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Unless evaluated, tried and tested, no education or knowledge earns any credibility. It is the competitions, struggles and rivalries that breed quality and bring out the best in people.

A Cooking Competition for Culinary Chefs was organised by the Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business School on Friday, November 18, 2022 in which students of III and V Semesters participated. The First position was bagged by Ms Prapti Syal, the Second by Mr. Gurman Bindra and the Third position was won by Mr. Tanuj Makkar. The students were required to use ingredients from the Pansari group, who were the sole sponsors of the event.

The winning students have qualified for the main event, where the final winner will get a cash prize of Rs 11,000/- Chef Siddharth Talwar of Pansari Group would be the main judge of the competition.


Ms Vinita Thapa and Mr. Krish Ghai who form part of the HR and Learning departments of the IHG Crowne Plaza Gurgaon visited the Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business School, Sushant University Gurgaon on Wednesday, November 09, 2022 to conduct a preliminary round for the selection of students for their Embark and I-Aspire management training programmes.

In their company Presentation they discussed in detail about the choice of various career paths and progressions possible at the IHG Group. This was followed by sessions of group discussions and personal interviews after which, lunch was prepared and served by the Vatel students.

"We are indeed very happy to see the quality of training imparted to these students who were well-versed with their subjects and had excellent communication skills. We will start the process of their initial selection soon and we would like to give a chance to the maximum number of students." said Ms. Vinita Thapa - Director Human Resources.

From the students' side, it was an exhilarating experience and they found their course and training to be well structured as per the industry norms.


World Bread Day is celebrated the world over during the month of October every year. This special day which is dedicated to the staple food comprising of different breads has been of immense importance around the world since the dawn of agriculture…

Bread is the main staple food in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe, whereas rice is the staple in East Asia. It is usually made from wheat, but bread can be also made from other cereals, like rye, barley, oats, maize, rice, millet, and sorghum. In many cuisines, there are traditional bread recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation.

The Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business School, celebrated the Word Bread Day this year on Friday, October 14, 2022. Special, renowned breads from France, Italy, USA, the Mediterranean, Germany, Denmark and the United Kingdom were prepared.

Hectic activity was on at the bakery for a whole week where incessant efforts were made to prepare Brioches, Fougasses, Doughnuts, pretzels, rye bread, Chelsea buns, milk dinner rolls and, of course, the famous and classic French Baguette. “All of us worked as a team and conducted a lot of research and finalized 5 breads from each country, thereby aggregating to a variety of 35 breads which were put up on a display at the Vatel Lounge” says Dr. (Chef) Saurav Chhabra. Such activities, in which one is given to deeply study the intricacies of the recipe, add, mix or whisk the ingredients in their exact proportions, and then, in order to attain a perfect, colour, texture, aroma and taste, one has to be extremely precise with regard to the amount of time the dough is to be baked in the oven. Both for the senior and fresh batches of students, the process of bread making was so exciting that a few students decided to make this as their core subject of specialization and even aspired to make it as their career.

The event was sponsored by the Pansari Group and was inaugurated by the Honorable Vice Chancellor of Sushant Univesity, Dr. Rakesh Ranjan and was attended by the leadership team, the heads of all schools of Sushant university, the faculty members and the support staff.

“I am delighted to see the volume of work having been put in by the Team Vatel for this impressive display of breads and their accompaniments from different countries and am equally pleased to learn the amount of research done in this field, which is an event of international importance” said Dr. Ranjan. Chef Amit Gangwar the Chef Pâtissier/Boulanger who managed the production of breads, was the and the controller of the event who allocated duties to the students while making sure that the standards of hygiene, sanitation and cleanliness were well taken care of.


Upon being frequently observed that students of the modern days are unused to writing, composing or in attempting to express their ideas in what may be called a true linguistic style, a workshop oriented towards enhancing the general day-to-day use of vocabulary and expressions amongst our students was felt necessary. The style of communication and the ideal use of expressions is what makes a person stand out in the crowd. It is to those students who are thus painfully groping their way and struggling with the difficulties of composition, that that the workshop professed to hold out a helping hand. The assistance it gave is that of furnishing on every topic a copious store of words and phrases, adapted to express all the recognizable shades and modifications of the general idea under which those words and phrases were arranged.

The student can readily select, out of the ample collection spread out before his eyes, those expressions which are best suited to his purpose, and which might not have occurred to him without such assistance. In order to make this selection, he scarcely ever need engage in any critical or elaborate study of the subtle distinctions existing between synonymous terms; for, if the materials set before him be sufficiently abundant, an instinctive tact will rarely fail to lead him to the proper choice.

Even while glancing over the columns of the different slides presented during the half-day workshop, a student’s eye will definitely chance to light upon a particular term which may save the cost of a clumsy paraphrase, or spare the labor of a tortuous circumlocution. Some felicitous turn of expression thus introduced will frequently open to the mind of the student a whole vista of collateral ideas, which could not, without a workshop like this, have been unfolded to his view; and often will the judicious insertion of a happy epithet, like a beam of sunshine in a landscape, illumine and adorn the subject which it touches, imparting new grace and giving life and spirit to the picture.

A special emphasis was laid on English communication as it is gaining immense popularity and is poised to soon become the widest spoken language in this world. Several non-English speaking European countries like France, Spain and Italy and even Russia and South-East Asian countries are inviting English teachers to their countries to teach English to their professionals, to students and to their general public. It is therefore being understood that English is an indispensable language, not only for the professionals but also for the general public.

We discovered as a confirmed fact that that it is difficult to acquire fluency in a language unless one lives or passes as much time as possible in the company of people who speak that language. No language is difficult to speak as young children, even infants are able to easily converse in the (seemingly) most ‘difficult’ languages without even being able to read, to write or without being aware of any grammatical rules.

The communication of our thoughts by means of language, whether spoken or written, like every other object of mental exertion, constitutes a peculiar art, which, like other arts, cannot be acquired in any perfection but by long-continued practice. Some, indeed, there are more highly gifted than others with a facility of expression, and naturally endowed with the power of eloquence; but to none is it at all times an easy process to embody, in exact and appropriate language, the various trains of ideas that are passing through the mind, or to depict in their true colors and proportions, the diversified and nicer shades of feeling which accompany them. To those who are unpracticed in the art of composition, or unused to extempore speaking, these difficulties present themselves in their most formidable aspect. However distinct may be our views, however vivid our conceptions, or however fervent our emotions, we cannot but be often conscious that the phraseology we have at our command is inadequate to do them justice. We seek in vain the words we need, and strive ineffectually to devise forms of expression which shall faithfully portray our thoughts and sentiments. The appropriate terms, notwithstanding our utmost efforts, cannot be conjured up at will. Like “spirits from the vast deep,” they come not when we call; and we are driven to the employment of a set of words and phrases either too general or too limited, too strong or too feeble, which suit not the occasion, which hit not the mark we aim at; and the result of our prolonged exertion is a style at once labored and obscure, vapid and redundant, or vitiated by the still graver faults of affectation or ambiguity.

Just like one can gain mastery on any art or science with a regular and a dedicated practice, a continuous use of the language in the company of people who speak that language can be of immense benefits to the learner. This is what we meant by ‘creating an atmosphere’ of

The point of carrying on translations was greatly emphasized upon. Regarded simply as a mental exercise, the practice of translation is the best training for the attainment of that mastery of language and felicity of diction which are the sources of the highest oratory, and are requisite for the possession of a graceful and persuasive eloquence. By rendering ourselves the faithful interpreters of the thoughts and feelings of others, we are rewarded with the acquisition of greater readiness and facility in correctly expressing our own; as he who has best learned to execute the orders of a commander, becomes himself best qualified to command.


The world celebrates September 27 as the World Tourism Day. Despite the tourism sector having faced an acute recession due to Covid over the last two years, one can now see almost all the sectors springing back into business, thereby re-energizing tourism in a big way, which is once again spreading its wings far and wide…

The tourism sector gives opportunities of employment to small and big business and to millions of people and stands to be one of the biggest foreign exchange earners for all economies of the world. Revenge Tourism, as some of the experts have coined this era will, now that we are at the threshold of the tourist season, see a great influx f tourists from abroad and will give an unprecedented fillip to the domestic tourism, conferences, conventions, meetings and exhibitions.

The Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business School commemorated this important day in a unique way, by dedicating itself towards conserving the environment by way of creating an EDIBLE GARDEN. Students of First Year, who have recently joined the BHM Programme, took a lot of interest in first understanding the significance of the tourism Day and in coming to terms with the importance of conservation of environment, that is to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The saplings they planted were of Cuphea, Thai basil, chilly, coriander, carom, lemongrass, mint and guava. The end products of these plants will be used in the college kitchen practical classes and the students will also be induced to create their own mini garden for their own, domestic kitchens at home.

Dr. Sanjeev Sharma, Pro-Vice Chancellor and Registrar of Sushant University inaugurated the Edible Garden and Dr. Jyoti Sinha, hear of the School of Pharmacy, Sushant University planted a few saplings. “I am happy to see the interest our young generation has towards the fine art of tourism and the awareness that they are creating towards making our planet green, clean and unpolluted, which stands to be the need of the hour” said Dr. Sanjeev Sharma. Ms. Chandana Paul & Ms. Aashiyan Assistant Professor of the college worked closely with the students to procure the saplings and helped them organize a small speech about the theme of the event and the expression of gratitude towards the University for providing an area, permanently earmarked for such, environment-oriented activities.


Depending upon willingness, every human being is capable of learning as per the age group that he or she belongs to. The basic ability to understand things, learning different ways of operation in order to achieve the desired goals is inherent in all of us. It is just that the ‘education & training’ part of learning needs to be formalized to some extent so that one acquires the ability to analyze, examine, study and, if needed, investigate.

There is a world of difference between learning while observing others and one’s being given the opportunity to learn in a formal atmosphere, in the company of other pupils where ideas are exchanged, problems of different situations are discussed and learning is derived from case-studies. It is in such an atmosphere that the formal hands-on training is imparted, which, in most of the cases proves to be a matter of new learning and, for some, stands to be an eye-opener.

The bare informal instruction of what to do which is usually communicated to the staff by the bulk hirers and contractors limits itself to only telling them what needs to be done and the incumbent is oblivious of the other supplementary things that he or she is capable of doing with the equipment that he/she is handling or making use of several advantages of the various permutations and combinations.

It is keeping this in mind that the resources of Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business School taking care of the accommodation department, Ms. Chandana Paul and Ms. Aashiyan Sarsoot understood the need to invite the housekeeping staff of Sushant University to undergo a one-day workshop, wherein the subtleties of operations and the finer aspects of observation and the various processes of upkeep, maintenance and conservation were deliberated upon. Such forums of formal learning are indeed very rare in the professional life of these front-line associates.

The housekeeping staff of Sushant university which is responsible for the upkeep of the buildings and premises, the public and the surrounding areas observed the correct use of cleaning devices, equipment and gadgets, and the use of ideal proportions of solvents, cleaning agents, disinfectants for specific purposes, maintenance of self-hygiene, cleanliness and even grooming. Participants attending the workshop had a few queries which were duly explained. This inquisitiveness on the part of the participants demonstrated the interest they were taking in not only learning the finer aspect of what they were already doing but they also came across several new ways of operations, handling and care of equipment.

The workshop was well appreciated by the participants, who were awarded certificates and felt that their competencies could be further enhanced and refined by such workshops. “This is a one-of-a-kind workshop, the purpose of which was duly met and we now feel the necessity of exposing these resources to the finer and subtle aspects of housekeeping and helping them develop an eye for observation” said Ms. Chandana Paul, Assistant Professor looking after the Accommodations department of the Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business School.



On Friday, September 9, 2022, students of Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School, Sushant University (Erstwhile Ansal University) Gurgaon presented a rare combination of Boulangerie and Pâtisserie by creating a range of Petit Fours or small, bite-sized cakes and pastries which included Fresh Fruit Tarts, Bakhlawa, Macaroons, Profiteroles, Chocolate and Orange Swiss rolls, Blueberry Cakes, Enrobed Chocolate Truffles, Millionaire Shortbread, Almond Financier, Linzer Tarts and Brownies. “I can never imagine so much of variety is possible in cakes and pastries” said a First Year fresher student. Chef Amit Gangwar who is the Chef Pâtissier worked with students over 3 full days to create the range, with well garnished creations, exquisite colours and exciting shapes. The Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr. Rakesh Ranjan, Pro-Vice Chancellor, and Registrar Dr. Sanjeev Sharma and deans of various schools of the university attended the display, tasted the various creations and had very good things to say about the event.

“Such events create a situation of a hands-on learning for our students wherein they see the evolution of the end products, right from their initial stage and learn how to maintain consistency, right temperature, correct texture and, indeed the beauty of the final presentation” said Dr. Saurav Chhabra, Associate Professor, Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School, Sushant University, who, at the end added – “Upon being encouraged by an overwhelming response today, we now plan to put un an even bigger show, which, as of now, is a big secret”



The transition from school towards college, in which a totally new style of learning and teaching is practiced, stands up to be a big event in life of an adolescent child, and deserves to be planned meticulously and rather carefully. In this process are involved very young students, who, from their adolescent age are on the verge of entering into adulthood, cherish high hopes and aspirations in life and have to be prepared to face contests and challenges of life which they have to themselves face and are given to deal with different situations in life.

The Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School, Sushant University, Gurgaon known for planning a thorough, meaningful and a precise session of orientation of new students, planned their orientation thus:

The opening address on the first day was delivered by the associate dean of the Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business School, Dr. Chhabra who welcomed the students and lauded their decision to join the Vatel Hotel School and assured them that they had taken the right decision, followed by which they were given an insight into the various possibilities of placement and the scope of several avenues opening in the sectors like travel trade, airlines, airports, railways, shipping, cruise lines, banqueting, event management and the limitless opportunities existing in entrepreneurship.

This was followed by a formal introduction of the faculty members and resources of the college which whom they were given to freely interact and ask questions. Mr. Saif Anjum, associate professor took a session on national and international internships and the 6-8-week summer internship in Nimes, south of France. A session giving all information concerned with the academics and examinations was taken by Ms. Chandana Paul.

Every student must have a mentor, a confidante available right within the premises of the college who is there for the student to consult in case he/she is facing any issues with the progress of classes or with the handling of any kind of queries, whether they happen to be official or personal. These were allocated to the new students who were very glad to meet them.

The next day the students were taken to a temple for feeding the poor as an act of Corporate-Social responsibility. This arouses within them the sense of responsibility as the food was prepared within the college kitchens and carried and served by these new students. “I am elated and am feeling very happy that I could do this, something that I had never done in life before” Says a starry-eyed new student.

In order to give to the students a first-hand feel of what the hotel managers say about working in hotels, the Vatel hotel & Tourism Business School conducted a panel discussion wherein the participants were Mr. Manuj Ralhan, Director or operations, Novotel Aerocity, Ms Shilpi Sharma, HR Manager, Double Tree by Hilton and Chef Sambhavi Joshi, a hotelier turned into an entrepreneur running a pasta production unit under the brand name of Casarecce Artisanal. The inquisitive students asked them a lot of interesting questions and got a first-hand insight into what all was in store for them in the wonderful world of hospitality.

This was followed by an ice-breaking session, enabling the students to express themselves better, followed by which their documents were verified. The students were also given a conducted tour of the Westin Hotel Gurgaon, wherein they were exposed to the visible and the back-of-the-house areas of a large luxury hotel. This opened up their eyes and made them aware of the dynamics and the personnel involved in actually running the hotel.

Apart from the above, Alumni interaction with the new students happened were alumni shared their experiences. The students were duly given inputs in grooming, improving upon their lifestyles, bringing about within themselves a sense of sophistication and a style, exactly like the people engaged in the hospitality are so well recognized for.


No technical institute can work in isolation, without the cooperation or the active participation by the industry of which it forms an integral part.

The Campus to Corporate forum created by the Pullman Hotels, Aerocity, in which the resources looking after training and placement at the various reputed hospitality institutes were invited for dinner on Friday, July 29, is a major step in this direction, in which the situations faced by the industry and, more so the academia, were discussed in great detail. It brought together the two entities and Mr. Vineet Mishra, cluster general manager of Accor Hotels expressed that there was a need to fill the gap for a better and a more result-oriented functioning of the two entities.

Mr. Kulmohan Singh and Mr. Saif Anjum attended this meeting on behalf of the Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business School, Sushant University.

The Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School, Sushant University organised a special, hand-crafted set of classes between June 27 and July 01, 2022 to arouse the interest of hospitality amongst the new aspirants. One of the biggest challenges for the students who have recently passed from their high school is to make a firm choice about the career that they need to choose and the stream that they must follow to realize their dreams. The hospitality industry though fascinates the young students, they still need to acquire a first-hand feel about what this fascinating trade is really all about.

It is to address the inquisitiveness of these young students that the Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School Sushant University organised a 5-day workshop directed towards having a close communication with them and showing them what all functions make up for a hotel to run efficiently, what are the various systems and procedures and how does one go about in meeting and in handling hotel guests. These workshops were also directed towards the personal interest of students, showing them thereby the world of growth opportunities available to them in this sector across all continents of the world.

These workshops were totally free, in which the students were given lectures, given to work in the Vatel School’s different laboratories, restaurants and kitchens, besides being given useful inputs in French language. They were also treated to hot, fresh lunch on all days.

Interesting things like table layouts, descriptions of mocktails, French culinary terminologies, flower arrangements, towel origami, and dessert making were discussed, demonstrated and appreciated by the students. “I have enjoyed attending these workshops in which we were given wonderful facts about hospitality and the dynamics which are connected with almost all the functions. I also learnt the hotel rule that a guest is always right” says a young student with a beaming face.

“These workshops are always beneficial for the young students who have a great amount of curiosity with regard to hotels and the hospitality sector. They visualize the actual path and are also directed about the ways in which they can make a promising career for themselves in this oldest and the most wonderful and yet a challenging trade” says Dr. Garima Parkash, dean Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School, Sushant University, Gurgaon.

Wine Appreciation Session by Sula Vineyards

Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business School, Sushant University organized a Wine Appreciation Session on May 11, 2022 for its students in collaboration with Sula Vineyards. This session was conducted by Ms Heena Riat, Senior manager Tastings & Marketing (North India) Sula Vineyards to enhance the knowledge of our students about wines. This educative & informative session was held in D-421, Auditorium from 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM.

This was followed by a wine appreciation session for Senior Management of Sushant University at Vatel Epicure Training Restaurant from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM where different kinds of wines were served & knowledge about their aroma & taste was disseminated.

Kaushal Sashaktikaran Prashikshan 2.0 (An initiative to empower the skills of Non – Teaching Staff in Food & Beverage Service)

Kaushal Sashaktikaran Prashikshan 2.0 was organised by Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business School, Sushant University on 26 April 2022 for the attendants of Sushant University (Non – Teaching Staff). Training session was conducted by Assistant Professor Mr. Saif Anjum & Assistant Professor Mr. Deepak Thakur.

Participants were given training on Art of Napkin Folding, Table setup for meals, Tea/Coffee Tray Setup and Fundamentals of mixology. This skill based knowledge session to the participants of different background helps them to perform efficiently at their workplace in daily routine. All the participants will be awarded an e-certificate of participation.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022 was indeed a big day for the Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business School, Sushant University to celebrate, after a gap of two long years, the graduation ceremony of their students who successfully finished their Bachelors in hotel management in the years 2020. These students had been waiting for this grand day patiently and were sure that one day things would ease out and that they would get the opportunity to get their precious certificates from Institut Vatel of France.

It is said that long gaps increase the fondness, endears people and brings them closer to each other. This factor was very visible in students who turned out at the university in the best of their attire, though some of them chose to present themselves in smart casuals. The ceremony started with the blessings of the Goddess of knowledge – Saraswati, for whom a vandana was played, followed immediately was the heart-warming address by the dean of the school, Dr. Garima Parkash who elaborated upon how fortunate the university was to meet its alumni students and award them their long-awaited Vatel Certificates, for which Mr. Paul D’Azémar flew down from their headquarters based in Lyon, France. This time Dr. Nicholas Gherardi, the deputy counsellor for education, science and culture, Embassy of France, was also available and congratulated the students for their valuable achievement.

Dr. D.N.S. Kumar, vice chancellor of Sushant university eulogized upon the importance that the domain of hospitality was gradually acquiring, creating thereby millions of job opportunities for students in the different continents of the world. Mr. Paul D’Azémar was eloquent about the growth that the institute has seen in establishing new ventures in different parts of the world and was proud to announce that in comparison to the best hospitality schools worldwide, the rank of Institut Vatel had risen up from 42 to 14, which was indeed a matter of great pride.

Dr. Nicholas Gherardi spoke about the how important it was becoming for the hospitality management students to acquire new skills and competencies in order to match the international standards.

Mr. Kulmohan Singh, professor of French at the University recited a poem in French, elaborating upon the interest that the Vatel students are taking in learning different cuisines, bakery and in visiting France for internships and exchange programmes. This was followed by the award of Vatel certificates to all the graduating students who were glad to assist in this very important, milestone event in their academic lives. The other students then put up a lavish high tea for the students and prepared a superb continental lunch for the dignitaries and for the leadership of Sushant University.

“I was elated to see that our alumni still have a lot of attachment with our school and were happy to be with us for some time today – a lot amongst them have become entrepreneurs, have joined family businesses or have become hoteliers in chains of repute and that is what gives us a lot of happiness and satisfaction” said Dr. Garima Parkash, dean, Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School, Sushant University, Gurgaon.”

It is time that we see gender as a spectrum instead of two sets of opposing ideals. There is definitely one thing in common between the above quote of Emma Watson and that of Nelson Mandela who says Gender equality is more than a goal in itself it is the pre-condition of meeting the challenge of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development and building good governance. Just like all human beings deserve respect, we must understand that without the strong support of women the society would develop a big void and will come to a complete standstill.

It was with this thought in mind that the Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School organised International Women’s day with the theme Break-The-Bias, wherein the students – mostly girl students, clad in the best of their attire, put up stalls of eateries and of their merchandise either created by themselves or procured by them from artisans. The stalls consisted of Indian street food, best of oriental delicacies, marvels of Indian cuisine, bakes and desserts, besides having stalls of ladies’ interest – jewelry, fashion accessories and photo shoots. All these stalls were the result of a direct endeavor of the students either in consultation with the renowned, celebrated chefs or out of their own ingenuity.

“Event of such high magnitude, wherein students have most excitedly worked out to ensure that they offer away-from-the usual gastronomic experience to their guests is worthy of appreciation. This event has also given them a practical lesson on entrepreneurship” said Ms. Garima Parkash, Dean, Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business School, Sushant University, Gurgaon. This event was evaluated by external resources – Ms Kanika Ghai, Principal of The Suraj School Gurgaon who visited with a colleague and from the Sun City Gurgaon Ms. Kalyani Voleti and Ms Sonia Khurana visited us as judges.

Students, who perhaps knew the pulse of the market and were aware of what goes the most as hot stuff, especially for the NCR Palate, chose to put up Street Foods of India like Chana-Kulcha, Aloo-Tikki Chaat, Paani Poori and Gulab Jamun. “We got this inspiration form out visit to old Delhi, where we saw how quickly this stuff goes and how much people relish it” says a busy student Shaurya, wo was too engrossed in taking orders and delivering his hot stuff. While Tanya and Aditya’s cupcakes, chocolates, truffle puddings, muffins, brownies, pastry slices, cake pops and cake jars gave a stiff competition to Kumkum’s profiteroles and eclairs, Gabriela Rose Thomas and Uroosa did the dry stuff – that of taking polaroid pictures of people who were enjoying the fare and were happy putting up on their faces various fancy cut-outs.

The fare did not end there…Ishika and Priyasha were the lucky ones – while they were in fashion accessories, their team next-door were into fashion jewellery, which more or less complemented what these young girls were doing.

“Here we are giving a stiff competition to boys” says Sanchi Arora with a big laughter – “This is the real proof of gender equality, or should I say – women gender superiority” says she proudly, while wrapping a Kathi Roll for some students.

Mr. Saif Anjum, an experienced faculty member in the food and beverage service who was the supplying the back-up support to the students was happy to see that students were getting the things together on their own and the operation was fine and smooth.

“We saw that while the students had prepared the main dishes themselves, they picked up from the market a few ready-made things like the Gol-Gappas, Kulcha etc., which was going in very well with they were offering on the menu” Said Chef Saurav Chhabra, associate professor of the school.

“Despite hundreds of students thronging the event, we could see that we maintained the area – which was right in front of the main block of the university, remained clean and hygienic. The kitchen stewarding support was also given by our students who were looking after the all the supplies, water and electricity” said Chef Sunil, programme coordinator of the 4-year’s BHM Course.

This was an event which, on this International Women’s Day was concerned about highlighting the gender equality, made sure that this theme was duly represented in all its hues and colours – said Ms. Chandana Paul and Ms. Anshu Rawal, who were the chief coordinators of the event.

Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business School celebrated MATRIBHASHA DIWAS to appreciate the linguistic diversity of our country on February 21, 2022 at Vatel Epicure from 02:00 pm- 04:00 pm. A poster making competition was conducted with the theme अनेकता में एकता in the Vatel Epicure.

Approximately 40 students participated in this competition. It was a wonderful show of innovative minds showcasing their talents and highlighting the unity in diversity of India. Students had prepared posters individually & in groups, learned teamwork, cooperation, unity etc. Dr. Indu Prabha (Centre of soft skill learning) & Ms Nandini (School of Design) graced the event with their presence and decided the winners. Attractive prizes were given to the winners.


1st position: Ms. Kumkum Magan

Runner up: Ms. Sulamite Rai

On 24th November 2021, Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business School had taken students of 1st semester of Bachelors and Masters programme for an experiential visit to cyber hub, Gurugram. This visit focuses on their first-hand experience on the different types of food and beverage outlets, their setup, services, operations, menu, manpower, etc. They might have visited earlier as a guest but an understanding of things through the eyes of entrepreneurs or service provider is different. This visit gave them exposure to the basics of the high-end restaurant, QSR, food court, microbreweries and many more. It also added new dimensions to their career perspectives as students. They enjoyed and learned a lot.

Hotel visits are essential for our Hotel Management students to understand today's multi-faceted Hospitality Industry and keep up with the pace of its expansion so a visit to Le Meridien Gurgaon was organised for the students of BHM 20-24 Batch.

The visit mainly intended for students to understand the concept, observe the hotel operations, types of food & beverage outlets and types of guest rooms. Mr. Nitesh FOM of Le Meridien showed all the public areas of the hotel and also answered all the queries of the students. Also Ms Akriti Bhargava the training manager motivated the students and enlighten the students with some knowledge industry experience.

Christmas, a wonderful and holy celebration that touches closely the heart of almost every human being on this planet, is a harbinger of bliss, joy and happiness. Almost everybody celebrates Christmas as it brings in a sense of purity in everybody’s heart and, with the onset of the new year, people feel transformed into totally new human beings.

This year on December 04, 2021 the students and academic resources of Vatel hotel and Tourism Business School Gurgaon celebrated, like they cheerfully do every year, the Christmas cake-mixing ritual. This ceremony usually takes place six to eight weeks before the Christmas day. The chefs and students enthusiastically assembled the measured and balanced quantities of ingredients - raisins, currants, candied fruits, brown sugar, breadcrumbs, citron, candied lemon peel mixed spices and brandy, all to be carefully blended into a mix which is to be preserved and left in a state of no disturbance for four to six weeks – allowing it to gently mature, intensify and for its colour to deepen over time… The new students who had joined just about three months ago, found the ceremony to be unique as they had never come across something as exceptional as this. “We never knew this cake-mixing would turn out to be such a formal ceremony, carried out in full style and ambience – I am really impressed” said one of the fresher students.

“All such ceremonies held in the past have been participated by the students along with the university’s leadership and resources from the 8 different schools, who are too eager to book their orders in advance and wait impatiently for these delicious puddings to be delivered to them by the Vatel Boulangerie” said Dr. Garima Parkash, dean, Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School. “This is our university, our institute, our students who work in own kitchens and the bakery. We are not looking it more as a learning activity and therefore use the best of ingredients, undertake a careful baking, decorate and present these cakes in the best of packaging – representing the true spirit of the festival” says Chef Amit Kumar who is an ace in Patisserie and Boulangerie.

A virtual alumni meet was organized on 15th September 2021. It was organized by students of the current batches where the alumnus shared their experiences and interacted with the students. Students participated with energy and enthusiasm in the virtual meet.

Experiential Visit to Rational R & D Centre

For more than 46 years it has been Rational’s mission to provide customers with the best tool for cooking. Starting out in 1973 with only 18 employees, Their success has been built on an unwavering commitment to a shared goal of continually creating value for our customers.

Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School , Sushant University students visited Rational R & D Test Centre in order to familiarize the students with upcoming innovative tools and technology in the field of culinary science. Technology led equipment churning every dish with a click of a button and precision is what rational is famous for. The session was conducted by Chef Rajesh (Application chef @ Rational) wherein he has demonstrated the functions and advancements in the combi oven and various techniques and modes of operation. The Cooking equipment can be operated from anywhere in the world using an app preloaded on a smartphone. Students of VHTBS assisted Chef Rajesh in all the preparations making this an experiential learning for them. The session lasted for 4 hours wherein students were taught the importance of temperature, moisture and use of appropriate tools to achieve the best possible results and at the same time learnt a few tricks of the trade in the process, which will help Culinary enthusiasts cook dishes at a much faster pace and with precision.

The brand uses intelligence the same way you’d use “skills” when you were talking about a person. The more intelligent something is, the more it can do. Self-Cooking Centres are equipped with sensors that continuously monitor the condition of the food so that it can track cooking progress.

It was a great learning experience for students

Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business School organizes Freshers Party “Pramabh 2021” at school level on 26th of October 2021 in the Vatel courtyard and the theme for the event was Ethnic Wear and there were three rounds of competitions for Mr. Fresher & Ms. Fresher. There were some performances also organized by senior batches for the new batch students.

The students participated in the event with full energy & enthusiasm. It was a great event which was organized & managed beautifully by the students.

Mr. Aditya & Ms. Kumkum was selected as the Mr. & Ms. Freshers 2021 at the school level.

The Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School is recognized not only for the high-quality education that it imparts in the domain of hospitality but also respects, to a great extent, its appreciation of the gastronomic events happening at the international level at different times of the year

Have you ever smelt the kitchen where breads are being baked and the sweet aroma wafts through the area??

World Bread Day - An international event celebrated every year on October 16 with an aim to savor and rejoice a staple called “Bread” in many countries, cultures and to honor communities across the globe to recognize the specialized work and toil of bakers engaged in the world of gastronomy & culinary science.

In order to commemorate the anniversary of the creation of FAO (Food & Agriculture Organisation of the USA) and to celebrate the Bakers’ contribution in the world of baking around the different continents of the globe, Vatel Hotel Tourism Business School celebrated World Bread Day on October 14, which was a research-based, student-led activity, executed under the able guidance of our expat chef trainers.

Vatel India Campus at the Sushant University Gurgaon believes in imparting experiential learning to the students and strives to impart skill-oriented hospitality education and to the hospitality leaders of tomorrow. The celebration of World Bread Day & International Chef Day are bold initiatives towards this direction.

This activity was an initiative to impart know-how, practical skills and managerial skills to the students of VHTBS which reflected in planning, organizing & Implementing the herculean task of creating 5 varieties of breads from 7 different countries, which was a major attraction and main highlight of the event. The spread of breads was accompanied with a wide range of Dips & Relishes. The event was graced & inaugurated by Dr. DNS Kumar Vice -Chancellor Sushant University and Chef Vanshika Bhatia, Chef owner – Petit Pie Shop & Saucy Spirits Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.

The Guest Chefs and the leadership team of Sushant University Appreciated Students for executing the Breads and its display with such Precision and finesses.

“This is an international event of repute – on this day the whole world in celebrating hundreds of types of breads prepared in the different regions and continents of the world. Our students conducted deep research on these breads, procured the ingredients from the different parts of the world, did a very meticulous job of producing these delicacies in bulk. The amount of learning that our students derived from this Bread Day is inestimable” said Dr. Garima Parkash, Dean, Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School.

Vatel Hotel Tourism Business School celebrates world tourism day in the true spirit and style

With the concept of green hotels and green buildings growing prominently in most parts of India and the world, the concept of three R’s - Reduce, Re-use and Recycle have become not only the obligations of hotels, the service sector and the allied industries at large, but also has assumed tremendous importance amongst citizens, creating thereby the awareness of this aspect, which becomes a mandatory moral duty of us all.

September 28th is celebrated internationally as the World Tourism Day and what better occasion could the dean, the faculty members and the students of the Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School could have found to re-inforce and to energize the efforts towards the environment, other than this very special day in the tourism sector?

A short programme in which the Vatel School invited Mr. Mahesh Dayma – Councillor, Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon as the chief guest, was organized at the Vatel Epicure which is a fine-dine training restaurant for the students of the hotel school. The inaugural address was delivered by Dr. D.N.S. Kumar, Vice Chancellor, Sushant University, in which he laid a lot of importance concerning the environment, the protection of flora and the fauna, the use of effluents and the correct treatment of waste, which is one of the most important obligations of the mankind towards the mother Earth.

Mr. Dayma, in his address elaborated upon the prominence of waste management and waste segregation, which he said ‘wasn’t any rocket science’, and yet presents itself as one of the most obligatory responsibilities of all citizens, which, in most of the cases was being neglected. Such wastes, if properly segregated right at the source can contribute meaningfully towards saving the environment and this activity does not turn out to be a complicated, neither an intricate everyday exercise, which should be an essential daily ritual. This address was followed by a small Nukkad Natak by the students of the school, wherein they enacted a scene showing a few habits of people in general, which, if corrected at the grass root level, can eventually lead to a great environmental metamorphosis.

All dignitaries and participants of the celebration then proceeded to the grounds of the university, where a Vermicomposting Pit, which treats wet and kitchen waste and transforms the same into manure was inaugurated by the hands of the Councillor Mr. Mehesh Dayma who expressed his happiness and congratulated the university officials about having taken this creativity and for having initiated a beginning. “This is the need of the hour, an awakening and an awareness, which must spread in the far corners of India and the whole world” Said Mr. Dayma.

The event was coordinated by Ms. Chandana Paul, Ms. Anshu Rawal and the students who worked over the concept well over eight weeks. “This is just a beginning…We are encouraged by the words of the honorable councellor and will put in the best of our efforts to contribute, whatever we can, towards saving the environment, on which good tourism depends entirely” Said Dr. Garima Parkash, Dean, Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School, Sushant University, Gurugram.

Keeping on the tradition of organising workshops and training programmes at the intra-college and at the inter-college level, the Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School, Sushant University (Erstwhile Ansal University) organised International Housekeeping Week between September 12 and 18, 2021.

The purpose of this week-long activity was to re-inforce the importance and the prominence of the Housekeeping department amongst the students and within the Sushant University housekeeping workforce. Several competitions & workshops were initiated during the Housekeeping Week and the participants from various colleges enthusiastically took part in activities, contributing thereby their own talents, going out of the way to exhibit their talent and, eventually, making this event a great success.

Each year, the Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School takes time to honour its year-round heroes of Housekeeping and makes them understand the amount of appreciation in store for them. The VHTBS, has taken initiative to globally spread the importance of housekeeping during the week-long celebration for students and for those associated with the function of housekeeping.

All building operations such as hotels, restaurants, casinos, cinemas, airports have long-hour operations and can function to their utmost efficiency by virtue of the efforts of the personnel engaged in housekeeping. If the housekeepers do not exist or do not discharge their functions diligently, infections, contaminations and viruses would spread and the overall functioning and the productivity would decline. However, because of the grittiness of the job, the lack of remuneration, and the lack of glamour attached to it, housekeeping is a function that hasn’t been given the positioning, the reputation and the status that is so rightfully deserves.

A brief of the activities held during the week were as follows:

1. Extempore Competition on theme current trends in Housekeeping

2. Poster making Competition on theme cleanliness theatre

3. Essay competition on theme Swach bharat abhiyan “success or gimmick&rdquo

4. Housekeeping skill upgradation workshop for SU housekeeping staff

The HK Week was coordinated by Ms Chandana Paul& Ms Anshu Rawal, Assistant Professor, Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business school, who looks after the subject of housekeeping operations at the VHTBS. “Such activities, besides promoting a sense of belonging, effectiveness and pride amongst the young students also brings about a sense of camaraderie and networking amongst the students of different schools and they, besides drawing upon each other’s strengths, can also exchange notes about the latest innovations in the vast field that housekeeping today is” Said Dr. Garima Parkash, Dean, Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business school, Sushant University, Gurgaon.

On Saturday, August 7, 2021, the Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business School invited student counsellors from the various schools in the NCR in order to give them a basic introduction to the world of hospitality education and to elaborate upon the various career options and the scope of further studies existing at the Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School. In the welcome address Dr. Garima Parkash, Dean, Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School spoke about the role of a guide and a mentor that the school counsellors are obliged to perform and, in whom, the students usually repose a lot of confidence. Registrar of the University Dr. Sanjeev Sharma, who, in his earlier portfolio was spearheading the university’s School outreach Programme, in his speech said, “The counsellors must possess a detailed information about the different avenues existing for their professional development and that they must keep them advised about the latest changes therein.”

Mr. Laurent Guiraud then gave a brief presentation about the Vatel Programmes and spoke about the infrastructure of the university and about the various facilities oriented towards academics, sports, extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. This was followed by the brief address by Dr. D.N.S. Kumar, Vice Chancellor of the Sushant University who said that the schools and institutions of higher education have the same goals in mind; that of ensuring the success of each and every student and helping them achieve their aspirations. They must therefore work hand-in-hand to ensure a cohesive working environment and must develop a good academic relationship.

Ms. Virmani of Pathways School who was impressed by the way the get-together was arranged, addressed all the other teachers by saying, “I am happy to see that the Sushant University is taking these steps to apprise us of the latest courses available for our students who are always very inquisitive. This will surely give them a lot of guidance”

Ms. Monika Chowdhary from the Venkateshwara School said “A lot of energy and a lot of enthusiasm! Practical and rational! Awesome presentation, giving an overview of the entire course and curriculum, and an insight about how the students would be guided and supported throughout their journey of learning at the University and beyond.” This was a mix of gathering of counsellors and principals belonging to the St. Angels’ School Gurugram, Manav Rachna International School Gurgaon, Suncity School Gurgaon, The Pathways School, Gurgaon, The Venkateshwara School, Gurgaon, DAV Public School Faridabad, Sector 14, and the DAV Public School, Sector 49, Faridabad.

The students of Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School had prepared a non-alcoholic refreshing drink by the name of Blue Lagoon – containing lemon juice, fresh lime, mint, Blue Curaҁao, blended with Sprite. In the starters were presented appetizers like Tomato and Olive Bruschetta, Chicken and Cherry Tomato Bruschetta, and the main course contained Spaghetti, Lasagna, Chicken Meatballs, Oven-roasted florets and Pizza Primavera. The dessert comprised of Tiramisu Pastry, a coffee-flavoured Italian dessert made from mascarpone cheese and ladyfingers. Not only this, the invitees were given to carry with them freshly baked Focaccia bread as a token of appreciation from the students of Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School.

In her parting speech, Dr. Garima Parkash, in view of the success of the meet, said, “This event was a great initiative, both on the part of the schools and our university and, from what I can see, we all learnt a lot from each other. We will make sure that we organise such meets at regular intervals as we see that this is what will bring us closer to each other and will create a sense of bonding and fraternity amongst us all”

Hotel industry is demanding but very rewarding

Students take a lot of delight in having to listen to a personality talk about great, useful aspects of professional life and advancement, especially if it is being delivered by an external resource. It is keeping this in mind that the Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School invited Mrs. Sheetal Bale the HR anager at the Leela Goa, a world renowned, Conde Naste property to give to the students an insight about the dynamism and the rewarding future in the world of hospitality.

In her opening address she said that once when you choose to make a career in hotels, you choose to join a “Show Business” and you must do that with “open eyes” and be happily prepared to be on the shop floor right from the first day. Being the HR head, she said that the first quality she usually looks for in a candidate is his/her ability to communicate in English, which, by virtue of the global nature of the industry, is an essential must-have. However, elaborating further upon the subject, she said that communication is a very fine, micro skill and it does not limit itself to mere fluency in English. In hotels one communicates all the time and there are many exchanges in conversation that take place without saying a single word…

Further on, she said we must understand that a hotels do not have clients or customers, they have “guests” and just like enthusiastically looking after our own personal guests at home, we must try and do in the hotel everything that’s possible to take care of their needs and to make them happy before they come in, during their stay and even after they go away. ATITHI DEVO BHAV, which means treating the guest like God, is a slogan that all the people in the hospitality trade must keep closest to their hearts. Each time you serve a guest, you get to learn something new about them and the deeper the information you gain about them, the happier will they eventually be.

A challenge that the students usually get to face during their internships in hotels is the long working hours. This is something that everybody in the hospitality sector has to come to terms with, be in hotels, travel trade, airlines, cruise lines, catering, restaurants, conferences, conventions and even retail. “The sooner they realize that even the vice presidents of hotels have also had to, at some point in time, sportingly accept such long working hours, they will understand the importance, the reason and the purpose thereof. “There is a lot that the students get to learn and to take away in every single day of work as the function of no two days in hotels is never ever similar in this trade” says Mrs Bale.

Every human being possesses some talent and a very special passion. One must try to hone that talent, especially if the flair is towards serving people and working towards bringing in a smile of their face. The hotel industry is extremely dynamic and has withstood all sorts of challenges and hardships. “Covid or no Covid – we are here to stay”

Taking a question about the students being dejected about not being able to join a hotel as a management trainee, (which, in reality happens to be the dream of all students) she said that no matter where you begin from, it is your sincerity, hard work and honesty which will ensure your success at every step. A hardworking person, even if he/she joins a career just at the entry-level, will definitely get to the manager’s position within 8 to 10 years, after which, thereafter, there is no looking back.

Pepping up the students further she said, “Life of people working in hotels might though be tough, but they also get to enjoy several perks and advantages, which are a matter of envy for the people of many other trades, businesses and disciplines.”

Showing to the students a short movie, a walk-through of The vast, sprawling 75-acre property of The Leela Goa, she said, “We have changed and upgraded many HR policies and the happiness level of our staff and management has tremendously risen. Away from a work-work-work situation, they are given to spend quality time in the recreation rooms, learn new ways in the training rooms and enjoy social gatherings.” The webinar consummated by the dean Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School, Dr. Garima Parkash presenting a detailed analysis of the modalities and the progress of the various courses, i.e., Hotel Management, Culinary Arts and the MBA. She also gave a vote of thanks for the special efforts put in by Mrs. Bale.

The students of Second semester who are currently studying the subject tiled Management that talks about that relationship between accountancy and hotels got a chance to interact with Mr. Prem Prakash who is an entrepreneur and a hospitality consultant. He talked about the Cost Benefit Analysis for Hospitality Start-ups. The session was able to answer that one question which always eluded their minds that why should one study accountancy even though they are studying Hospitality Management? In addition, Mr. Prem talked about the intricacies of the financial side one has to think about while starting their own business with a focus on needed investment and operational cost.

It was an honour and a privilege indeed for the sixth semester students of BHM program of Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School, Sushant University to have an opportunity to interact with Chef Dr. Prem Ram, Joint Secretary- Indian Culinary Forum on the topics Development of New Recipes and Importance of Food Trials. Chef made such difficult topics really simple for the students to understand. He went to the basics of each point and the students reciprocated by providing their inputs in the form of comments and questions which Chef Prem was more than happy to clarify. Students also asked about the importance of the same in their career ahead as a chef and Chef Prem was more than happy to elaborate upon that part also.

On the 12th of May, Vatel India conducted a virtual culinary demonstration by Chef Saatvika Handa, which was organized & coordinated by Chef Saurav Chhabra. The session was conducted in such a smooth and elegant manner, that despite not being in the kitchen due to the pandemic, no inadequacy was felt. The chef very beautifully went through the different techniques used in making of pasta and explained why each one was significant. The Preparation of the Semolina Dough as well as Shaping and Storage were the topics discussed through the course of the program. Chef also elaborated on why multiple shapes of pasta are found and how these different shapes affect the dish. She demonstrated multiple shapes during the course of the program, some of which included Cavatelli, Pici and Orecchiette, among others and also explained of any variations or changes in the recipe one would possibly face if working under different climatic conditions, and how to tackle each of these. The chef also explained how the influence of the culture and agricultural patterns of a place on the variety of food that is produced in that region and how it is vital to be aware of these roots in order to produce and recreate dishes

Pre-Requisites for starting up a Culinary Venture by Chef Naina

The lecture was about pre requisites for starting up a culinary venture. Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business school at Sushant University encourages entrepreneurship qualities in students.

The session started with brand introduction. There were discussions and deliberations on many key points such as :- how to open up your entrepreneurial venture? Setting up the business and growing it even in this pandemic situation. She shared her knowledge with the students as on what steps to follow while starting a business, from planning the menu to popular items in the business. She has also shared the knowledge about infrastructure and equipment needed and basic machinery required for bakery start-up. How and from where to source raw materials, vendors for equipment and supplies in order to ensure the kitchen is functioning smoothly. How we can find and recruit the man power needed and their training. The biggest factor for running the business is sales and marketing so the same was also discussed in the session as on how to market your products with the help of different platforms.

At the end There was a Q & A Session to solve any queries or concerns of the students. Overall it was a wonderful session with presentation and visuals.

The Post-Graduate Diploma in Culinary Arts, known popularly as PGDCA, does not limit itself barely to training its students in the best ways to prepare delicacies but grooms them to emerge as the overall masters of the kitchens, with a strong grip over all the processes, right from the point of the procurement of raw materials, their hygienic storage, the final preparation – to the stage when a dish is ready to be put on the guest’s table. The PGDCA study therefore deals with the finer aspects of what the personnel at the cooking range might not be able to see – e.g., training and development of staff, keeping the team’s morale high, menu planning, innovative presentation, food cost control, introduction of modern trends in cooking, obtaining competitive information and handling the supply-chain management

Here it is worthwhile for us to specify that the French word ‘Chef’ does not mean a cook. It means The Chief and in France the heads of governments, the generals, admirals, air marshals and the CEO’s of companies are called Chefs, who are the at the helm of affairs. In French, the term used for a cook is, in fact, Commis. Easy, though it may seem, the process of selecting the correct ingredients, being aware of their seasonality, the geographical location of the establishment, the government regulations, the religious sentiments of the guests, the nutritional aspects of the dish, its shelf life, the choice of vendors and the means of transportation are indeed intricate and complex matters, a thorough study and mastery of which is what makes a talented, skillful, dexterous and, indeed, an accomplished Chef de Cuisine.

Such specialized culinary programmes get wings when they are run by renowned institutions, especially the ones which are backed by internationally ranked and highly recognized institutions like Institut Vatel of France. Adding further to its credibility, the Sushant University has forged an agreement to run this culinary programme in collaboration with the Roseate Hotels, which is a collection of Uber luxury hotels consisting of 6 niche properties across India and in the U.K with several new projects on the anvil. This PGDCA programme has several bonuses; it is operated by the Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School, in the state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories and the kitchens of the Sushant University, in collaboration with a celebrated hotel chain and backed by what the French are world famous for – the art of gastronomy. This leaves no scope for anybody to imagine anything better.

Any process of learning, wherein a student is given to do things with own hands, is allowed to make mistakes, is encouraged to ask the why and how of the various methods and processes, proves to be the best and the most practical way to delve deep into the subjects and imbibe from their very roots, the various practices and progressions, especially when the field of study is the vast world of gastronomy.

With a view to launch the PGDCA, the Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School organized a Webinar on Thursday, May 13, 2021, wherein Ms. Priyanka Tandon, the learning and development manager, Chef Rajesh Sharma and Mr. Kush Kapoor, the CEO of Roseate hotels participated to elaborate further upon the dynamics of this well-curated programme and to make the prospective students come to terms with the fact that enormous scope lies in this field not only with regard to getting a suitable employment, but also to acquire confidence, the poise and the acumen to run own enterprises and businesses.

What added a big feather into the cap was an open declaration by Mr. Kush Kapoor enumerating upon the robust diversification programme of the Roseate Hotels, thereby beginning to create its footprint in the various continents of the world. “A Chef is an experience creator. The Vatel School will have done more than half of our job of training and grooming the students as future chefs, fitting these students into the various job roles emerging at various Roseate locations around the globe will not be any problem for us at all” said Mr. Kush Kapoor.

Dr. Garima Parkash, dean, Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School thanked the participants and the attendees for sparing their precious time and reiterated the fact that this programme, wherein one will get the opportunity to learn in the University’s classrooms and experience the same at the well-structured and synchronized training programme within just two semesters is indeed an incomparable programme for all those who wish to make a fulfilling career in the dynamic and every-changing world of hospitality.

Chef Rajesh Sharma of Roseate hotels demonstrated from his well-equipped kitchen, a live cooking process of making Quinoa salad, thereby exhibiting his dexterity, skill and his agility about the simple and yet a delicate process…

Going as per what the students of the modern era desire, these are the times of express service – preferably that which is delivered readily on a platter. Majority of the new age students desire to have everything done with and wrapped up in an instant and aspire to live happily ever after. They may though succeed in ‘achieving’ what they or what their parents have looked forward to, these students would, should they invest some more time in further pursuing their studies and in changing their thought process, function, be able to meet much larger goals and get those coveted positions or emerge as successful entrepreneurs. The will to practice patience, endurance and persistence and looking beyond just getting employed or that of securing a job position is the need of the hour. In order to reinforce this thought and to guide the youngsters of the contemporary times into continuing the tempo of learning and pursuing their studies beyond a simple graduation was the purpose of the webinar conducted by the Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business school (VHTBS), in which well known, industry leaders and celebrated professionals like Mr. Sunil Mathur, a veteran hotelier and a leader with the Oberoi, ITC and Dusit hotels, Ms Anshul Verma, training manager of The Crowne Plaza and Mr. Aarsh Shukla of BSL (engaged in sending manpower to the Europearn and Middle-Eastern countries) participated.

Chef Sunil Arora, programme director of the VHTBS who moderated the webinar, opened the meet by saying, “Getting employed after graduation is a routine activity –more or less everybody succeeds in getting a job and accepts an opening irrespective of whether it fulfills the real desires and the deep rooted ambitions of the incumbent. However, the study of MBA opens the horizons and gets you closer to the critical and the analytical thinking, understanding the application of the financial and HR concepts and makes you a complete manager, ready to take on the reigns of global organisations”

Mr. Sunil Mathur was very eloquent about the subject and insisted that the students must first understand as to why they must continue their studies and emerge finally as far more successful leaders of organisations. “MBA is a blend of knowledge, skills and attitude and is a sure passport to success. One must learn to think way ahead of times and try to pre-empt business opportunities – that is what makes successful GMs, Vice Presidents and CEOs. MBA is what catapults you, therefore bringing you right in the forefront” Ms Anshul Verma who heads the training department of a large hotel and an upcoming chain too endorsed the thought of MBA studies said that the real business acumen, the insight and the quality of being able to take on-the-spot decisions and leading the organisations in the times of crises was the inherent quality of leaders and most of which is learnt during the MBA Classes.

Mr. Mathur further reiterated that the superior thinking which takes you away from the day-to-day systems and invites you to ponder about the business systems on a macro level not only helps one in performing exemplarily well as an operator in an organisation but also sets into the brain a procedure of thinking that most of the successful entrepreneurs and businessmen are so much used to. “Technology is not the only thing to depend upon. It is definitely a big help and proves to be of a great assistance in everyday functions, but it cannot perform the function of thinking for which only the human skills are equipped to play the most important role. The long-term fundamentals can be only though of and elaborated upon by the human brain” said Mr. Aarsh Shukla.

The subject of Covid having engulfed most of the businesses amongst which travel and tourism was the most volatile, was but due to emerge and to present itself as a topic of hot discussion to which Mr. Sunil Mathur said, “Travel is a basic necessity, it is bound to get revived and there are no two ways about it. Being optimistic, we all can look forward to happy days”

Dr. (Prof) Garima Parkash, in her vote of thanks expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the resources and said, “We at the Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School have always been of the opinion that the most dependent and a reliant quality in a manager is to possess the excellence and the superiority of thinking and indeed the foresight which is far beyond ensuring the success of the routine procedures, the value and the eminence which is so abundantly seen in the industry leaders of the modern times.”

Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business School organised Guest lecture series for the current students to give them insight on the latest happenings in the industry.

On 29th April in continuance with the series Ms Anshu Kapoor, Assistant Professor SGT university conducted a lecture on Professional ethics in Hospitality industry for the third year students as they will be hitting the specialised internship in coming months. Ms Anshu discussed the importance of ethics in our industry. The students participated & interacted with full energy and also discussed few Situations related to ethics.

Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business School organised Guest lecture series for the current students to give them insight on the latest happenings in the industry.

On 30th April in continuance with the series Ms Shikha Janardhan, Senior faculty Food Production, IIHM Hyderabad conducted a lecture on Fundamentals of Kitchen layout & Design for the Second year students to famalarize them with the concept of facility planning of commercial kitchen. Ms Shikha enlighted the students with different types of kitchen layout & the factors considered for designing a smart kitchen with all modern facilities. The students participated & interacted with full energy and also discussed if in future they are planning to open their own kitchen & bakery what they need to consider & how to go forward with it.

Do a Fifty-Fifty or phone a friend,

We’ll Lock it for you.

21 school teams from the different parts of India and the Middle-East participated enthusiastically in this unique event called EUPHORIA 2021, which was held at the quarter-final, Semi-final and the Final levels. The quiz was conducted by the in-house resources of the Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School, who, though having to deal with an event as unique as this one for the first time ever, did an excellent job and came our winning with flying colours.

The sense of excitement, enthusiasm and exhilaration was, as expected, created in abundance amongst the participants and Euphoria stood out as an event which had stimulating and thought-provoking activities as follows:

RAPID FIRE – As suggested quite much by the name itself, a set of 10 questions were literally fired non-stop at the team, allowing them, however, the choice to either answer instantly or request for the next question by saying Pass. The award of points was as per the questions correctly answered during the ‘firing session’ which had a specific time limit.

DOUBLE TROUBLE – This was the true test of the young and adolescent students wherein, though a correct answer awarded a team ten points, a wrong one took away twenty...!! This is where the confidence of ‘not being wrong’ and the risk-taking ability of the students came into play.

BACK-OF-THE-MIND AWARENESS - Many a times a few images, slogans, tag lines, advertisements, or faces of personalities that one may have seen on the TV, in a newspaper or in a book might have created some impression or shaped an image at the back of the mind. The test of how instantly could one recall these things was the motive of this test.

SPELL IT WRITE/WRIGHT/RITE/RIGHT…? One of the foremost, nay, a compulsive obligation of a student is to be able to spell the words correctly. Chef Sunil who was the animator of this part of the quiz called it Spell bee and made sure he pronounced the words with full clarity before asking the students to spell them and, surely enough, the bright ones did win points in this contest.

OH MY GOD…I’VE HEARD IT SOMEWHERE...! - Many a times a jingle, a typical sound, the tune of some slogan or that of a commercial might linger in your mind and, rather than it getting completely faded away, it just might claim some space and get stored in your mind somewhere. This is where the student teams were asked to identify some sounds and the expressions - Oh my God…I’ve heard it somewhere came up…

Dr. Garima Parkash, dean, Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School who conceptualized this unprecedented and an extraordinary event said, “Despite the end-term exams being round the corner I am overwhelmed by the enthusiastic support that the schools have given to us for this event and am glad to see the passion and the fervor with which the students have participated in it. I wish them success in their exams and I do sincerely hope we would be able to keep our association with them in future. Looking at the success of Euphoria 2021, We are stimulated and are eager to bring forth many such events.”

The winning team of DAV Jamshedpur won a Samsung Galaxy Tab for each of the participants and the two students of the runner-up team from the Dayanand Dinanath Education Trust won an ALEXA each.

Action on part of the back-of-the-scene team, which called up schools for their participation, obtained confirmations, gathered the teams together, formulated a wide range of textual, audio and visual questions, made schedules for the different levels of the quiz, computed and compiled marks are a few of the integral actions which cannot be overlooked.

It is a truth, universally acknowledged that we rarely get to realize the depth that this statement with a pink background carries. Times have changed a lot and the Woman Power (quite much the way in which we measure HP) is now the true driving force behind all that matters and in every field. The saying that behind every successful man there is a woman cannot be distorted and coined as Behind Every Successful Woman There Is A Man. The roles just cannot be inter-changed. Behind every successful woman, is, actually, another woman.

Why is there a need for us to highlight this fact time and again? What is it that is making the International Woman’s Day more of a meaningful celebration rather than it being just a day to remember? One has to realize that the ladies of the present day are becoming more and more self-reliant, independent, free, self-governing and very powerful.

The Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School, the only school of Vatel France, exclusively with the Sushant University (Erstwhile Ansal University) in the Indian Sub-Continent celebrated the Woman’s Day with full pomp and show. The students did an audio-visual presentation, enumerating the achievements and accolades that the ladies of the past and the present day have been conferred upon. This may be called as a futile attempt, as many more would have been added by the time this list could finish. Monday, March 8, 2021 was dedicated forwards reveling about the woman power getting even stronger over the last two decades which has not only acquired a strong position for itself but also has taken deep roots into almost all walks of life and is ready to take the world on at all angles.

With the majority of deans of the university being ladies, the manifestation of the fact indeed became very evident and apt for the occasion. Students created decorations and illustrations in the areas of celebrations and, of course, indulged in a bit of partying and, indeed in a few jam sessions. Chef Sunil of the Vatel School baked a cake in a large W shape, which, of course, had many shades of pink, studded with fresh strawberries.

“Over the years the, care, concern and respect for ladies has grown several times across the globe and we now see a great change in India as well, though, we all need to get together and do a lot in terms of highlighting this feminine superiority amongst our villages and in the rural areas of our great Motherland” Said Dr. Garima Parkash, dean, Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School.

Marking all devoutness and piety towards Saraswati, the Goddess of learning and knowledge, the Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School India, in its first-ever venture, celebrated Vasant Panchami wherein the vice chancellor, the registrar, deans of all schools of Sushant University, the heads of various departments and the office-holders were invited for lunch prepared and served by its students under the supervision of the faculty members.

The yellow color theme, in conformity with the color adorned by the Goddess was the theme which was used not only in decorating the venue, but also was the combination that the dean of the school, the members of the academic team and the students of the Vatel School wore. Yellow and orange marigold flowers, earthen pots with yellow flowers, orange and red Rangoli at the entrance of the school, yellow table cloths with red, yellow, orange flower combinations were put up and even the menus were printed on nothing else but on yellow card boards.

Students of the Vatel school welcomed the invitees who entered the Epicure restaurant (the venue) after paying their reverences to the Goddess whose image was kept right at the entrance, listened to Saraswati Vandana and received the Prasaad. They were then ushered into the restaurant where a menu comprising of the traditional vegetarian dishes like Aloo Pyaz Bhaja, Paneer do Pyaza, Aloo Rassa, Moong Dal Khichdi, Poori and Rewa Kesari (milk-based dessert) was served in pre-plated thalis (round copper plates).

“I admire the thought that has gone into putting together an event which has a tremendous importance and significance to us as teachers and as educators. Though this was a small event, I was impressed by the micro details which were taken care of and the dexterity with which the event was organized. The food was indeed delicious and delightful” said the vice chancellor of the University, Dr. DNS Kumar.

The Vatel team who partook of the meal only after the invitees had been served, rejoiced at having put up yet another successful event, which was the first of its kind and also happened to be the first one organized after a gap of almost 12 months.

Prof. Dr. Garima Parkash, dean of Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School lauded the efforts of the team and that of the students by saying, “This event is the harbinger of the beginning of the festive season and encourages us to bestow upon our students many such opportunities for which they would always be super-excited and, out of which, they would derive a lot of learning”

Vatel School organised a guest lecture on the Importance & Functions of Room division department in hotels. Mr Abhishek Chaudhary of Radisson group of hotels conducted the lecture wherein he explained students about different operational aspects of Room division in hotels, He also told students about his professional experience in Radisson. He also mentioned what they need to do when they go for their Internships in coming semesters.

The students participated in the lecture with great enthusiasm & asked many questions related to the industry.

In the same way in which many trainers feel the need for more training at the advanced levels, the teachers wish to be exposed to further learnings and the instructors desire to be instructed about the latest happenings in the world, a one-of-a-kind session was held at the Sushant university wherein the need for the School counsellors to be counselled about the latest inputs about What After School was felt and valuable information, therefore, about the various possibilities of careers, professions and progressions to suit the aspirations of various schoolkids was divulged to the counsellors through an online, audio-visual presentations and personal lectures.

For a young and adolescent school student, the advice given by the teacher or by his/her school’s counsellor is considered to be the gospel truth, who, in the eyes of every student, are considered to be sources of ultimate, unparalleled knowledge.

An overview of the different programmes offered by the Sushant University, which are oriented towards fulfilling the needs of the students whose ambition is to become architects, designers, lawyers, IT experts and hoteliers or the ones who wish to start their own enterprises was given by Mr. Amit Phull, the chief marketing manager of the Sushant University, whose in-depth presentation was followed by a detailed synopsis of the campus life, its facilities, the hostel mess and recreation facilities by Mr. Laurent Guiraud, who, besides being the director of the Vatel Hotel Management programme in India, also holds the portfolio of assuming the responsibilities of director of Campus Life, Sushant University, Gurgaon.

Dr. Garima Parkash, dean of the Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School elaborated upon the unprecedented growth that the tourism sector has shown the world over, the number of foreign hotel chains having been established in India and the host of opportunities that hospitality now offers to young students in the field of gastronomy, food and beverage, facility planning and management. She also spoke about the lucrative careers that the Vatel India students have been able to secure in the Middle-East, South-East Asia and in the USA. “In my mind, the best gift that any school or an institute can ever think of giving to its students is to make them understand the purpose of their studies and to have them fall in love with the domain chosen by them” says Prof (Dr.) Garima Parkash.

The Counsellors’ meet wasn’t limited to mere lecturing and presenting by the various office-holders of the University, a few students of hotel management were also invited to give their first-hand, personal views about how they felt being students of the Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School, what is in store for them in future and how they were being shaped to meet the very goals and the objectives with which they sought admission into a world-reclaimed institute like the Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School. They also prepared a very interesting video collage, depicting the various hues and shades of hospitality learning and the fun and joy attached to it.

“I extend my heartfelt thanks to the Sushant University for inviting us to this online session, telling us about the various opportunities existing in the different fields and domains for our students, who are rather choosy and particular about what they need to do in life. I must say that I have gathered some very useful information which, I am sure, would be of immense interest to my students” said one of the counsellors attending the meet.

Another counsellor observed that the programmes offered by the Vatel school also happened to map conveniently with the Home Science and the Skill Promotion classes that they already conduct at the school level and would be very helpful for the students in the process of their seamless transition from the school level to that of the university.

This unique meet was the result of the special initiative taken by the Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School, which was moderated by Chef Saurav Chhabra who conceived the idea and coordinated the invitations and the participation by the various counsellors.

Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business School Celebrated International Chefs Day on 20th October 2020 on online platform. A panel discussion was organized on the topic Upcoming Trends of Entrepreneurship Amongst Hospitality Graduates. The panellists for the evening included Chef Gregory Lobo (Patron, Fred’s Fine Food), Chef Varun Bajaj (CEO, ICSS), Chef Bhanu SIngharia (Owner & GM, Studio Kitchen) & Chef Himanshu Puri (Entrepreneur and former Executive Chef-American Embassy).

With the changing time and the evolving thinking of the young professional, the career options being taken up has also been changing. Entrepreneurship which once used to be a career prospect in the late 30s or early 40s, is now an option that a young professional looks forward to. The main question that was on each attendee’s mind was ‘the right age’ for becoming an entrepreneur. The answers received from each of the panellist members were quite similar being that a person should always gain some experience before entering the line.

Another important thing discussed was to have the right knowledge. Only interest might not work every time so one must ensure that they keep building up their knowledge through experience and studies. Chefs also highlighted that it’s always good to try out investing smaller amounts, gain the knowledge and some experience and then go big. No matter how lucrative the field might look, a person without the right knowledge and experience might not achieve success.

A motivational thought that was left behind by the panellists was that each one needs to ensure that they keep their basics very clear and always remember that the studies that they are doing right now will become the base for their career growth in the future.

The First year students of Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School got an exciting opportunity to interact with Ms.Sanjana Bhalla, Assistant Training Manager, Crowne Plaza, Gurugram on the topic of the various Food & Beverage Areas in the Crowne Plaza Property. She started off by talking about what is expected out of a F&B Professional with a focus on communication skills and body language. She mentioned this repeatedly that a person looking forward to succeeding in the field of F&B should not only have the skills of service but should also be comfortable in conversing with the guest and should be able to handle any type of situation arising in front of him/her.

Sher talked about the various F&B outlets located in the hotel including their coffee shop, Japanese Themes Restaurant, Pool side setup, Bar etc. All this sounded really exciting to the student as even though they physically cannot visit the property during these testing times, they were able to gain needed knowledge. She also focused a lot on the in-room dining facilities which has seen a major growth due to the effect of the Covid.

Ms.Sanjana as well as the students are looking forward to the good times in the near future when the students shall be able to visit the hotel in-person.

On 17th October 2020, Vatel Hotel Tourism and Business School had a privilege of having the company of Mr. Arvind Pahwa, Head of Sales & marketing (Domestic and International) Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram. Mr. Arvind talked about the career options available to a hospitality graduate in the field of healthcare. He highlighted an important fact that the sector has evolved over the time and it is not just about the physical treatment that a patient is looking for.

The term patient has now been replaced by the term guest as the hospitals of today are at par with the hotels & are able to provide all the types of services that are available in the hotels. The students are now being encouraged to explore the field of healthcare & with the growing need of hospitality graduates in this sector, one is bound to secure a smart profile.

With the availability of job prospects in all major fields i.e. Food Production, F&B Service, Front Office/Guest Interaction & Housekeeping, the career opportunities will only keep growing over the time. He also mentioned that certain hospitals even offer internship opportunities to the students so that they may experience the field during their graduation period and can polish themselves to achieve a better career growth in the times ahead.

Keeping the tradition of exposing the students to the latest happenings and having them listen to the best of discourses and demonstrations delivered by the renowned experts of the industry, the Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School invited Chef Anand Panwar a highly dedicated and impassioned Chef Boulanger who is in deep love with his profession.

Having trained under Chef of eminence Lucas Custeau and having worked at the Grand Hyatt, Marriott, Sheraton, Clarion and in the pre-opening chef for Lodi Hotel and the Dusit Devrana as corporate chef, Anand has a deep-rooted experience in the trade. “Bakery (Boulangerie in French) is an absolute science as it goes as per the formulae and has to strictly go as per the recipe which, if not followed accurately, can spoil the end product. The method, the proportions and the time are so scientifically and precisely defined that even a small aberration can destroy hours of work and toil.” Says the chef with a smile.

The Chef, while demonstrating the live baking of a sour dough in front of the students, spoke about the technicalities involved concerning the quantity of water, heat, moisture and the number of hours that it needs to be treated. “This is a typically Afghani or a Pakistani style of bread in which they put ‘KHAMEER’ to enhance a particular taste, which is good for health and digestion.

“A lot of food and culture habits have been given by India. The tradition of intermittent fasting was introduced by the ancient India in which, people used to not eat between sunset and sunrise.” Says he with full confidence. “Hardest Things are the easiest to make. The delicacy of Sour dough does not take too may ingredients, it just takes time and care, just like your authentic Dal Makhani which may take 72 hours to prepare, but takes hardly three ingredients” Says he with a grin…

Students of hospitality management must, on one hand, learn in their classrooms and in their laboratories the technical and theoretical aspects connected with hospitality and should, on the other, appreciate tourism as a global phenomenon which touches everybody’s heart. They should be aware of the obligation that they have towards this as an industry as an important and a significant sector for the world economy.

The 27th day of September is celebrated worldwide as ‘Tourism Day’ and all efforts are made to propagate and to bring to the notice of the common man, the importance that tourism rightfully deserves. It teaches us to be welcoming, warm hearted, hospitable and caring not only towards tourists but also towards each other as human beings. It also teaches us to be clean, neat and tidy and to have a dedicated responsibility towards the environment.

The Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School organized a poster-making competition, the theme of which was RURAL DEVELOPMENT. “We thought of this being as the theme of the Tourism Day this time as we know that tourists enjoy and adore nature in the rural India and have a wonderful time connecting with countryside and interacting with natives of the villages.” says Chandana Paul, faculty in-charge of the competition.

Absolutely new, unexposed and fresh though may the students of the first semester at the Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School be, they are in no way short of the excitement, eagerness and they all host great enthusiasm which is so much sought after in the successful hoteliers of modern times.

There is a bit of hotelier in everybody – making the house look spic-and-span, extending a warm welcome and looking after the guests and bidding them farewell so that they look forward to visiting you again is what the hospitality trade is all about. Everybody does it in the best ways and means possible and the professional tinge given to such an activity is what hotel management is all about.

In order to prove the fact that there’s a bit of housekeeper in everyone, the students were asked to, in whatever resources available to them, create a one-minute video within their own house in which they were shown tidying up their bedroom, making their wardrobes and books look neat and orderly and to dust the shelves and all visible equipment and furniture. All this was done by the students with great enthusiasm and with a smile on their face, thereby exhibiting delight to learn and to do better and better.

The video clips of the students were collated together and transformed into a master video which is now destined to be put up on the university website.

“We are really liking doing these things, they are such an eye-opener – there is so much of fun in doing all this, and now we can really make our guests feel welcome in an almost professional environment” said one of the students with a total smile on her face.

Ms Chandana Paul, who looks after housekeeping said – “This was an experiment from our side and it really worked well. This encourages us to give to these students more and more of such exciting, little projects”

The Federation of Hotels and Restaurants Association of India publishes a monthly magazine which touches upon the latest happenings in the tourism trade, up-to-date tourism policies, new appointments and articles by people in the hospitality trade. In the wake of the recent developments due to pandemic, wherein the industry was deeply affected, Mr. Kulmohan Singh was invited by the magazine to prepare an article of the way in which the Hotel Management institutes were conducting their classes, maintaining academic rigour and yet making sure that the students sustained their interest in studies.

Vatel conducts a session by the man who served the Titanic Lady

Ajit Balgi, an experienced veteran, an old hand in the world of wines, a renowned Indian sommelier says that given the fact that India is still a virgin country with regard to the understanding of wines and their consumption, the scope of sommeliers in this highly populous country, which is gradually coming to terms with the wonders of wine, can indeed be very rewarding. “Though having accomplished my dream of becoming a sommelier, I still feel I am still growing in my career as this pursuit is endless.” Says Balgi.

Sommeliers boast not only of their “highly paid job” status, but also enjoy the privilege of travelling the world over, especially in countries where wine is appreciated and relished by almost everybody.

To the students seeking a career in the world of wines, he advised “The first thing you need to have is to appreciate and to enjoy this artful profession, without which, it is difficult to succeed” Having started but as a freelance bartender, Ajit’s life hadn’t been a bed or roses. He worked at several places as a bartender, a night club manager, a bar manager, a sales representative and even with an IT company before being able to get a job in London.

“I have gone through two long stints of being jobless, during which I thought of studying further and I did my masters in marketing and completed my MBA. But eventually, my destiny did not want me to be sitting behind the computers – so I eventually ended up founding my own Happy High Bartending Academy. It is my passion and the love for my profession that kept me going through and through and here I am, just one of 30 certified sommeliers in the Indian subcontinent and, during my times in Europe, the only single Asian Sommelier.” Says he with a smirk on his face.

“I though used to be good at studies but the subjects I pursued did not give me the kind of returns that I was expecting out of my passion for wines. For me, experience was more important than anything else and the real moment of truth was when on one day in my restaurant I chose a special wine to serve Ms. Kate Winslet, the legendary Titanic Lady” “You cannot get famous without sacrifice and without taking risks” he adds…

Careers in Wine and Spirits being the subject matter around which revolved his discussion, he suggested the following avenues to the students:

  • 1. Work or even intern for free at a place which is active on wines since it is only the physical service that will teach you the best, get that opportunity at any cost.
  • 2. Try and pick up a study visa for Canada, where there are opportunities of pursuing a 3-Year course followed by a 2-year work permit. You will earn back what you spent, and, what will be counted as more valuable will be your international experience.
  • 3. If you can save and invest, the other places to learn are Maldives, Seychelles, Dubai, Singapore and of course, Italy and France. Try to get into a wine-friendly hotel, even for internship.
  • 4. To gain more knowledge, pick up the job of selling or promoting wines, either at a restaurant, or, even as a sales representative of a well-known wine producing company. Selling will give you an in-depth knowledge as you will have to highlight its features. You must but first improve upon your hold on English language.
  • 5. If you have the flair for writing, create blogs on wines regularly. Journalism though may not be the best career but it will promote a sense of confidence in you.
  • 6. India is a virgin country as far as wines are concerned – the wine culture is bound to grow and, given the size of the population, this country is poised to become one of the biggest consumer of wines – this is where the future lies and the students should try and make themselves future ready.
  • 7. Should you have started an enterprise and could not run it profitably, do make a proud mention if this on this on your CV. The recruiters appreciate your having tried – which is a great hands-on experience makin you learn the harder way.
  • 8. Be a multi-tasker – Hotels and service establishments abroad prefer hiring staff who can perform several roles. Therefore, do not forget, besides the service of wines, to learn to serve food, to take in-room dining orders, to work as in beverage stores or to help in making menus.
  • 9. Wines being of international usage, learning a foreign language, he said, would be extremely beneficial. French, Spanish, German and, of course, English would be very handy to pick up jobs anywhere in the world.
  • 10. Update your Résumé – Tailor-make it according to the position advertised – you must highlight what the recruiters re looking for and must tweak it as a fresh one for every new job advertised.
  • 11. Ladies as brand ambassadors can do very well as there but a handful of them in this world.

In India people attach a lot of SNOB value to wines as they are still ignorant of its virtues as wish to stay loyal to their whiskies and other regular spirits. Furthermore, they think wine is a beverage to be consumed only on special occasions. This appears to be a good bottle of wine. Let us keep it for now and open it next year when we celebrate our 10th Wedding Anniversary…

The over-pricing of wines in India unfortunately is a matter of big discouragement to the Indian consumers as a good bottle does not cost anything less than 1200 Rupees and then, once when it opened, it has to be finished the same day. Furthermore, out of sheer ignorance and the fear of not drinking correctly, Indians are scary about either making the wrong choice or not being able to consume it the proper way.

Being prominently a male-dominated industry, the ladies, due to customer behavior and owing to the long working hours, especially late in the evenings currently have reservations about making bartending as a career but this is changing now as India is awakening to the new concepts.

It was a very informative session and I am delighted to have learnt about a world of opportunities existing in this very exciting trade. Said one of the students after being exhilarated upon discovering, in the true sense of the word, the “Universe of Wines”…

Hospitality Operators Are in The Same Storm but in Different Boats…

As eminent speakers in the famous TIFFIN TALK organized by Mr. Sourish Bhattacharyya, Food and Drinks writer and Columnist MAIL TODAY with the theme Future Jobs in Hospitality and the Tourism Sector, Dr. Garima Parkash, Dean, Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School and Mr. Laurent Guiraud, Director, Vatel Programme, Sushant University were invited to contribute their views and take forward the opinions expressed by the other renowned and distinguished participants.

“We continue to have wishful thinking and we are taking the situation in our stride. Everybody will come back; it is difficult to believe that people will not go out, or that that they would not travel, there are definitely reasons for a positive hope” Said Dr. Parkash. We all are in the same storm but we are in different boats, said Ravitej Nath – Director, Spice Lab, Tokyo meaning thereby that we all might be in difficult times, but we definitely will find our own ways of braving this tempest. We cannot measure unemployment in a situation of lockdown, let the situation open up and we will assess – said Magandeep Singh, the famous sommelier. People will surely upskill their jobs by performing duties which their seniors are doing as everybody just might not get back from the home towns…

Mr. Laurent Guiraud envisaged great opportunity for the students in stand-alone specialty restaurants, some of which are being rated far superior than the ones in start-rated deluxe hotels. Chances to learn and to acquire a greater expertise are abundant in smaller but highly professional setups, He commented.

Ms. Dinaz Madhukar, Chief Commercial Services Officer, Adani Airports remarked that in the same enthusiasm as the hotels have taken to conducting home deliveries, a few specialty chefs could also be given the opportunities to show their expertise and prepare special meals for people - right at own dwelling place…

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An Online session was Conducted by Mr Avinash Kapoli, Brand Ambassador, Bacardi on 22nd April 2020. Mr. Kapoli had an interaction with the students of Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business school and talked about the Nuances of Making a good cocktail. He has also demonstrated some basic Cocktails giving an insight of the equipment used in cocktail making with a brief history about them.

The session was concluded with a Q & A session by the students. In all it was an informative session.

Vatel Hotel& Tourism Business school organised an online session on creative writing by Ms Sanjna Rana for the 4th Semester students on 24th april 2020 . Ms Sanjna enlighted the students with the Purpose & Techniques of creative writing and the importance of it in soft skill.She also discussed the use of five senses while witing creatively & mentioned the importance of imagination in creative writing.It was an interactive session where students understood the concept & cleared their doubts.

The session was concluded with a Q & A session by the students. In all it was an informative session.

"Success is not a destination, it’s a journey" Says Atul Kochhar, a Michelin Star Chef while addressing about a 100 students of Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School over a web meeting straight from London. He gave an inspiring talk about how he, who graduated from a hotel school in India, rose to this level by sheer hard work, dedication, perseverance and diligence. He owns 5 restaurants in the UK and is growing from strength to strength.

Ms Chandana Paul Assisatnt professor Sushant university conducted faculty development program on Dynamics of case study on Google meet platform on 14th april 2020 for the faculty of Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business school.

Developing Case study is a very important aspect which should be incorporated in teaching Methodology .The highlights of the session was how to develop case study for undergraduate students in order to make them understand a complicated topic which a student can relate & relive the case study & provide a suitable interpretation in their point of view.The session was very informative & everyone participated with great enthusiasm.

A faculty Development Programme was Conducted by Mr Saurav Chhabra (Assistant Professor, Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business School, Sushant University) on Bloom Taxonomy and formation of Educational Objectives for programme and Courses. The session was conducted on 19th March 2020. and was attended by the members of the faculty of Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business school, SushantUniversity.

Mr Saurav Started the session by explaining the concept and Reason for application of Bloom's Taxonomy while writing Educational Course Objectives. He then Emphasised on the need of outcomes and objectives that are of Higher order thinking in nature in the cognitive of the knowledge based domain. The multi-level verbs used to formulate an Objectives are being explained and deliberated on with the participants. The Session ended with an Interactive Discussion Round followed by an exercise wherein the participants have to develop Higher order learning objectives for the course they are teaching in align with the Principles of Bloom's taxonomy.

Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business School made their presence felt at AAHAR on 5th March 2020. The students of Second semester along with their faculty members visited the biggest culinary fest in India. The students were really happy and excited to see the reach of the hospitality industry. The youngsters also met up with the highly experienced Hospitality Professional working with international and national companies. The main objective of Mr. Saif and Chef Sunil was to highlight the career options a hospitality professional has outside the Hotels.

A lot of kids amongst the group already has a plan of being an entrepreneur once they graduate and AAHAR proved to be a perfect platform for them as they could identify the sources of raw materials, equipment and labour. This was one visit that the students will cherish for the rest of the semester.

The Visit was Organised by Vatel Hotel & tourism Business school to Familiarize the students with an Important housekeeping aspect “Horticulture”. The students on 4th March 2020 visited Mughal Garden to gain knowledge on different Varieties of Exotic Flowers available in this season. They were also exposed to the innovative landscape designing of the garden.

The students also identified the varieties of herbal & medicinal plants. They were familiarized with the creative side of horticulture “Bonsai” which is also a changing & unique concept trending in hotels.

A Remarkable day to remember as vatel India’s first graduation ceremony held on 27th Feb 2020 where Mr. Paul d’Azémar, Director, International Networking Vatel, who is currently in India to conduct an audit, distributed the certificates to the vatel class of 2015-18 and 2016-19 along with Honourable vice chancellor, Dr DNS Kumar , Prof (Dr) Garima Parkash, Dean vatel Hotel & tourism business school, Mr Laurent Guiraud Director vatel Programme.

Mr. Paul d’Azémar addressed our enthusiastic vatel graduates with his motivational & encouraging words. Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business school also hosted lunch for the AU leadership team during the visit of Mr. Paul d’Azémar.

Mr. Paul d’Azémar, Director, International Networking Vatel, who is currently in India to conduct an audit, visited the Crowne Plaza Hotel and Novotel-Accor hotels, which are partnering with the Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School, Gurgaon.

A very warm welcome was extended to him by Mr. Suraj Jha, General Manager and Area Director - Crowne Plaza Hotels and by Mr. Biswajit Chakraborty, General Manager Pullman Novotel Hotels. He also met students of Vatel India, currently pursuing careers with these two hotels.

“I am happy to see the high standard and the quality of service that these hotels are known for and I am sure these are like ideal institutions for our students to learn the art of hospitality” said Mr. d’Azémar”

“These regular visits to the hotels carry a lot of importance as, they re-enforce our relations with the service industry, which directly and leads to synergizing our activities – said Dr. Garima Parkash, Dean, Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School, Sushant University”.

This visit was concluded by a typically Punjabi dinner in its true ambience, which was greatly appreciated by Mr. d’Azémar.

Recognized for thinking out of the box and renowned highly for undertaking exceptional projects, the students of Vatel Hotel and Business School, Sushant University, backed always by the support of the dean, professors and the management, took a very unique step - that of marketing their HM Institute in a rather unconventional and a unique way.

“We have two beautiful fine-dine restaurants, three kitchens and a bakery with the most modern equipment, fully loaded, air conditioned classrooms, Front Office and Housekeeping labs, a well-stocked library, excellent recreational facilities and collaboration with France’s global hospitality school – all this in a superb location. It is high time people got to know what all we are proud of” say Sarthak Vats and Samrat Puri two bright Final Year students who spearheaded the exercise of conceptualization of this marketing-oriented event, of course with the guidance of their well experienced professors and chefs.

In keeping with the doctrine that says that the best way to win a man’s heart is through his appetite, the students planned to invite a dozen-odd local food bloggers on February 7, 2020, - the ones who write enthusiastically about their gastronomic experiences and are followed by a sizeable crowd. Universally recognized as ‘persuasive media influencers’, the thought behind getting together the renowned bloggers was to re-inforce the overwhelming popularity of the Continental – Mediterranean cuisine, which for this prestigious event, was entirely planned, prepared and executed by the students of Vatel School.

EPICURE, where the Vatel School organizes its events is a training restaurant, designed specially to demonstrate etiquette, ambience and the style usually found in the upscale, fine-dine restaurants of the world. The menu started with exquisite specialities like Spinach with Ricotta Quiche and Chicken Vol-au-Vents, followed by Roasted Tomato, basil and ginger soup and a chicken-asparagus soup which, instead of being accompanied by the normal bread and butter, had mushroom and black garlic paste with toast. The main course comprised of Lamb Osso Bucco with Grilled Polenta and Roasted Broccoli and the traditionally famous Coq au Vin.

Young girls and boys dressed in their official Vatel uniforms, were eloquent and well versed in describing the dishes to the guests. “I was impressed by the style these people are looking after us with care, concern and smile” said one of the guests. “Like it always happens, we get tremendous mileage and recognition from such events, especially from this one wherein we were in the company of personalities whose blogs the general public at large reads with a great deal of enthusiasm and follows them through…Said Dr. Garima Parkash, Dean, Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School at Sushant University. Glimpse of the meet:

School of Hospitality Management organised Guest Lecture on the topic Ecotel Hotels & Environment friendly practices in Hotels. The lecture was conducted by Ms Bindiya Yadav Executive Housekeeper Roseate House, New Delhi where she familiarized the students with the concept of Green hotels. She made the students understand the importance of Ecotel hotels and the Green practices which are carried out in hotels in order to contribute to the environment. She talked about green housekeeping cards, rainwater harvesting, Environment friendly chemicals, Composting, waste management were some of the broad topics which she covered in her lecture. The students interacted and participated in the discussion with great enthusiasm. It was great learning for the students and will help them to understand the importance of environment & working towards saving it.

School of Hospitality Management at Sushant University conducted a guest lecture on: "New trends in guest handling." The lecture was delivered by Mr Nitesh Kapur,Front Office Manager & Ms.Akriti ,Training Manager from Le Meridien,Gurugram. Students participated in the lecture with interest and zeal.

Mr Muralidharan Menon, CEO of Nimbus One Hospitality on 21/01/2020 addressed students of the School of Hospitality Management at Sushant University on the importance that health plays in one’s future progression – both in professional and personal lives. He went on to talk about how a disciplined life with yoga, pranayama and other modes of keeping fit could contribute towards the longevity and happiness in life and would surely reflect on a person’s professional performance. The untiring ‘Animal Energy’, combined with a dogged follow up and a disciplined rigour will open several doors for you – This should, however, be marked with an unexhausted zeal and enthusiasm…

Our faculty in-charge of internships – Mr. Saif Anjum attended a special meeting at the Pullman Hotel Aerocity wherein the hotel had invited training and placement in-charges of the other HM Colleges for an evening. The purpose of this meeting over dinner was specifically oriented towards balancing the expectations of the hotel trainee versus that of the hotel training managers. The internship, usually branded as a ‘routine’ procedure needed to be enhanced and the activity made more meaningful for the students and for the hotels. The Pullman offered to give the best stripend compared to the other hotels in India…

This Federation honors chefs of repute across the industry, recognizes their talents and awards them to name a few, Chef Rozario, Chef Sokhi and, of course, our own chef Sunil was a proud recipient. The chief guest for this notable event was Mr. Maninder Singh Bitta, former chairman of the Indian Youth Congress and currently chairman of the Anti-Terrorist Front

GOȖT DE FRANCE, with the literal meaning as the name suggests, allows one to understand the Taste of France. Celebrated across the globe during the set dates of March 19 – 21, this event was organized in its true style, colours and dimensions primarily by the students of the School of Hospitality Management (SHM), Sushant University.

This festival of French gastronomy is celebrated the world over, wherein on three consecutive days, a four-course menu is served in different continents with a bit of variance every day. The whole world celebrates together, enjoys the same cuisine, savors the same delicacies prepared with the recommended recipes and all efforts are made to make sure that the guests are served in the same ambience and style.

This was the third consecutive year during which this festival was put together by the students of the School of Hospitality Management, Sushant University with a far greater enthusiasm, fervor and passion.

The menu: Crème de Volaille ‘Princess’, Grilled tomato trio and pimento salad with olive dust & strawberry vinaigrette foam, Coq Au Vin, Corn and spinach Cannelloni with herbed Broken Wheat, Mushroom Au gratin and Anna Potatoes. The dessert Doors to Heaven (a hollow chocolate dome under which there was a bed of with fresh cream and diced fruits) Feta & Fennel Salad with Honey pearls and orange Reduction, Chicken & Blue Cheese Ravioli with Alfredo Sauce, Beetroot & Cashew Ricotta Ravioli with Butter-garlic Cream Sauce and a Deconstructed Crème Brûlée,

Important topics were deliberated upon like – career options in airlines catering, dynamics of French gourmet and trends in the kitchen brigade. Mr. Magandeep Singh, a celebrated Sommelier gave a rather a rousing speech on ‘attitude and dedication in this lovely trade of wine-tasting’, which attracted a rousing applaud by the students and the guests.

It wasn’t about food only, adds Mr. Akihito Yepthomi, the student coordinator of the event. The symposium was introduced by Ms Sulamite Rai in French language and then she and Ms Uroosa Khan sung French and English songs…

Strange, though the name might sound, A unique annual event drawing its inspiration from the slogan painted usually behind the truck backs, this was a fun-filled event for all. Organized again at the Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium, this event which comprised of all sorts of entertainment, foods, music and objects of interest, had a famous pop singer mesmerizing the crowds. The Vatel School stall comprising of exclusive delicacies like Chocolate fudge bars, Cake pops, Churros was one of the most frequented stalls, where people were also asking about the subjects taught at the School.

Recognizing the command and supremacy of Women Power of the modern days and appreciating equally their growing participation in various professional domains, especially in the field of hospitality, the School of Hospitality Management, Sushant University celebrated March 8, 2019 as the International Women’s day.

Known to be not only as the keeper of homes, the ladies are also looked upon as principal forces behind maintaining a perfect balance of all aspects in a family. It is with this thought in mind that this year, the 8th of March was being celebrated as the International Women’s Day, with a theme Balance for Better

Ms Sanjana Rana, Assistant Professor at the Hotel Management School, Kapashera was called upon to be the Guest of Honour, who inaugurated the meet by cutting a W-Shaped cake and delivering a lecture on women prowess, stressing thereby on the different roles that a lady, besides her professional commitments and obligations plays in keeping the society together and about her discharging duties with utmost dedication, meticulousness and sincerity.

A traveller - salesman - ambassador, Marco Polo introduced Asia, at that time nearly unknown, to Europe. This inspirational fate has given its name to Vatel’s international exchange program, where students can study at another Vatel campus for a year.

Those who want to have a career in the hospitality and tourism industries must have an international and cross-cultural outreach. Present in over 30 countries on four continents, Vatel Group gives its students the opportunity to develop their cross-cultural mindset by doing their second year in different Vatel school.

Marco Polo: your second year in another Vatel campus

The educational concept remains the same, the only things that differ are the cultural environment and language.

Vatel schools throughout the world have the same educational programs: students thus continue their courses abroad before going back to their home school, in India, for their 3rd year of the Bachelor in International Hotel Management program.

Students, who are immerses in a new country with a different culture:

speak another foreign language each day, become more mature & increase their employability.

Because of the sponsorship system between students, they remain in contact with their home school while updating their classmates on their experiences. To make the most out of this experience, Vatel recommends that students extend their stay by doing their international internship in their host country.

A program awarded Best Innovation in an Educational Program

The Marco Polo program has been granted by the international hospitality professionals the Best Innovation in an Educational Program Award at the Worldwide Hospitality Awards.

A recognition expressed by those who recruit Vatel interns and Vatel alumni throughout the world.

A mixology workshop hosted by Crown Plaza, Gurugram was organized for the students of SHM. Mixologist Mr.Alok had demonstrated the basic fundas of mixology. In keeping up with an existing trend to inspire young generation, mocktails are all about being innovative. Yet they are easy to replicate and attractive for beverage industry.

Rare are the opportunities for the dwellers of the Millennium City to savor, in the true sense, the age-old delicacies of Chandni Chowk, or to experience in its true setting, a first-hand taste of what happens to be the livelihood of families whose generations have been engaged in concocting exquisiteness for centuries over.

The charm of Purani Dilli will never, neither should it ever, want to mix with that of Nayi Dilli. This gap is unique and we must agree that it should remain, the way it has been - for all the times to come.

Students of the School of Hospitality Management, forever hungry to create never-before events, have charted out in their curriculum, a busy calendar of activities, out of which, they chose, for this season a Purani Dilli ki Raunaq. Such young, bubbly students, once given the liberty to go wild on their imagination, always come up with exceptional ideas… was the comment of the Chef Sunil, the man behind “Foods Streets of Purani Dilli”

It was an enjoyable, yet a formal afternoon, Ibtidaa – for starters, were the tongue-teasers, known popularly, in the hospitality students’ jargon, as “appetite arousers” as Gol Gappas, chaat-papri, aloo tikki – served by a young student Sparsh Kapoor – who challenged anybody to come up with anything even close to her special creation she was proudly serving at her ‘Ashoka Chaat Bhandaar’

While Jaskeerat Singh promotes his Kake di Hatti, in which, he swears, the a ‘real dal makhni’ being served with a choice of mirch, laccha and garlic paranthas, Deepanshu, his next-door neighbour is even louder about, brandishing on his very work table, decorated neatly in jars, the ‘real masalas – star anise, red chilly, cumin, black cardamom , bay leaf, chana dal and cinnamon sticks’ that he made use of to create his own version of a Nihari Gosht. “Without a Sheermal…Nihari is not good at all” says he, putting three of them together on the ‘customer’s’ plate.

Al-Jawahar, a name that indirectly suggests ‘an amalgamation of cultures’ is where Rishabh put up his chicken biryani with a cooler Chhacch…’ Chandni Chowk is the real Purani Dilli, shouts Gautam serving his Kachoris, for which, he admits, he worked for a whole week…! This challenge is soon met by Shrawan running “Natraj Dahi Bhalla” who claims to revive the legacy of Dahi Bhallas and Aloo Tikkis cooked in Desi Ghee…absolutely pure… he confidently insists..

Aashna claims that her Kashmiri Wazwaan, is incomparable and incontestable – which, she prophesizes is my greatest strength, and the biggest weakness of my clients. “Hand-chosen saffron rice, cooked with tender meatballs with a flavoured yoghurt gravy” – How does that sound…? asks she with a grin on her face.

Sunil Thapa, playing Babu Ram, Parathe Wala next door, sporting his big belly, super confident about his handiwork, wipes his face (and mouth) with his Gamchha, and nullifies Aashna’s assertion by claiming – “You perhaps do not know what the world swears by – these are my Aloo Parathas” – they are famous all over the globe, across the seven continents…What are you talking about…?

“How sweet are we…!!” Says Ekhagrah, churning out a perfect, rather a geometry-perfect design of a jalebi…” Ek baar khaega, baar-baar aayega” whosoever eats it once once, is bound to come again...Shyam Sweets, inspired by Lord Kirshna’s butter-heavy desserts, instantly pulls a crowd hovering around to round up for a Suji Halwa.

“This was the first ever festival totally conceptualized and executed by our students. I am overwhelmed to say that it was a resounding success. This triumph encourages us to go even further and organize festivals about the different regional cuisines of India on a much bigger scale” says Chef Sunil “We did not take help from any external agency. Our students created everything with the available resources” continues to say the Chef at the success of the festival…

The winners were judged by a team from Marriott hotels and the students were awarded prizes and accolades…

A PANEL DISCUSSION FOR THE NEW STUDENTS- CAREERS IN HOSPITALITY. In order to give a true insight into the trade, the best time, the school thought, was at the very initial stage, wherein highly experienced people from the hotels, airlines and flight catering would tell them about the way they could succeed and capitalize upon several career opportunities and the world of hospitality has in store for them in India and abroad. The theme of discussion was: The Secrets of a Successful HM institute. What came about very importantly was that while it was important to have the technical knowledge about your subject, what gets you a job is how well you communicate, how impressive your personality is and how much you can charm the interviewers.

The panel discussion on Food Waste was organized wherein issues of big concern from hoteliers were brought up and the panelists suggested setting up of limited layout of buffet with exquisite dishes as the tendency to pick up more than required comes up when the guest sees a rather over-sized buffet set-up. Other points deliberated upon were awareness to students at the school level, putting up a more professional system of supply-chain management, portion control, use of eco-friendly cooking, giving incentives to staff and training the kitchen-stewarding staff. Every individual in a hotel can contribute towards controlling the food waste.

Is it possible to fully enjoy cream-less, non-fried, sugar-free, fat-free vegetarian meals and yet be healthy and happy in this world…? ”Well, why not…?” confidently claim the students of the Vatel school. In a huge gathering called the YOUTH FESTIVAL organized at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium by the NATIONAL HEART FOUNDATION, all that was good for health, well-being, safety, fitness, ability, hygiene, sanitation and cleanliness was displayed and the School of Hospitality Management was the only Hotel Management school invited to display health foods which comprised of dark chocolate pralines, crepes in olive oil and fruit muffins. “The event was very well responded and we sold off everything we had in a matter of just two hours…hope we had got along some more raw material” said Paul Adam of Final Year who was exhilarated by the excitement.

This year again, for the third time in a row, the School of Hospitality Management, Sushant University, in collaboration with the Nestlé India Limited, organized Hospitality Euphoria in which students from various colleges participated and competed with eight home teams. Each team was called upon to prepare a three-course menu of its choice belonging to any Indian region or to any country in the world with the condition that the teams would use a Nestlé product in the dessert.

The imagination of these young budding chefs, once given full liberty, went berserk and they created unusually striking delicacies like Lala Lamb, Machi Gambouti, Tortellini with apple and cucumber broth, chicken surprised in chou pasta, Maggi masala with tomato sauce, pan seared fish, veg maggi bread rolls, bread di-chicken. The desserts comprised of Kiti Fruity Kat, Mango-Kit-kat, badam halwa with kit-kat shake.

Be it an international level 20-20 cricket match or be it the one played at the level of the Indian Premier League, the excitement does not remain confined exclusively to those stadiums.

Rare are the occasions when a busy hotel management college ties up with even busier and charged-up hotels and yet manages to organize an exciting, successful cricket tournament. This is, in the true sense of the word – The Industry-Academia Interface. In a never-before event organized by the Go-Getters’ Club, the teams which participated enthusiastically were from the Pullman, Andaz by Hyatt, the Marriott Courtyard Gurgaon and the Double Tree by Hilton. The home teams to play against these teams, in order to make a pool of 8 were the teams of Hotel Management students from the Second and the Sixth Semesters.

All the teams played the limited 10-10 overs matches wherein the First Year students emerged as the most successful ones and managed to get into the finals to compete with their rivals The Pullman Hotels – only to lose the match to them, thereby declaring the Pullman to lift up the Go-Getters’ trophy.

“It was fun, a very good break” said Ms. Smriti Lamba from the Pullman Hotels...”We should do this very often as it brings us all together, otherwise, hardly can these people ever imagine to enjoy a cricket game like this. The Running Trophy is Ours”.

Encashing upon the clear advantage that that the School of Hospitality Management, Sushant University enjoys by virtue of its academic collaboration with the Vatel Business School Hotel and Tourism, Nimes, France, 24 students left for France on July 08, 2019 for summer internship for a period of 6 weeks.

This is the fourth batch of students who went to Nimes located in south of France. This is an extremely structured internship wherein the students are given hands-on exposure in the restaurants, bakery, main kitchen, banquet kitchen, kitchen stewarding, the housekeeping and laundry.

“Our School which is attached wall-to-wall with the only 4-Star hotel in Nimes undergoes a vacation during July-August, during which time students from the other Vatel institutes worldwide are invited to undergo these internships in our school” Says Ms. Patricia Esbrayat, the coordinator of internships programmes at the institute.

The institute welcomes students from Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco. Mauritius and several other countries where Vatel has institutes.

A forerunner in assessing the present market conditions and being experts in projecting the trends and upcoming opportunities, ITC Hotels has put up a prime property in the wilderness of the Aravali Hllls – in an area full of agricultural fields, open lands in mountainous region. For many students this was their first ever visit to a super luxurious well spread-out deluxe hotel. The children were shown around in all public areas, guest rooms, conference and recreation facilities. Asked about the segment of business the hotel is targeting and the percentage of occupancy, the general manager said their main business was from the residential conferences, corporate events and destination weddings.

The SHM celebrated the world tourism day and invited industry experts like Mr. Khajaram Bhaduri, Training Manager, the Leela Palace, Chanakyapuri, Ms. Smriti Lamba, Manager Learning and Development the Pullman Hotels, Mr. Prem Ram, Joint Secretary, Indian Culinary Federation, Mr. Charles Donadieu – Sommelier at the Lalit New Delhi, Dr. YG Tharakan, Dean, Le Cordon Bleu – GD Goenka University, Mr Ajay Sood, former Executive Chef with the Taj Sats in-flight catering and Chef Balvinder Lubna, – Executive Chef, the Westin Gurgaon, Mr. Namit Kharbanda HR Manager, Andaaz (By Hyatt), Aerocity Gurgaon.

With so many industry experts together under one roof, accompanied by the highly experienced faculty members of SHM and with more than 100 students assembled at the conference hall, it came around that industry experience of more than 600 years loomed large in the conference hall…

In order to keep pace with the industry and to bridge, to the extent possible, the academia-industry gap, the Vatel School of Hospitality Management, (VSHM) besides organizing, from time to time, special talks by veterans from the hospitality trade, sends its students to various hotel properties within India or abroad to assist in special events, internships and under-study activities.

As a part of the series to such endeavors, a guest lecture was organized on Thursday, October 11, 2018, wherein Mr. Yogesh Joshi, the Multi-Property Finance Director of Marriott Hotels, Ms Shilpi Sharma – Manager Learning and Development, The Westin Gurgaon with her colleague Ms Aakriti Bhargava conducted a lecture for all the students of the VSHM.

Besides giving an audio-visual presentation depicting the history of the Marriott Hotels starting from its evolution right to the stage of its becoming the world’s largest hotel chain, the Marriott Team gave to the students an insight into how challenging, demanding and yet an extremely promising trade hospitality can be. Students asked questions wondering whether the advancement of careers depended upon how many hotel companies an executive worked with vis-à-vis how many years did he/she spends in one single organisation, to which the answer was that it is perseverance which always pays in the long run. A self-example of a housekeeping executive transforming herself into a Manager – Learning and Development was given by Shilpi.

Customer being the be-all and end-all of all hospitality organisations, the students were given tips on the ways to increase the customer satisfaction levels, about pre-empting customer needs and to promote the Ethos of Atithi Devo Bhav.

At the end the Marriott team discussed the dates on which they would be able to come down to interview our students for placement and, more importantly, the day on which theirs and our team would meet for a cricket match…

Vatel India, Sushant University Gurgaon, School of Hospitality Management organised a panel discussion on ‘Hospitality Industry expectation from Students’ on Friday, 24 August 2018. The event was organised as part of the Orientation Programme for the first year students enrolled in Batch 2018. The session was moderated by Mr. Amreesh Misra, Associated Dean, School of Hospitality Management, Sushant University, Gurgaon. The panellists included Mr. Sheril Beotra Director HR, Mr. Umesh Dalal Director Food & Beverage, Ms. Anshul Verma Training Manager, all from Crown Plaza Toady Gurgaon and Professor R.k. Bhandari, Dean, School of Hospitality Management, Sushant University, Gurgaon. To begin with, each panellist spoke their mind on the potential future of Hospitality students. The panel discussions in which all the dignitaries participated highlighted the need for Rigorous Training which would help tremendously in bridging the industry-academia gap. The discussion concluded on a great note of success, wherein the main essence of highlighting the importance of creative thinking was greatly deliberated upon and understood by the young, budding hoteliers of tomorrow…

VATEL School of Hospitality Management, a strong brand created by Sushant University, in collaboration with a French hospitality giant, in its efforts to keep pace with the hospitality trade and to bring in its classrooms facts about the latest systems and procedures employed by the celebrated hotels chains, organised a lecture by professionals from the Hyatt Hotels on Thursday, September 20, 2018. Mr. Nakul Moghe, Learning Manager and Mr. Aman Bhutani, the Assistant Front Office Manager Hyatt Regency Gurgaon jointly addressed the students and spoke to them about the dynamism and the tact involved in upselling, upgrading and maximizing room revenue. The fact that a hotel room was considered to be a ‘perishable commodity’ was explained in great detail, which turned out to be an eye-opener for these young beginners. “Aimed at giving a deep insight into what the current best practices of the hotels are with regard to achieving the best yield in accommodation (as per the hotel jargon – the REVPAR – Revenue Per Available Room and the ARR – Average Room Rate), several hotel chains partner with us, and that’s what makes us stand away from the other hotel schools” says Dr. Savita Sharma, Faculty in-charge, Accommodations. We conduct 6 to 7 workshops, talks, special lectures, competitive activities and presentations during the course of every semester and our young students entirely look after these events by way of, preparing the welcome plan and, indeed preparing and serving a sumptuous meal… Says, Mr. R.K. Bhandari, Dean, School of Hospitality Management, Sushant University, Gurgaon.

Fruit & Vegetable carving is a delightful way to make food into art, or to make fun art that taste good. It’s all about letting go of your inhibitions and using fruit as your medium for artistic expression. School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Vatel at Sushant University students enjoyed two hours of practical session where they discovered the process of crafting fruits & vegetables into alluring creation.

Symbiosis Law School, Pune won the competition with a cash prize of Rs. 50,000 and Government Law College Mumbai were the runners up winning a cash prize of Rs. 30,000. Vaibhav Tiwari of Symbiosis, Pune was adjudged as the Best Speaker-1 and Varsha Singh of School of Law, Christ University was adjudged the Best Speaker-2. The award of the Best Memorial was bagged by Symbiosis Law School, Pune and Arnav Bishnoi of RGNUL, Punjab was declared as the Best Researcher.

Industrial training exposes student to real work of environment experience and at the same time, to gain the knowledge through hands on observation and job execution. School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Vatel at Sushant University students who completed their Industrial exposure in the best hospitality brands are evaluated by Chef Anuj Mathur (Sous Chef, Marriott Hotels) and Mr. Simrit Mamik (Front Office Manager, Taj Hotels) at the University premises.

School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Vatel at Sushant University have believed in “experiential education” which is defined as active student engagement in opportunities to learn through doing and reflection. This empowers students to immediately apply theory to practice under the guidance of expert faculty. To impart the same School organized a Workshop on Sugar Craft & Chocolate Techniques at the University Premises.

On 20th and 21st January 2017, Mr. Laurent Guiraud, Director Vatel at Sushant University School of Tourism and Hospitality Management was invited as key note speaker and panelist by Graphic Era University Dehradun for an International Conference on Trends, Issues and Women in Hospitality. The Conference was inaugurated by the Governor of Uttarakhand Krishna Kant Paul, Chancellor Dr. Kamal Ghanshala and Vice Chancellor Dr. B.V. Babu. The first day saw the intervention of speaker s Dr. Sudhir Andrews, Chef Neha Lakhani and Mr. Laurent Guiraud, the afternoon was spent on 2 technical sessions covering the general topics.

In the evening the dignitaries and guests enjoyed the hospitality of Dr. Vinnay Rana HOD SHM and wonderful performance organized by the University students followed by cocktails and dinner. Day two was dedicated to the presentation of the papers that had been shortlisted and a panel discussion, Mr. Laurent Guiraud discussed how the tie up amongst universities in different geographical locations will help in development of hospitality programmes and what qualities a hospitality student should have to work internationally.

Mr. Laurent Guiraud, Director Vatel Programme and Chef Sunil Kumar, Assistant Professor at School of Tourism & Hotel Management, Sushant University have taken a group of first year student on Tuesday 24th January to Olive Bar and Kitchen in Mehrauli, New Delhi.

The visit started at the “speakeasy bar” where the Olive renowned thin crust pizza was enjoyed by both students and faculty. A tour of the kitchen, butchery and confectionary was organized by Chef Dhruv Oberoi followed by a workshop on salads. The students discovered the art of plating salads in a fine dining restaurant.

A cocktail session was also planned and master mixologist showcased a few classics such as Old Fashion and green apple Martini.

We thank Chef Dhruv Oberoi and GM Anuj Tyagi of Olive Bar and Kitchen for the warm welcome and hospitality shown to our students.

School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Vatel at Sushant University has organised a Guest lecture on “recent innovations in the field of Culinary Art & Industry expectations from the students.” for the students. Chef Amit Dash, Executive chef, Marriott Gurugram, conducted the session by sharing experiences of chef’s role and what is the basic requirement of the industry in the future. He also motivated students for pursuing the career in culinary as it has a bright future. In lecture chef interacted with the students about the passion that students should have during the course.

In the framework of their course "introduction to the world of hospitality business" a group of 1st year Vatel students at Sushant University and Mr. Laurent Guiraud visited Cyber Hub, Gurugram on Tuesday 31st January 2017.

The visit was mainly intended for students to understand the concept, the demographics in the region, the reason of the success and observe how what started as a F&B centric space is now offering an era of other services such as hair salons, convenience stores, banks etc... Students also discovered new trends in the F&B world and were asked to research a few brands such as Chai Point, The wine company, Farzi Cafe...

These visits are essential for our Hotel Management students to understand today's multi-faceted Hospitality Industry and keep up with the pace of its expansion.

Parent’s engagement in students learning always improves student’s achievement & creates platform for honest feedback/ communication.

To involve parents towards learning of students, School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Vatel at Sushant University has organised a Parent-teacher meeting on Wednesday, Feb 1st 2017 in university auditorium hall. The main purpose of meet was to create a common platform, where faculty and parents come together to enrich the student’s educational experiences and discuss variety of issues, regarding all round development of students.

The event was well attended by Parents/Guardians of students. Dean- School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Vatel at Sushant University, Professor R. K Bhandari shared the progress of school with all attendees.

 Mr. Laurent Guiraud, Director Vatel Programme, School of Tourism & Hotel Management, Sushant University has taken a group of first year student on Friday 3rd February for a laundry visit to Crown Plaza Hotel, Gurgaon, where the student got a hands on experience about the recent trends and practices in housekeeping department. Mr Jayant Bakshi, Head of the Laundry Operations took the students for a tour of the facility, various techniques of cleaning and ironing were explained.

The visit ended with an interaction with Training Manager, Ms Aakriti Bhargawa who shared the expectations of the industry when it comes to hire personnel.

 School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Vatel at Sushant University has organised a Guest lecture on “Hospitality Industry in the early 21st century- millennial” for the students. Mr. Namit Kharbanda, Human Resources Manager, Hyatt India conducted the session by sharing experiences of demands of hospitality industry and what is the basic requirement of the industry in the future. He also motivated students for pursuing the career in hospitality sector as it has a bright future. During the interaction Mr. Kharbanda interacted with the students about the passion that students should have during the course.

When the weather is nice, there are lots of nice things we want to do. One of them is eat a nice meal. With that thought, School of Tourism & Hotel Management at Sushant University, Gurgoan thought ‘how about a food fest that complements the weather. For the occasion a meal was prepared comprising of various dishes from Jammu & Kashmir.

The feast started with Kahwa (flavorful local tea), Rista (minced meat dumplings in yogurt) and Modur Pulao (a saffron flavored rice preparation) was the highlight of the menu.

For the occasion students decorated the dining room and dressed in traditional Kashmiri attires. Honorable Vice Chancellor Sushant University Dr. Kamlesh Misra congratulated the students for the effort, Registrar and Deans were also part of the theme lunch, the food was enjoyed by all!

Students of VATEL School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Sushant University visited and interacted a large number of renowned national and international folk artistes and cultural groups who presented performances at both the Chaupals, the open-air theatres, located in the Mela premises. Students also discovered craftsmanship from all over the country, Mithila paintings from Bihar, Kalamkari paintings and wood carving from Andhra Pradesh, cane-bamboo and natural fiber from Assam, Kalamkari Mata ni Pachedi and woolen shawls from Gujarat, papier mache from J&K and palm leaf engraving from Odhisha to name a few.

Of course the fair wouldn’t have been complete without the multitude of outlets serving food from various states much appreciated by Students and Faculty after all the walking around.

In modern hospitality business, it is all about competence of people. The modern consumers demand a high level of service. Employees thus have to be on the top to ensure the survival and development of the hospitality establishment. Hence, faculty and student training are essential in this sector. It increases productivity by developing professional knowledge, experienced skills and valid thoughts. To ensure the same School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Vatel at Sushant University have organised a platform learning series where Mr Manakjeet Singh, Vice President-Hospitality Real estate and procurement, Human Capital Management delivers his expertise on the topic “Outsourcing of facilities in Hospitality Industry.”

Retired Supreme Court Judge Markandey Katju visited Vatel Restaurant at School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Sushant University on 20th February and experiences the mystic of an Awadhi Cuisine steeped deep in aromas and taste prepared by the students. Justice Katju along with other senior officials and dignitaries enjoyed the flavours of delicacies ranging from kebab kormaa and biryanis that have kept the centuries old awadhi cuisine a royale feast for the connoisseur.

School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Vatel at Sushant University has forged alliances with award winning hotels and other allied hospitality areas. Students at Sushant University have a distinct advantage of corporate exposure through these multi-faceted collaborations which offers them experiential learning via projects, professional competence, internships, enhanced placement opportunities and skill enhancement. To take it further Mr Srinivas Roa, Director of Talent & Culture at Pullman & Novotel New Delhi Aerocity visited School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Vatel at Sushant University and interacted with the upcoming hoteliers from the School.

In 1912, Auguste Escoffier initiated "Epicure's Dinners": the same menu, the same day, in several cities of the world and for the greatest number of guests. Goût de France is in the spirit of this beautiful idea with the will to associate all categories of restaurant from the four corners of the world. On the occasion of operation “Goût de France” or Good France in English which would translate in “A taste of France”, Vatel School of Tourism and Hotel Management at Sushant University is pleased to announce a 3 day celebration of French culinary art. This event, in the form of a lecture and a lunch, will pay tribute to the excellence of French cuisine to its capacity for innovation and to the values it promotes: sharing, enjoyment, and respect for "good food", Contemporaries & the planet.

The event will showcase Michelin Star Chef Akrame Banallal from Paris. He will share his expertise and experience with the students and the Chefs of Vatel, Sushant University to celebrate French gastronomy.

On the first day of the event the 1st year students prepared a five course meal for The Trustees Mr. and Mrs. Sushant, Vice Chancellor, Dr Misra and other dignitaries. Everyone praised the food and looks forward to tomorrow’s chapter.

Mr. R.K. Bhandari, Dean and Mr. Laurent Guiraud, Director Vatel congratulated the students, Chef Subir K. Malakar, Nidhi Nayna and the entire team for bringing to life the art of French hospitality.

On 21 March, Vatel, School of Tourism and Hotel Management at Sushant University, invited Executive Chef, Crown Plaza to experience a five course lunch at Vatel restaurant prepared by students and faculty for the second day of operation Goût de France, lunch was followed by a Guest lecture on “Food safety and hygiene standards in five star hotels”

Chef Nilesh enjoyed lunch thoroughly, he later conducted the session by sharing experiences of food safety and hygiene standards of hospitality industry and what is the basic requirement of the industry in the future. He also motivated students for pursuing the career in hospitality sector as it has a bright future. During the interaction Chef Nilesh mentored the students reminding them that passion is essential to succeed in the Industry.

The apogee of a three-day special French culinary fiesta at Vatel, Sushant University. This initiative commemorating with worldwide second edition of Good France, featuring French Gastronomy, was organized by School with aim to understand art and attributes of French Cooking and to explore French gastronomy in a broader sense. “Gȏut de France” along with sumptuous lunch was organized by the students in the school Honoring French Cuisine. The students not only took part with great enthusiasm but also learnt about the French delicacies and their preparations.

Series of workshops, Guest Lectures and Public lectures were organized during this week to celebrate Good France. Support from Hotel industry and French Embassy was really encouraging. Michelin-starred Chef Akrame Benallal, Owner of Group Akrame Power,Paris guided students towards achieving goals through perfection and shared reciepe of cooking with emotions and feelings.

Mr Rajindera Kumar, Director Vivanta, by Taj Ambassador, New Delhi, Mr. Tristan Beau de LOMENIE- Director of Operation LUXE Hotels India & General Manager Delegate – Pullman & Novotel New Delhi Aerocity were other speakers on the occasion. One of the rare moment, when alumni of world’s best Hospitality Schools Cornell, Lussane and Vatel addressed the audience.

As a sequel to the various academic activities oriented towards the overall exposure and hands-on experience for the students, Vatel School of Tourism and Hotel Management (STHM), Sushant University, in collaboration with Nestlé India Limited, organised Nestlé Young Chef Competition on April 21, 2017 within the University premises.

Students of 2nd and the 6th Semesters of STHM took a very enthusiastic and keen interest in the competition, for which strict modalities were specified by Nestlé. During the 4-hour competition filled with excitement, passion and enthusiasm, ten teams comprising of three students in each team were given the open challenge to exhibit their skills and produce a starter, a main course dish and a dessert. Specialised events of such nature can’t be solemnised without the presence and active involvement of industry experts; Chef. Ajay Anand, Director of Culinary, Pullman New Delhi Aerocity and Chef. Ashish Dhar, Chief Culinary Designer, Pullman New Delhi Aerocity were called upon to judge the performance of students and to give their expert comments about the taste, the texture, the colour, the appearance and the consistency of the dish, in relation to what was specified by the Nestle. A wide range of products comprising of Maggi, Nescafe, Coconut Milk, Dressings, Flavored milk, Kitkat, Sunrise coffee and Milkmaid brands were supplied by Nestlé India Limited. Students had the liberty to use props and decorations for the food presentation, which comes out excellent. Judges were amazed to witness the creativity of budding chefs, they congratulated Prof. R.K. Bhandari, Dean, STHM and Mr. Laurent Guiraud, Director of the Vatel programmes in India for a successful event.

24th April, 2017 – Vatel School of Tourism & Hotel Management, Sushant University organized a get-together to bid adieu to final year students. "It is actually very difficult to say goodbye to you students, with whom we have had a close association of more than a 1000 days. However, for us, this isn't a separation - we know that we will be associated with each other forever and will cherish the memories of having spent an excellent time together at the University" Said the Dean, Mr. R.K. Bhandari, who equally stressed upon hard work, without which, nothing was ever achievable.

Thereupon, it was an open house, wherein the seniors did exactly what the juniors asked them to do - be it mimicking a teacher, dancing, singing a song or acting like a half inebriated man. An over-enthusiastic student also exhibited his mettle by doing a hundred push-ups on the stage. The junior students took a lot of care in preparing and serving to their seniors Avadhi delicacies and a mocktail Green Apple Sparkle, rounded off with a delicious fruit cream. “The seeds which we sowed and nurtured have finally bloomed" said Mr. Laurent Guiraud, Director of the Vatel programmes in India... Everybody wished the passing-out batch good luck and looked forward to their continuous advice in future...

On 30th April 2017 on the occasion of their participation in the 11th Vatel International Convention in Mauritius, Dean Rajkishor Bhandari and Director Vatel Laurent Guiraud visited 16 students actually undergoing their 22 weeks Industrial Training on the island. Rendez-vous had been taken for Sunday morning at 9 and when the two gentlemen reached the students’ residence they found everybody asleep as boys and girls had only been back from their hotel shift around 2 am.

Within a few minutes everyone was up though and smiling faces had replaced sleepy ones…Faculty and students were happy to see each other after such a long time and both sides confessed on how they had missed each other. A lot was discussed on how things were shaping up in terms of internship and life in general on the island.

After a few photographs were clicked it was time to bid farewell, a bit of an emotional moment for all, but no worries August will bring us back together to begin a triumphal 5th semester!

It is this time of the year again when the 1st year students of Vatel School of Tourism and Hotel Management at Sushant University are gearing up for their summer classes in France. From 4th June 2017 to 21st August 2017 18 of them will undergo a 10 weeks’ internship in Vatel Hotel, the 4* property of our sister School in France.

Our student is thrilled at the idea of spending the summer in the south of France only 40 kilometers away from the Mediterranean Sea, the beautiful beaches of Grau du Roi and the enthralled Camargue region. Nîmes, a tranquil Gallo-Roman city nested in the Occitanie region of southern France, was an important outpost of the Roman Empire. It’s known for well-preserved monuments such as the Arena of Nîmes, a double-tiered circa-70 A.D. amphitheater still in use for concerts and bullfights. Both the Maison Carrée white limestone Roman temple and Pont du Gard tri-level aqueduct are around 2,000 years old. Hotel Vatel is open to general public, located within the school campus and adjacent to the student’s residence and their cafeteria. It counts 75 rooms and suites, 2 restaurants, fine dining and brasserie, banquet facility, indoor/outdoor pool, spa and gym, the perfect environment for our students to put into practice “live” the knowledge acquired over 2 semesters.

After a few cold sweats and sleepless nights awaiting their visas our 17 students and Director of Programme Amreesh Misra have finally boarded their flight and reached Paris safely on Sunday 4th June early morning. Everyone was fresh and happy although the night was short and Amreesh Sir had a hard time keeping his “troops” together, indeed the excitement of discovering a new place had overcome the fatigue.

But the trip was not over yet as the students of Vatel School of Hotel Management at Sushant University still had to board a TGV (bullet) train to reach their final destination Nîmes.

After a short 3 and ½ hours they were at Vatel Nimes, boys and girls were famished and without further ado they were “en route” for the student cafeteria, the food was appreciated although some thought it lacked a bit of “mirch”, welcome to France, one will have to adapt to the local fare… Everyone received the key to their room but resting was not in the agenda, better to head to the center of town to witness the famous “Feria de Nimes” the 65 years old festival.

In order to re-inforce the strong and cordial association that the School of Tourism and Hotel Management enjoys with the different service establishments, continuous efforts are made to keep the interaction alive with the hotels and fine-dine restaurants. Not only do these happenings enhance internship and placements opportunities for students, they also prove to be excellent means of getting to know the latest trends and the best practices employed by the hotels.

Events that definitely create a strong bonding between academia and industry are the ones in which more and more members of the two organizations are called upon to participate and to contribute. Games, matches, competitions, even rivalries become means to promote a sense of intimacy, friendship and nearness which eventually lead to enhanced productivity, efficiency and personal well-being.

One such activity – a football match was organised on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 between the staff of Hotel Crowne Plaza Gurgaon and the students of the School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Sushant University. More than a rivalry, it was a friendly match in which the students, being younger and agile, managed to score more goals than the Crowne Plaza team. It was quite evident that that the hotel staff are not able to dedicate enough time to sports, given their professional commitments and long duty hours… They were perhaps more victorious when they were themselves students at a much younger age...

“This was a very interesting game (not a match) – This was one of the many played with the students of the School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Sushant University, and our staff welcomes such breaks from time to time.” Said Nitika Bajaj, Director - Human Resources, CROWNE PLAZA TODAY, GURGAON.

In keeping with the festive season, students of the School of Tourism and Hotel Management (STHM) Sushant University, put together a brilliant, colourful show of the art of Boulangerie and Pâtisserie by producing aromatic cup cakes topped with the icing of exotic flavours of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and red currant.

The idea was, besides promoting a sense of teamwork and camaraderie amongst classmates, to gear them to welcome the students from the Dynasty International School Faridabad, who expressed a special wish to be exposed to the dynamic world of hospitality and thought it best to visit the STHM.

A warm greeting with a tour of the University, a welcome drink, followed by a formal lecture on professional food and beverage service, a Q-A, session was organised and was consummated by lunch. These activities were chronologically packaged for these students, who also carried back with them as a souvenir, a box of the entire assortment of cup cakes made by none other than the students of STHM.

'’The main purpose of this acivity is to arouse amongst the young and adolescent students, who might still be on the verge of deciding a career for themselves, an element of interest and to help them select a promising future in this fastest growing sector.’’ Said Mr. R. K. Bhandari, Dean, STHM, Sushant University…

School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Vatel at Sushant University have believed in “experiential education” which is defined as active student engagement in opportunities to learn through doing and reflection. This empower students to immediately apply theory to practice under the guidance of expert faculty. To impart the same School organized a Workshop on bulk bakery production techniques where students prepared the extensive variety of chocolates and cakes which will be helpful to take up the entrepreneur ventures by the students.

Sushant University organised a panel discussion by Young FICCI Ladies' Organisation (YFLO) panel discussion with the theme - Raising Millennials in the Digital Age at The Lalit hotel in New Delhi. Experts from the media and academia participated in the discussion, which deliberated deeply upon the increasing use of electronic media, facebook, instagram etc. and the impact - negative or positive that it may have, especially on the young millennials.

Students of the School of Tourism and Hotel Management at Sushant University took care of the entire protocol of the event; they laid out the seating plan, greeted the dignitaries, school teachers, renowned personalities and students of various schools and guided them to refreshments and seated them in the hall. Their hospitality did not end here; they prepared fresh cakes and chocolates for all participants and assisted the hotel staff in the service of lunch.

"These exposures give a first-hand feel to the students of hospitality - showing them how such important and prestigious events are handled" - Said Mr. R. K. Bhandari, Dean, STHM.

School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Vatel at Sushant University organised a Guest lecture on "Challenges and Opportunities in the Hospitality Industry” for the students. Ms. Bela Brahmbhatt – Area Manager Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School & William Blue College of Hospitality Management, Australia conducted the session by sharing experiences about demands of hospitality industry. She also motivated students for pursuing the career in hospitality sector as it has a bright future. During the interaction Ms. Bele discussed about various career options and courses available to students after doing Hotel Management and working opportunities in the continent.

In this highly competitive world, maximizing revenues is the most important task for any industry or trade, reason being huge investments involved in construction, marketing, maintenance and operations in order to be competitive and to gain customer loyalty. This truth manifests itself more in hotels as this a highly sensitive, service-oriented business. Students are the one who groom themselves into professional hotel employees. With a view to giving them a platform where they could understand the importance of remaining competitive and providing the best of the services to solicit repeat business from their customers, to not only retain their customers but also to expand their customer-base, STHM conducted a guest lecture for students on Revenue Management on 3rd November 17, Friday by Mr. Gaurav Chopra, Cluster Director – Revenue Management, North India, Hyatt Hotels. Mr. Chopra personally interacted with students and shared with them that revenue methodology has to be given the paramount importance. He further told students about different type of rooms, tariff trends and the tact to be used to upsell rooms. He focused on “shift in Revenue Management Process” to maximize the revenues and occupancies of the hotel. He stressed upon the fact that there is big change in the revenue management mechanism as contemporarily there is a greater focus on “market-based pricing” instead of cost based pricing which guides one to decide the best rack rate. As a matter of fact, the concept of rack-rate is now getting obsolete... in today’s competitive market, hotels regulate tariff on an hourly basis – more termed as the BAR (Best-Available-Rate) concept. The revenue departments of hotels are working round-the-clock to optimize the Average Room rates. Being interactive in nature, the session achieved the desired output and the students gained a lot of insights and first-hand, latest information on the dynamism of Revenue Management.

The industry-academia interface being a regular feature in hospitality education, the Final Year students of the Vatel School of Hospitality recently visited the Cyber Hub, Gurugram for one of the several lessons conducted Outside the Classroom. The Cyber Hub, renowned for offering famous, celebrated and eminent speciality restaurants under one roof is patronised by people from the world over (by virtue of its locality within the MNCs complex) The purpose of this visit was dual; that to understand the clientele patronising these restaurants and to learn from the entrepreneurs of these outlets the intricacies, complexities and secrets involved in the operation of such busy and highly successful restaurants.

Chef de cuisine Mr. Sunil Kumar, and Mr. Saif Anjum, a specialist in restaurant operations accompanied the students and instructed them to finely observe the layouts of the kitchen, the ways of storage, food handling and the service design. He instructed them to ask questions concerning the type of outlet, cover cost, scope of work for a fresher, specialised kitchen equipment being used, billing software and the impact of GST etc. The supervisors and the stewards, though busy in setting up their restaurants, were enthusiastic in answering all questions. Besides the learning involved in these activities, the students get to make good contacts with the entrepreneurs, get to work during the evenings and, eventually stand to be ideal candidates for a career in these very special outlets.

The clients of these outlets were amazed to see the smartly dressed young boys and girls talking to the employees of the outlets. The visit ended with quick bite at a Mexican Quick Service Restaurant, during which the team of students and professors exchanged a lot of views and suggestions…

The Dean, School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Mr. R.K. Bhandari welcomed them and gave them a detailed insight into the various courses conducted at the University and also spoke to them about the ever-growing sector of hospitality. After taking a tour of the University, the students participated in a chocolate, pizza and salad-making demonstration with a great interest and enthusiasm. This was a big eye-opener, I could never imagine having to do it with my own hands, was the comment of a girl student. I will explore the possibilities of making a career in this dynamic industry.

The Italian lunch consisted of pasta, sandwiches, salad, a mock tail and for dessert they had their own creation of crunchy, nutty chocolates. Participation certificates and a hamper containing muffins –baked by the students of STHM were distributed by the Dean and the Faculty members of STHM...

Just before they started their journey back, Ms. Simrat Singh – Professor of Geography, Summer Field School said, "We greatly appreciate this gesture of the University – Students who were still wondering as to what they should do after they finish school, have got precious guidance from the experts here..."

In continuation with the Vatel School of Hospitality Management’s (VSHM) endeavours to promote its association with the senior secondary schools within the NCR, an event for school children called Little Chefs’ Workshop was organized at the college. This workshop was unique as the children were supposed to produce their dishes at their own home, bring it to the college, finish it, present it, talk about it and get it tasted by VSHM’s expert chefs.

The children brought along Fudge Cake, Tri colour Idli with Chutney, Banana & Strawberry Cake, Corn salad, Buttermilk and Veg Pulao. These dishes were tested for their presentation, texture, colour combination and, indeed, the taste. Chef Malakar, Chef Sidharth and Chef Sunil Kumar from the college, on their part gave a live demonstration of Chinese cooking and taught them to prepare honey-chilly potatoes, Schezwan Paneer, Hakka Noodles and Banana Fritters with vanilla ice cream.

Sporting kitchen aprons and long Chef caps on their heads, these young people themselves looked like professional chefs. They shot many selfies and took a lot of pride in their work. All this created an exciting, bustling atmosphere in the kitchen.

“I am amazed to see a professional kitchen, its range of equipment and learnt a bit on the kitchen etiquette. All this will be very useful to me in the future” said one of the starry-eyed girl student”

The purpose behind conducting these activities is creating amongst the young students a sense of teamwork and camaraderie. Whatever little they have seen or done with their own hands today, will definitely create a lasting impression in their minds said Mr. R.K. Bhandari, Dean, School of Hospitality Management, Sushant University.

Unless a study prompts a mastery over the subject, it cannot be deemed to have been followed well. All theoretical lessons, especially in hotel management, must, for the sake of their wholesome understanding, be followed by their practical versions.

Entrepreneurship in banqueting, in which one is required to conduct a deep study of the client’s requirements, understand and conceptualize the proposed events, plan the layout, the staffing, the menu, the timings and the service design, is an extremely calculative, systematic and a methodical process. In such events, one has to rely not only upon the resources available within the house, but also coordinate with the external agencies for their specialized services. More so, as it happened on the last Sunday, when an event like The Legal Desire Awards Ceremony, in which retired chief justices, renowned legal advisors and celebrated lawyers like Mr. Ram Jethmalani were expected to attend, a lot of planning of the smallest and the finest detail was required. Hand-in-hand with the F&B professors of The Vatel School of Hospitality Management, the Chefs gathered resources and worked together to integrate and execute the breakfast service at 8 am, the pre-lunch conference tea at 11 am, lunch at 1 pm, rounded off with high tea at 3 pm; and, this wasn’t for anything less than 250 guests for each service. When the purpose of the event is prestigious, things are never left to chance. Not only the quality of food, but also the ambience, the prompt and courteous service and care had to be executed at a level nothing below the highest standards.

“The event went off with flying colours; we did not leave any stone unturned to make our guests happy” was the comment made by Mr. R.K. Bhandari while replying to the kudos, compliments and letters of appreciation received from the School of Law, the pro-vice chancellor and the vice chancellor of the University.

A CROWNING VISIT No industry can function, neither can it survive in isolation should it not be for the constant cooperation of external factors or that of the agencies that help it grow and flourish. Enjoying close ties with HM institutes, where lies a wealth of semi-trained, Cultured manpower, the hotels constantly invite students for internships, special occasions, competitions, sports and, indeed, for placement. Conversely the hotel managers visit institutes for delivering lectures on the best practices adopted by them, to make the students aware of the emerging trends in hospitality and to be part of the institute’s meetings and celebrations. These close interactions build a sense of industry-academia bonding and create an atmosphere of proximity and teamwork.

Ms. Nikita Bajaj, Director Human Resources, the Crowne Plaza Gurgaon, whose portfolio was recently elevated to a higher role at the regional headquarters, for the purpose of continuing the seamless relationship enjoyed by the two organisations, visited the Vatel School of Hospitality Management to introduce her successor, Ms. Anshul Sharma.

“We will make sure that not only do we continue this beautiful trend, but also will we try and work towards capitalizing upon each other’s strengths” were the words of Anshul…

It was co-incidental that the School’s parents-teachers’ meeting was in progress at the time of their visit and the parents were happy to observe a close relationship that we maintained with the Crowne Plaza… Secondly, she invited 8 of our final year students to visit the hotel and explore career opportunities in the various departments in food production.

Away from the run-of-the-mill get-togethers wherein formal, sermon-like lectures are delivered and vital statistics discussed (which do happen to embarrass students at times) the Vatel School of Hospitality Management invited its students with their parents to their own Vatel Restaurant, the advantage of which, as it usually happens during visits to all good restaurants, was, to first of all, make them happy and comfortable, away from the atmosphere of a classroom lecture.

“We would much rather call these meetings as Parent-Teacher Partnership Workshops as the mission of both the parents and the teachers is the same - To mould their respective wards into successful professionals and finally into respectable citizens of our country.” Said Mr. R.K. Bhandari, the dean of the School. The fact that this should be a joint effort was, as per the brief, duly stressed upon by the respective faculty members as well.

This really worked like magic - It was amazing to see how some otherwise introvert students freely opened up their minds and heartily expressed their concerns about matters related to their academic pursuits. Several valuable issues and suggestions came up and correctional measures were deliberated upon at length.

This was a very fruitful activity and we plan to conduct it in the same format, soon after the mid-term results are declared, said Mr. Amreesh Mishra – the course director…

A Masterclass on American Whiskey and Cocktails was organized by the famous organization - Cocktail & Dreams located in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. This unique demonstration was attended by the faculty members specializing in F&B service and the Final Year students of Vatel School of Hospitality Management. This was on a special invite by the organizers of Cocktails & Dreams.

The session was conducted by Mr Yangdup Lama, American whiskey Ambassador for India, he is a master in mixology and in using the American Whiskey for several interesting cocktails. He highlighted the basics of the beverage, clearly outlining its differences between Rye, Tennessee and Bourbon, and demonstrating a couple of classic cocktails. The class participants also tasted samples of Jim Beam White Label Bourbon and Jack Daniel’s Old # 7 Tennessee Whiskey.

Goût de France, a century old festival that has united the culinary experts, food enthusiasts and chefs from all over the world, stands out to be a unique event wherein 1500 chefs serve their menus in French Style.

Encouraged by the resounding success of this event last year, the students and professors of Vatel School of Tourism and Hospitality put up three days of French gastronomical delight again this year and produced delicacies like Sole Paupiette, Croque-Monsieur, broken wheat and sprout salad, Zucchini, olive and tomato quiche, prawns thermidor, crème brulée, assortiment de gateaux and fruits parfait.

The festival was culminated by this morning’s event and lunch which was attended by personalities like Mr. K.B. Kachru, Chairman Emeritus and Principal Advisor, Carlson Rezidor Hotel group, Chef Devendra Kumar, the President of Indian Culinary Forum and Vice President, food production, Le Méridien, New Delhi, Eric Boutté, a Michelin Star Chef, L’Aubergade, Lille France and Prof. Stéphan Collet of École Saint-Martin, France. This is what the distinguished guests had to say:

Chef Devendra Kumar – The tourism industry is growing by leaps and bounds – if you want to succeed, the basic aspects of hospitality should be clear in your mind. Today the world is becoming very competitive but only the best are being awarded Padma-Shree Awards…

Mr. K.B. Kachru – French cuisine is the mother of all cuisines. Food is what unites the peoples and regions of this world. The opportunities in this trade are never-ending, millions jobs will be up for grabs in the near future.

Chef Éric Boutté: His advice to the young and upcoming hoteliers was that they should have love and passion for food and must keep their cooking style simple. Nothing big can be ever achieved without hard work.

Chef Stéphan Collet who represents a college of hospitality in Lille, France, who looking at the enthusiasm of our students was keen on doing student-exchange programs with India, wanted to invite the Indian students to his schooland was keen on introducing Indian cuisines in his school.

This morning’s celebration was culminated by lunch prepared and served by the students under the guidance of the School’s Chefs… We are always keen on participating in the international culinary and other related events on hospitality. These events broaden the horizon of our students and give a totally new approach towards hospitality…said Mr. R.K. Bhandari, Dean, Vatel School of Hospitality Management, Sushant University, Gurgaon.

The Vatel School of Hospitality Management (VSHM) organized a first-of-its-kind AUTHORS’ CONCLAVE. The Conclave was attended by eminent writers like Chef Parminder Singh Bali – Corporate Chef, Oberoi Centre for Learning and Development, Dr. Nimit Chaudhary, Director, Department of Tourism, Hotels and Hospitality studies, Jamia-Milia Islamia University, New Delhi, Mr. S.K. Bhatnagar – former principal, IHM Faridabad, Mr Deepak Behl, Director HR, The Park New Delhi and Mr. Shakesh Kumar from BCIHMCT. It was a moment of truth that Chef Bali’s latest book on Bakery and Patisserie was released during the progress of the Conclave, which was attended by deans of various schools of Sushant University and the students of the VSHM.

Chef Bali told the students that his journey to success wasn’t smooth, neither was his life ever a bed of roses. There were instances wherein he was ‘slapped, kicked and had to tolerate the burns of hot skewers straight from the tandoor – “Those are the tough days and that’s how you’re literally grilled – but now, all this is forgotten after you’ve kissed the cup of success”. Pointing towards the students, he said he could do it only because he was in love with his work… Food is not barely a means to fulfil your appetite – it is an experience that you give to somebody, says he… Mr. Nimit Chaudhary spoke about the steady growth of the tourism sector and about millions of job vacancies soon going to be available for the budding professionals and entrepreneurs.

Mr. Bhatnagar spoke about the times when nobody could ever imagine to make a career out of cooking. This is so different from the modern times, when Chefs are regarded as one of the most respected people in the Society.

The panel discussions in which all the dignitaries participated highlighted the need for Training the Trainer as this would help tremendously in bridging the industry-academia gap. The industry moves much faster and changes the ways of operation far more quickly than the syllabi of the HM institutes or what may be taught in the classrooms. A hand-in-had progress of the two is of utmost importance.

Mr. Jérémie Rossignol of Vatel Business School of France, who was incidentally available in the Conclave spoke about the importance of discipline in every field – in whatever you may do – professional or personal and the only way to guarantee success… The conclave concluded on a great note of success, wherein the main essence of highlighting the importance of creative writing and creative thinking was greatly deliberated upon and understood by the young, budding hoteliers of tomorrow…

Notwithstanding the spin-off that exciting events rake in for hospitality institutes, where change is considered to be the only constant factor, the main interest.

The overwhelming popularity derived from Chef Comp with Nestlé last year served as a reassurance that such events, besides creating a do-or-die situation, bring about, on the other hand, a deep sense of camaraderie and fellowship among the worst of rivals and gets out the best in everybody. The Vatel School of Hospitality Championship 2018 though positioned itself as a friendly match, the atmosphere of gruelling rivalry, enmity, conflict and challenge that it eventually created, couldn’t but be avoided. The killer instincts of the budding chefs brought about the best of talent and that’s what the sole aim of VSHM was…Secret, thoughtful dishes were being created in closely guarded work-stations. This time the event was sponsored by not one, but by two famous organisations – The Nestlé (of course!) and California Walnuts. As many as 14 teams, with just two members to a team were given to prepare delicacies with their own imagination. The sponsors strongly mandated though that their company’s popular brands like Maggi (sauces and noodles), milk powder, Maggi Makhni gravy, Milkmaid, Nescafé and the protein-rich California nuts be used as the base items for normal and baked desserts.

The Judges Chef Saurav Srivastava, Executive Chef, Aloft Hotels, Chef Sudarshan Bhandari, Former Executive Chef, Crown Plaza, Gurmeet Bhatia, Corporate Chef, Pind Balluchi Restaurants, Puneet Sethi, Executive Chef, Hilton Double-Tree hawk-eyed experts who usually happen to catch only the irregularities in the contenders’ work, were around to see that not only the guidelines and time limits are adhered to, but also that the process is carried out in the authentic way…

“After the success of these two Chef Competitions, we are happy and indeed convinced to see that instead of hotels, associating with the food processing companies for such prestigious events proves to be an extremely productive activity and our students get to discover the wide-ranging use of their products” said Mr, R.K. Bhandari, Dean, Vatel School of Hospitality Management.