the resolution to take sincere efforts by everyone for making the first alumni meet a grand success.

Four Meetings will be conducted in one year, two in every semester. Meetings will be conducted only on ONLINE MODE.

Two events will be conducted in an academic year.

**Next Meeting Scheduled in Month of 2nd week of May 2021.