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On December 5, 2020, the Department of Optometry in collaboration with Narayana Nethralaya, Bangalore had organized the Virtual Inauguration of the Certificate Course on PEDIATRIC VISION & CORTICAL VISION IMPAIRMENT. The session was honored by eminent speakers like Dr Rohit Shetty, Dr Anand S Vinekar, Dr Arun Singh, Dr Cathy Stern, Dr Sumit Grover and Ms Puja Sarbajana. The Chief Guest for the event was Dr Rajvardhan Azad, who enlighted our event with his inspirational words. Ms. Puja briefed all the attendees about the upcoming course and its importance to pursue. The session was open to all the registrants including Bachelor and Masters in optometry students, Optometry Professionals and Ophthalmology Residents. The event also went live on YouTube to the people across. A Pre-test form was shared with all participants to check their basics.


The Inauguration was to officially declare the Certificate Course starting from December 12,2020. The objective of the course is to outline and illustrate the concepts of pediatric vision and its assessment, and cortical visual impairment to the eye care practitioners and healthcare professionals across the country.


A total of 100 registrations including Guests+Faculties+Participants on Zoom and 50 participants were present on YouTube live.


Speaker: Dr. Ritwika Shankar, Dr. Keerti Wali, Dr. Sumit Grover, Dr. Krati Gupta, Dr. Uma Agarwal, Dr. Nikhil Gotmare

Time: 10:00-13:00 & 14:00-17:00

Date: November 21, 2020

Platform: Google Meet

Link: meet.google.com/wzj-wqom-cno & meet.google.com/eww-zqne-vds


On November 21, 2020, the Department of Optometry had organized a webinar on Dry Eye & Refractive Surgeries, adapting new devices and techniques in the dry eye and refractive surgery workup. Dr. Keerti Wali, Dr. Ritwika Shankar and Dr. Sumit Grover had presented their talk on Dry Eyes and Dr. Krati Gupta, Dr. Uma Agarwal and Dr. Nikhil Gotmare presented their talk on Refractive surgeries to the Bachelor and Master of Optometry students. The webinar was also open to the Diploma students and Ophthalmology residents. During the webinar, the attendees shared their doubts and got them clarified. Most of the queries were addressed during the question – answer session. The session was divided in 2 parts, each lasted for 3hours and all the participants were very active and enthusiastic. The feedback form link was sent to all participants and the session was worth learning new technologies.

OBJECTIVE: The webinar was aimed at the recent advancements and techniques used in the evaluation of Dry eyes and pre-refractive surgery workup by optometrists.

PARTICIPANTS: A total of 85 participants have attended the event. (Registrants+ Students+ Faculties)

Dr. Nikhil Gotmare presenting to the attendees

Talk by Dr. Krati Gupta

Talk by Dr. Sumit Grover

Talk by Dr. Keerti Wali

On the occasion of world sight day 2020, a webinar was organised by department of optometry, SHS, Sushant university on 10/10/20. Dr Praveen vashist, Head department of community ophthalmology, RP centre, AIIMS delivered a keynote lecture on the topic “ National program for control of blindness and visual impairment India-current priorities”. The session was moderated by Dr Sumit, associate professor, SHS. Prof. Monica Chaudhry director SHS gave the welcome address, the whole session was hosted by Malika abbas, student bachelor optometry.

The lecture was well appreciated by the audience, Dr Vashist highlighted the role of optometry in our national program for control of blindness and invited students optometry from Sushant university to be the part of new projects in NPCB and vison centers, Prof. Monica gave the vote of thanks and it was envisioned to take the association of university with NPCB move forward with new prospects involving students in vision centers.

Dr sumit concluded the session summarizing the important points. Certificate of appreciation was given to Dr Vashist by the department.

Webinar: World Sight Day Debate competition

Judges: Dr. Ajeet Bhardwaj and Dr. Anita Aravind

Onboard: Prof. Monica Chaudhry and Other faculty members of Optometry

Student team: Ms. Mallika Abbas, Ms. Harsift Kaur, and Mr. Syed Nabeel

Time: 11:30-13:30

Date: October 08, 2020

Platform: GoogleMeet

Link: https://meet.google.com/ska-pqef-uhf


On the occasion of World Sight Day 2020 (Observed on the second Thursday of October every year), the Department of Optometry conducted a debate competition. The budding optometrists, the future of the profession, our own students have enthusiastically participated and show cased their perspective on the current issues in the profession of Optometry. The session lasted for 100 minutes and all the participants were very active and enthusiastic. Ms. Roshni, faculty, hosted the event and Ms. Subhashini along with the students viz., Ms. Mallika, Ms. Harsift and Mr. Syed moderated the debate. Dr. Sumit and Prof Monica were coordinators. Dr. Ajeet Bhardwaj and Dr. Anita Aravind were the chief guests and judges for the competition. Mr. Phani Krishna and Mr Zeeshan were backhand support for the event.

Four topics were finalized and four teams debated FOR and AGAINST the respective topic each.

Below are the topics:

1. Co Management with an Ophthalmologist: YES or NO

2. Optometrists should be allowed to prescribe the drugs: Agree or Disagree

3. Giving optician a license: Justified or Not Justifiable

4. Liaison of Optometry with online spectacles merchants - Acceptable or Not

OBJECTIVE: The debate is aimed to present a platform for the young optometrists to put forward their thoughts on the current issues in the Optometry.

PARTICIPANTS: Students of B Optometry Semester I, III and V along with M Optometry semester I & III took part in the competition.

ATTENDEES: A total of 145 participants (+/- 10) have attended the event. (Students+ optometrists)


Flyer of the event

Ms. Mallika presenting the rules of the debate

Student participating in Debate

Dr. Ajeet giving his thoughts after the debate

Dr. Anitha giving her thoughts after the debate

During the debate

Prof. Monica addressing the gathering

List of participants and winners of the debate competition


A very interesting debate by the students of SU on the occasion of WSD. The pulse of the youth and their thoughts on current situation of optometry in India came out very well. The present youth are well aware of the profession and its need in fulfilling the eye care needs of India. - Dr. Anita Arvind, Judge

- It was really a very great experience to for me to be a part of this debate and I also learned alot of things from the experienced once ,also gained alot of knowledge about optometry field. - Ms. Yukti Singh, Participant of Debate competition

Thank you providing us that glorious opportunity to participate on that meet. There is an excellent cross exam and defense against negative team objections, there’s a clear communication, reasons given for arguments, calm but impassioned, well researched - Mr. Dipesh, Attendee

It was a great event, Everyone’s voice was heard. Every student was very enthusiastic, and had something to say, The Judges gave amazing inputs, which added a lot to the event ! I enjoyed. Would want to join to many more like this - Mr. Deepesh, Attendee

Sushnat University and our department of health sciences always organise something special on the occasion of WSD. But this year was totally different. Debate competition with such a good number of participants and an amazing topics to debate to explore the scenario of Optometry today and to talk on rights and responsibilities of optometrist was a fruitful idea. Being a participants I researched more on what is happening today in our field. I tend to get more knowledge on the bills and the amendments of government and all which we totally tend to ignore. In terms if enjoyment and education knowing the thoughts of other participants it was the intresting event. - Ms. Anuja Sharma, Participant of Debate competition

It was a great event, The student host was cute and made funny faces! - Anonymous student

Report submitted by Ms. Subhashini B

Department of pharmacy ,SHS organised World Pharmacist Day to motivate and encourage entire pharmacy fraternity.

Day: Friday

Date: 25/9/2020

Coordinators: Mrs. Manvi Aggarwal and Mrs Navneet Vinayak

Moderator : Ms Anshika Sharma

Participants: All the members of Pharmacy faculty ,students from B.pharmacy Ist year and B.Pharmacy second year students and students from SHS enthusiastically participated in World Pharmacist Day Celebrations.

Programme schedule:

10.am. - Saraswati vandana

10.05a.m - Address by Prof.Monica Chaudhary

10.10 a.m - Address by Dr. Chhavi mam

10.15 a.m - Pharmacist Oath

10.25 a.m- Pharmacy song

10.30 a.m- Talent Hunt Performance by students

10.45a.m- Slogan competition(Slogan writing,reading and its justification)

11.00a.m-Rangoli competition

1.00 p.m- Rejoining the meeting

1.05 p.m- Debate competition

1.20p.m- Students read their slogans and gave explaination about it.

1.45pm-Vote of Thanks by Saurabh sir

Key points of the day:

• All the students got to know the importance of celebrating world pharmacist day .

• All the students enthusiastically participated in World Pharmacist day.

• Speech by Prof. Monica Chaudhary and Dr. Chhavi Singla was really encouraging for the budding pharmacists.

• All the faculty members of pharmacy deptt. students of pharmacy took pharmcy oath.

• Topics for debate were: Concept of online sales of medicines : Right or Wrong

• Students really put across their perspectives and thoughts about the topic very well.

• Students displayed their singing,poetry writing performances in Talent hunt competition.

• Students really enjoyed on the pharmacy song.

Snaps of the World Pharmacist day:

Topic of the talk: Scope of Pharmacy-India a global pharma hub

Day: Friday

Date: 11/9/2020

Speaker: Mr. Vipul Kumar Gupta (M.Pharma, Gold Medalist, M.D.B.A ,Director -Corporate affairs,Cipla Ltd,New Delhi)

Key Points of the talk:

1. India is a global pharmacy hub.

2. Indian companies are filling the maximum DMF (Drug Master files) and ANDA files (Abbreviated New Drug Application ) for generic drugs.

3.Pharma offers lot of scope and opportunities to pharmacy professionals.

4. There are enormous job opportunities after B.Pharmacy and M.Pharmacy.

5. Students can opt for Marketing and sales representative .It is a very promising career as most companies extend their sales team and sales team are the backbone of each and every pharma company.

6. India is a biggest production hub as every third tablet that enters the world is from India so pharmacy students can get themselves involved in the production house.

7.Baddi, Sikkim are the production hubs in India and as per new policy Karnal and Panipat are going to be next bulk drug and medical devices hubs.

8. Students can enter into Quality assurance and Quality control departments.

9. Students can also work as a Drug inspector ang regulators in CDSCO after completion of their B.pharmacy and M.pharmacy.

10. Their are lot of scope of pharmacy professionals in Formulation development, Drug regulatory affairs patents and Clinical studies.

11. In the current scenario of pandemic situation pharma industry is doing very well.

12.Pharmacy is the most promising and upcoming sector in India in future.

Snaps of the talk:

By : Malika, Michael, Meru, Muskan, Sadhana, Shivam(MLT-5th)

By : Santosh, Satvik, Srashti, Suyash, Souvik, Vishal(MIT5-th).

By : Harsift, Himanshu, Jung, Kalpesh, Manisha, Nakul.(MIT-5th).

By : Ayusha, Ayushi, Bhawnish, Florence, Harshit, Vaishali (CVT-5th)

By: Syed, Tanveer, Vaibhav, Virender, Vivek, Yash


Speaker: Dr. Sumit Grover

Onboard: Prof. Monica Chaudhry and Other faculty members of Optometry

Time: 09:15-10:15

Date: August 29, 2020

Platform: GoogleMeet

Linkhttps://meet.google.com/sqr-bwcy-nao (OR) https://bit.ly/3gtyCFO


On August 29, 2020, the Department of Optometry had organized a webinar EXPERIENCE VISION, an initiative promoted by the Optometry Council of India & supported by Bausch & Lomb that was focused to increase the awareness of eye health among children and the general public. Dr. Sumit Grover, Program Director & Head to Dept. Of Optometry & Vision sciences has presented the talk to students from 5th to 10th standard pursuing their education in OpenSky School, Gurgaon. The webinar was also open to the teaching and non-teaching staff of the school, and the parents of the students. During the webinar, the attendees shared their thoughts, concerns, and doubts and got them clarified. Most of the queries were addressed during the question – answer session. The session lasted for 60 minutes and all the participants were very active and enthusiastic. A feedback form was shared with the attendees for them to share their experience during the webinar and to drop the questions if any. The attendees were assured that the queries shall be answered via mail within a weeks’ time. OBJECTIVE: The ‘Experience Vision’ program by OCI is aimed at improving the quality of life for studying children by ensuring proper awareness and vision correction for them.

PARTICIPANTS: A total of 145 participants (+/- 15) have attended the event. (Students+ parents+ school staff)


We have coordinated with the school management and would be planning an eye screening camp for the school children, once the situation due to the global pandemic settles.


Flyer of the event

Picture of Dr. Sumit presenting during the webinar


TIME: 3 TO 4: 30 PM

Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour and mental processes. Behaviour includes all of our outward or overt actions and reactions, such as verbal and facial expressions and movements.

Mental processes refer to all the internal and covert activity of our mind such as thinking, feeling and remembering. It is a scientific study because to study behaviour and mental processes, the psychologists use the scientific methods for understanding more precisely and accurately. The word Psychology has its origin from two Greek words ‘Psyche’ and ‘Logos’, ‘psyche’ means ‘soul’ and ‘logos’ means ‘study’. Thus literally, Psychology means ‘the study of soul’ or ‘science of soul’.

Main emphasis of the webinar was to throw the light on various aspects or fields of specialisation post 10+2. But we welcomed others too UG and PG students too. Dr. Nagpal and Dr .Malik had shared their expert opinions and various post education prospects in psychology.

Department of Pharmacy, Sushant School of Health Sciences, Sushant University, Gurugram organised a webinar on 22nd June 2020. Timings of the webinar: 11.30am in the morning.

Topic of the webinar: Clinical research before, during and after covid-19.

Mode of conducting webinar : Cisco webex

Registrations: Aspiring students, students, assistant professors, associate professors, professors and industrialists from CRO'S registered for the webinar .

Moderator: Dr. Chhavi Singla (Principal,Pharmacy Department)

Guest Speaker of the webinar: Mr. Anoop Singh is serving as a regional director ,Takeda Pharmaceuticals ,Bangalore, India. He beautifully explained about the clinical trials and gave insights into all the phases that a drug has to pass before entering into the market .


    • • New drug development is a very tedious and time consuming process.
    • • It takes 14-15 yrs to find a new drug molecule.
    • • Pharmaceutical industries spend million of dollars to find a new drug entity.
    • • A drug has to pass through many phases like animal testing, ADME studies ,clinical trials etc. before entering into market.
    • • NDA contains upto 12,000 pages of data and FDA takes upto 12 months to review it.
    • • In covid-19 situation regulatory bodies are giving fast approvals for clinical trials . Earlier it used to take one year to get permission from regulatory bodies to conduct clinical trials.

PARTICIPANTS: Aspiring students, students, professors, assistant professors and industrialists from different states attended the webinar.

All the participants have been given e-certificates.


Lubhawana Singh: Session was very well. I loved the session given by Mr.Anoop.

Kartik Rana: The session was very informative and knowledgable.

Laxmi Gupta : Very informative and interesting webinar.

Subhashini Bonkuri: It was an excellent and informative talk.It was such a pleasure to be part of it. Snaps of Webinar

1. Organised a webinar for health science students on the topic ‘Effectiveness of convalescent plasma therapy in severe Covid-19 patients. Participants who secured more than 80% in post webinar test were awarded participation certificate. Around 120 participants attended the session, out of which 80 attendees secured above 80% in post-test.

Student’s feedback

Thank You ma'am for organizing this valuable webinar.

This webinar not just helped us to educate ourselves on some important points on the Novel Coronavirus but it also made us capable of educating others too in this pandemic of COVID-19.

Being a member of the Medical Lab Technologist family, we are going to be the frontline warriors and it's our responsibility to know each and every aspect of this Virus.

This webinar on the plasma therapy was really very informative and I'm proud of myself that I'm going to be in this profession. Informative webinars like this should be conducted on a regular basis.

Thank You Ma'am!

Vishesh Singh Rajput (B.Sc.MLT IVth semester student )

The webinar was very knowledgeable and interesting. So, I would like to thank our department of Medical laboratory for organizing such an informative session complimentary with the current COVID-19 scenario.

Kartik Rana

B.Sc. MLT IInd sem student





THIS SESSION WAS AIMED AT NEUROPLASTICITY. NEUROPLASTICITY IS Neuroplasticity, also known as brain plasticity, or neural plasticity, is the ability of the brain to change continuously throughout an individual's life, e.g., brain activity associated with a given function can be transferred to a different location, the proportion of grey matter can change and synapses may strengthen or weaken over time. The aim of neuroplasticity is to optimize the neural networks during phylogenesis, ontogeny and physiological learning, as well as after a brain injury.[1] Research in the latter half of the 20th century showed that many aspects of the brain can be altered (or are "plastic") even through adulthood. However, the developing brain exhibits a higher degree of plasticity than the adult brain.



Expressive arts therapy is a multimodal approach to therapy similar to its cousin’s drama therapy and music therapy. Expressive arts therapy may incorporate writing, drama, dance, movement, painting, and/or music. People utilizing expressive arts therapy are encouraged by a qualified therapist to explore their responses, reactions, and insights through pictures, sounds, explorations, and encounters with art processes. A person is not required to have artistic ability to use or benefit from expressive arts therapy.



It was an opportunity for our batch to interact with someone experienced in the field of psychology and its applications in modern day treatments of patients suffering from mental illnesses.


Expression art therapy session which was held on 23rd April was interesting as well as informative. We learn about many therapies like music therapy, poetry therapy, art therapy, etc. The session was very good.


On 23rd April, we had a session on expressive art therapy with Dr. Amita Puri. It was informative and interesting. We were taught the various types of expressive therapies used by psychologists as well. Would like to have more similar workshops in the future.



Autosuggestion is the basis of most hypnotism. An “autosuggestion” or “self-suggestion” is a suggestion which you give to yourself. It can take the form of a verbal affirmation or sometimes a mental image. Self-hypnosis was invented in the early 1840s by the Scottish physician and surgeon, James Braid, the founder of hypnotherapy. Braid didn’t use the word “autosuggestion” but he did define hypnotism as a state of focused attention on an “expectant, dominant idea”. Braid therefore thought that all hypnosis was essentially self-hypnosis. He later compared “self-hypnotism”, as he actually called it, to the meditation techniques of ancient Indian yoga though insisting that hypnotism worked by means of simple, common sense, psychological principles.



It was relaxing and interesting. We were taught the auto suggestion method to relax which works for us even now and we could do it on our own as well.


Auto suggestion or hypnosis session was great and interesting as well. I feel so calm and relax after that auto suggestion session.


My hypnosis experience was very good as it made me more relaxed and taught different ways to control my anger and also to be a better person in life

I would like to thank you ma'am and sir for the session.

It was relaxing and interesting. We were taught the auto suggestion method to relax which works for us even now and we could do it on our own as well.



Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It can come from any event or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, or nervous.

Stress is your body's reaction to a challenge or demand. In short bursts, stress can be positive, such as when it helps you avoid danger or meet a deadline. But when stress lasts for a long time, it may harm your health. At present scenario stress that is building is dangerous it can lead to frustration, aggression and emotional instability if persists over longer period of time. To deal with these kinds of situations relaxation is the best option to optimise your emotions to deal with this we brought “VISUALIZATION AND GUIDED IMAGERY TECHNIQUE FOR STRESS REDUCTION”.

The practice of guided imagery is extremely portable, as it relies on nothing more than one's imagination and concentration abilities which people always have at their disposal (provided they aren't exhausted). However, like most techniques requiring mental concentration, it is usually most successfully practiced without interruption in a setting that is free from distracting stimulation. The bathroom can be used in a pinch, if no other suitably private and peaceful location is available.

It can be done by self-suggestion but better done if instructions are given by expert in the field. Reason being your mental processes will be involved in relaxation processes so it may happen you many sleep and skip or not able to carry the steps


Whole session was divided into three days first day was focussed on stress and its relation to youth and conditions at present times. Second day Archana maam conducted relaxation therapy it was wonderful experience. On third day Satish sir had discussion with real life aspects.


It was very interactive session and good to learn lot of things and sequence for sessions was very good and it was very organised and had learnt a lot.

Feedback from External participants.

Raji Patil: Thank you for such a Insightful webinar series...Please upload all the videos of these webinar series…..

Department of Cardiovascular Technology at Sushant School of Health Sciences, Sushant University (Gurugram) organized 02 days Webinar on13th May and 15th May 2020 at 5.30 – 6.40 pm through Google Meet in the evening. The number of participants are more than 100 approx.

The Guest speaker of the webinar were Mr. Bharat Bhushan, Assistant professor, AHA Instructor, Assam Down Town University, Mr. Ramesh Basa

Assistant professor, SSHS, Sushant University, Gurgaon, Ms. Jyoti, Assistant professor, SSHS, Sushant University, Gurgaon, Ms. Mir Uzma , Assistant professor, SSHS, Sushant University, Gurgaon.


Learning Objectives:

  • Course Introduction, 1-Rescuer Adult BLS, 2-Rescuer Adult BLS by Mr Ramesh Basa.
  • AED and Bag Mask device by Mr. Bharat Bhushan
  • Infant BLS, Bag Mask Device in infants by Ms. Jyoti
  • Adult and infant chocking by Mir Uzma

Feedback by the participants:

The workshop was extremely helpful. It was informative and interactive as well. I personally had several doubts regarding my profession and my career ahead, this session helped in clearing them all. It was a pleasure to hear such great speakers.

- Ishika Tyagi

The workshop was extremely helpful. It was informative and interactive as well. I personally had many doubts regarding my course and my career ahead, this session helped in clearing them all. It was a great pleasure to hear such great speakers. I'm glad that I got such a wonderful faculty whose helping us in such a pandemic situation by organizing all these sessions

- Asmita

Thank you so much for organizing such a valuable webinar on "interventional cardiology", it was indeed an eye opener. It was very informative as well as interactive, Because of today's session we were able to learn so many new things regarding our course, we also came to know about the scope and where we stand in this professional field. With your guidance we have developed confidence in ourselves. Your patience and commitment means a lot to us. It was a great pleasure to hear such wonderful speakers.

- Parushi Kunwar

It was great experience of hearing great personalities live during this pandemic.. In those few hour session I learned so many things which definitely going to boost my enthusiasm... They just cleared all our doubts and ques. Arising in my minds regarding my future... Being a student the first thing come up in mind is about my future.. But when i listened sir and mam i felt good, and became confident that my career is on right track...

I wouldlike to thank my faculty members who organised such an amazing workshop.

By. Lalit Yadav

Thank you once again for giving this opportunity to gain knowledge via Webinar from one of the best faculties as well as Best Student passed from our university. I am very Thankful to you for caring about all of us for our better Tomorrow.

- Prabhat

Department of Cardiovascular Technology at Sushant School of Health Sciences, Sushant University (Gurugram) organised 2 days Webinar through Google meet on 12th & 13th May, 2020 at 5.30 – 6.40 pm in the evening.

Guest Speaker of the webinar were Dr. Vithal D Bagi, Senior Consultant and Interventional Cardiologist, Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore,  

Mr. Radhakrishna Neelakanta, Senior Manager - Cath Lab, Sakra World Hospitals, Bangalore,  Ms. Sabreen Muzamil

Cardiac Sonographer, Imperial College of London Diabetes Centre, Abu Dhabi – UAE, Mr. Arunava Mukherjee, Lecturer at Sharda

      Learning Objectives:
    • Interventional Cardiology insights by Dr Vithal D Bagi
    • Scope and Career Path by Mr. Radhkrishna and Ms. Sabreen Muzamil
    • Roles and Responsibilities of Cardiovascular Technologist by Mr. Anurava
Feedback by the participants:

The workshop was extremely helpful. It was informative and interactive as well. I personally had several doubts regarding my profession and my career ahead, this session helped in clearing them all. It was a pleasure to hear such great speakers.

- Ishika Tyagi

The workshop was extremely helpful. It was informative and interactive as well. I personally had many doubts regarding my course and my career ahead, this session helped in clearing them all. It was a great pleasure to hear such great speakers. I'm glad that I got such a wonderful faculty whose helping us in such a pandemic situation by organizing all these sessions

- Asmita

Thank you so much for organizing such a valuable webinar on "interventional cardiology", it was indeed an eye opener. It was very informative as well as interactive, Because of today's session we were able to learn so many new things regarding our course, we also came to know about the scope and where we stand in this professional field. With your guidance we have developed confidence in ourselves. Your patience and commitment means a lot to us. It was a great pleasure to hear such wonderful speakers.

- Parushi Kunwar

It was great experience of hearing great personalities live during this pandemic. In those few hour session I learned so many things which definitely going to boost my enthusiasm... They just cleared all our doubts and ques. Arising in my minds regarding my future... Being a student the first thing come up in mind is about my future. But when i listened sir and mam i felt good, and became confident that my career is on right track...

I would like to thank my faculty members who organised such an amazing workshop.

~Lalit Yadav

Thank you once again for giving this opportunity to gain knowledge via Webinar from one of the best faculties as well as Best Student passed from our university. I am very Thankful to you for caring about all of us for our better Tomorrow

- Prabhat

Past, Present and Future of Optometry Education and Profession

Date April 12, 2020

Time : 6 pm to 8 pm IST

The webinar regarding the current and future of optometry has been watched by over 1000 people. It was discussing optometry in the US: where it was and where it had reached. And then further discussed how optometry in India is also growing.

The public health webinar discussed the importance of optometry at the forefront of community eye care in India. This webinar was conducted through Zoom and following were the presenter: Prof. Monica Chaudhry, Dr Sima Lal, Gunjan Kaushik

Moderator: Optom. Ajeet Bhardwaj & Optom Rajesh Wadhwa

Prepared by Dr. Sima Lal Gupta


Pharmacy department of Sushant School of Health Sciences, Sushant University, Gurugram Organised a webinar on 9th May 2020 at 4-5pm in the evening.

Topic of the webinar: Pre and Post Covid-19 opportunities in Pharmacy.

Mode of conducting webinar : Google meet.

Registrations: More than 300 registrations across 15 states .

Guest Speaker of the webinar: Mr. Ashish Kumar (VICE PRESIDENT ZYDUS CADILA). His presentation about the topic was very informative and marvelous. His insights were very exemplary. He explained about the Pharmacy Profession in a clear and simple way by quoting lot of examples.

Under the aegis of the Expert Lecture series, Institute of Clinical Research, India (ICRI) in collaboration with Sushant school of Health sciences (SSHS) at Sushant University organised an Expert Talk event on Feb 19th 2020, at the Sushant University, Gurugram Campus. The event was organised by Dr. Tani Agarwal (Faculty co-ordinator) and hosted by students of Clinical Research at SSHS, Sushant University. Industry Expert Mrs. Anupama Yadav, Principle and Global head, Business development from AshmarIP, Gurgaon gave an insightful presentation about Intellectual Property Rights in Healthcare. Her talk was focussed on different kinds of IPR related issues especially in healthcare and pharmaceutical sector and clearly explained the importance as well as process of timely patent filing to protect one’s Intellectual rights. The second talk was delivered by Ms. Ayesha who is assistant Professor at the Sushant School of Law (SSoL) and specialises in Health Laws and patents. She discussed some of the important case studies like the Gleevec IPR battle of Novartis along with several other nuances of the field. Overall, the event was well received and attended by more than 150 students and faculty not only from SSHS and SoL at Sushant University, but also attended by faculty and students of Clinical Research coming from other university campuses in NCR like, Medanta Medicity (MIER), Gurgaon, JIMS- Rohini, and ICRI, Greater Noida. Our students of B. Sc Clinical Research- S. Stelin, Anjali Misra and Aditya Singh of BSc. Clinical Research, also organised on the spot Quiz competition based on IPR at the end of the talk, in which the audience participated enthusiastically and took home exciting prizes along with IPR concepts.

Student Testimonial:

1. The event was all worthy for us with full of knowledgeable facts and ideas. I got to know about IPR in detail and also learnt about Trademarks, Patent Rights, and IPR laws in healthcare. Speaker also enlightened us about the recent spread of Coronavirus and the patent conflict between Gilead and Wuhan Institute, China for its medicine-Remdesivir. Desperately waiting for more such events.

-Neha, BSc CR-2nd sem, SSHS

2. The event was very enlightening for us. Both the speakers were very knowledgeable experts and connected well with us. They described very clearly and easily about patents, copyrights, trademarks and also discussed interesting case studies. Apart from this, the speaker also discussed the many career options available to students with IPR knowledge. This is very motivating and helpful for our career.

-Sangeeta, B.Sc CR-2nd Sem, SSHS

Sushant School of Health Science organized a half day international seminar on myopia control advancement on 17th February 2020. Students of B.Optometry & M.Optometry of Sushant Unversity along with students and faculty members of Sharda University, UPUMS University Etawah, Dehradun and several practicing optometrist from in and around Delhi, NCR have actively participated in the seminar and keenly learn about the new modalities of myopia control. Experts from Russia Dr Katherine Shibalko (Myopia Control Expert, Russia Academy of Ophthalmology) gave an expert talk on myopia control advancement where she spoke about recently developed bifocal soft contact lenses for myopia control in children. Another expert Mr Martin Conway (Professional Services Head, Contamac) gave an enlighten talk on materials and modalities used in soft contact lens manufacturing. The expert session was followed by live demonstration training where participants from various institutes learned the clinical pearls of handling those lenses. During the seminar, a collaboration was signed between Sushant University & OK Vision Russia to take the myopia control research to new heights by conducting several clinical trials at Sushant University.

Sushant University hosts seminar on Restoring Sight with contact lenses in patients with Irregular Cornea Date: 16.02.2020

Sushant University, in partnership with Menicon Ltd UK, successfully concluded a seminar for eye care practitioners, held at the Sushant University campus. The three-hour training and live fittings session was conducted by none other than the inventor of Rose K lenses – Dr Paul Rose. Dr. Paul specializes in keratoconus and irregular cornea patients, and is the designer of the Rose K family of lenses.

He was awarded the “Creative design and process award” by the CLMA (USA) in 2000 for innovation in lens design and manufacturing process to the enhancement of the contact lens industry, and again in 2007 by EFCLIN the largest association of contact lens manufacturers in the world for his contribution to the Contact Lens Industry.

Dr Paul’s lens designs for the irregular cornea are now fitted in over 90 countries and the Rose K brand is currently the most prescribed brand for the irregular cornea in the world. These lenses are successfully fit, giving comfort, vision and health to restore normal vision in almost all the patients.

Our Speakers for this event was Dr. Srilathaa Gunasekaran, Consultant, Cornea Cataract and Refractive surgery services at Medanta –The Medicity and Ms. Jyoti Dave –Singh Professional Bussiness Head –India, Menicon LTD .They introduces us to the topic “ cross linking and irregular cornea “.

Dr. Paul Rose has prescribed all the Rose k lenses followed by dispensing and aftercare by Ms. Jyoti-Dave –Singh. Later Proof Monica Chaudhry, Director, School of Health Sciences and Ms. Meenakshi, Clinic Head did the live fitting of various eye condition by different types of lenses under the guidance of Dr. Paul Rose.

Students Feedback:

“Great event which provided knowledge and new skills about speciality lenses. The collaboration with OK VISION is a great step for School of Health Sciences and we believe it will enhance our knowledge of contact lenses and myopia control.” “Firstly we would like to thanks everyone behind the concept of this conference....the whole idea and the information that we got from the conference was very useful, there were lots of new things that should be implicated in the contact lens practice...The lecture was very efficacious and implemental...lucky to be a part of this conference and most likely to be a Part of Sushant University.”

Students, Faculties and optometrist from Sushant and other university attending the Dr. Paul Rose Session.

Dr. Srilathaa Gunasekaran, Consultant and Cornea Specialist from Medanta giving session on Cross Linking and Irregular Cornea.

Dr. Paul Rose taking session during the seminar and describe on how to prescribe Rose K Lenses.

Lamp Lighting by Dr. Paul Rose, Ms. Jyoti Dave –Singh, Speaker, Dr. Shrilahaa, Speaker, Dr. DNS Kumar, VC of Sushant University, Prof. Monica Chaudhry, Director, SSHS

Advanced contact lens Course for Irregular cornea certificate giving to Student on successfully completing the course.

Live fitting in seminar by Prof. Monica, under the guidance of Dr. Paul Rose.

On September 07, 2018, Sushant University had launched the Menicon centre of excellence in collaboration with Menicon at its campus which is an academic, Research and referral centre. Patients with such corneal abnormalities are referred to this centre from across the region and have benefitted a lot from this.

Menicon Centre of Excellence uses Rose k Lense for such type of cases and this lenses are introduced by none other than-Dr. Paul rose. Dr. Paul Specializes in keratoconus and irregular cornea patients, and is the designer of the Rose K family of lenses.

On his visit to Gurugram for a Seminar on eye care practitioners, he along with Japan team of Menicon Ltd, visited to Sushanct Menicon Centre of Excellence, Sushant University, where he has discussed/checked few of rose K patients cases and counselled them.

He explored our center of excellence and received warm welcome by our optometry students. They celebrated Dr.Paul Rose birthday and wished him by giving handmade Greeting card.

He planted a tree as a token to his visit to Sushant Vision care centre and thanked Prof.Monica, Ms. Jyoti Dave-Singh and all clinic team for this memorable visit

A token of love from Sushant Team for Dr. Paul on his Birthday

Case discussion about special Rose K 2 Soft Lens

Exploring Oxsight Glasses at our Sushant SVCC Clinic.

Students welcoming Dr. Paul Rose in Sushant Vision Care Centre, Sushant University

Thanking Menicon Team from Japan for their presence during the visit of Dr. Paul Rose.

Mr. Himanshu and Mr. Vaibhav from Johnson & Johnson visiting Sushant School of Health Sciences and condusted 2 expert lectures for the optometry students.

The topic focused on Dry Eye Syndrome, diagnosis and treatment options. Students learned about Evaporative Dry Eye and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction as main causes of Dry Eye Disease.

Lifestyle concerns such as nutrition and overuse of screens also contribute to dry eyes eyes. Studebnts also learned about The duifference between Evaporative and Aqueous deficient dry eyes. Students were introduced to Lipiview and Lipiflow technologies. Lipiflow, using Vector Thermal Pulsation rather than Intra Pulse Laser (IPL) therapy. Treatment with Lipiflow actually clears the existing meibomian glands and allows better functioning. This was compared to overuse of lubricating drops which actually only provide easing of symptoms rather than actual dry eye treatment.

Students and faculty alike had a great session of learning and advancement in the field of dry eye therapy.

Dr.Nadeem Luqman

On 22nd Jan psychology students had industrial visit to Amar Jyoti Foundation. The visit was very informative and interactive. They learned and saw various ways in which special children’s were conditioned and trained and as well as they are being given occupational therapy. Besides this the entire campus accessible to all. It has tactile paths, student friendly buses. Students gained a lot in term of knowledge.


On the 22nd of January, we had a visit to Amar Jyoti Foundation. The visit was interesting and worthwhile. We learned and saw the various ways in which the special children were being given a chance at living life with a normal childhood just like other children. I learned how fortunate I was to have been born without any disability and lived a normal life by God’s grace so far. The visit was a great learning.


My visit to Amar Jyoti foundation was very interesting and helpful. It has very dedicated and committed team with excellent leadership. It was really a great experience to see such a school where everyone get equal opportunity respective of their physical attributes. This place gives a chance to everyone to grow.


My visit to Amar jyoti foundation was very helpful. This has foundation very dedicated team. It a school where over 500 and 300 with and without disability are studying.


My Visit to Amar Jyoti Foundation was very interesting and helpful. This foundation has very dedicated team. There were about 500 students without disability and 300 student with disability. Overall, experience was really good.


We got the opportunity to visit the Amar Jyoti and it was an eye opening experience. The kids that were enrolled in their school suffered from various challenges pertaining to basic sensory organs or mobility inefficiencies. It was great to learn about diagnosis and treatment pathways for these children , from experienced professionals. The exposure was extremely important for our batch as it made us realise the value of having a fully functioning body and also helped us respect those who may not be as lucky.


The visit to Amar Jyoti Foundation on 22nd January was an amazing and interesting experience. I learned a lot. The institution there ran on the basis of or followed the inclusive mode of education. It was a place where every child, no matter how they were, could learn and enjoy their childhood, just like any other kid; and learn to survive in the vast world outside the comfort of their homes. The educators and therapists there were friendly and enthusiastic. They treated the children with love, care and respect and considered them as their own children.

One-day power workshop on “Cardiac Cath cognizance” was organized in collaboration with Siemens Healthineer on 20thDecember 2019 in Sushant School of Health sciences, Sushant University. 38 students participated, including students of B.Sc. CVT and students from Sharda University, Noida along with their faculties.

The inaugural was done by Prof. Monica Chaudhry, in her welcome speech she emphasized about the role of health professional in giving emergency care to the patients in case of cardiac emergency like Shock. The key speaker for the workshop were Mr. Varun Venkatesh who effortlessly took all the sessions and involved the students in a group activity and brain storming sessions, the main attraction of the workshop was a quiz and brain storming sessions.

The topics covered in the workshop were Emergency safety instructions and collision, X-ray Physics and concepts, Radiation safety and low dose technology with group activity, Introduction to PEP connect modules and webinar, know your cath lab, system movements concepts etc.

Students were also awarded for the quiz and brain storming sessions and the Siemens team was felicitated by Prof. Monica Chaudhry.

Session taken by Mr. Varun Venkatesh

Group picture with Siemens Team

On 14th Nov, book exhibition was organised for health science students in coordination with library committee in the University premises, initiated by Ahuja book distributors pvt. Limited. Books covering different fields like Psychology, clinical research, Pharmacy etc were showcased. The response was highly tremendous as many aspiring young readers including faculty were seen showing interest in some volumes.

Student’s Feedback

The book exhibition held in the university was very useful for us as it made us aware of lots of new research books which are available in the market and are very affordable.
Anjali Mishra, B.Sc. Clinical Research

Book Exhibition was very useful as we found various books which were relevant to our course. We also referred some of the books .it was overall a great experience and we want more such exhibitions to be held in our university.
Sheetal Singla, MITIII

Experience was amazing at book exhibition. There were many books related to our course, and in other hand we got to know lots of new interesting things about the books available there.
Anjali Devkota, B.Sc. Psychology

As an integral part of blood donation camp that was organised on 25th Nov,19 awareness talk was being conducted for SSHS students to sensitize them about the thalassemia, how lack of awareness is resulting in many cases and students were also briefed about the statistics of occurrence of thalassemia in India. The Key note speaker for this awareness talk was Dr. R. K. Bhargava, Senior Rotary Club member.

Dr. R.K Bhargava, as a Rotarian since 1990, he has served on several rotary committees and managed rotary projects for Blood Donation, Polio Eradication, Digital literacy, Drug abuse Prevention, awareness against smoking, and some others and has held several offices at Club level and District level.

Thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder in which body is uncapable of producing normal amount of haemoglobin in red blood cells, resulting in severe anaemia. Patients suffering from this blood disorder requires blood transfusion every month.

Students were also briefed about the importance of blood donation. At the end of the session, as a part of the seminar, skit was performed by health science students on Importance of Blood Donation.

Session ended with the vote of thanks.

Student’s Feedback

The talk was very informative not only for us medical students but also for general public to understand. The key note speaker was also very enthusiastic about teaching it to us and the way he taught to us was very interesting.
Shivam Ojha, B.MLT III

The awareness lecture was very interesting towards every individual with a lot of knowledge to gain mainly thalassemia. The talk really brought a change in many young students.
Florence, B.OptomIII

What an amazing experience was it to know about the importance of blood donation especially for the thalassemia patients. Delivering such an important message using interactive means like skit and query session was a great idea.
Anshika PHARM

Name of the event

124th World Radiography Day Celebrations


Technical Advancement and Future Prospects in Imaging Technology

Date of the event

13th November 2019,Wednesday

Venue of the event

4th floor, Auditorium, Sushant University, Gurgaon.

Hosted by

Sushant School of Health Sciences, Sushant University, Department of Radiology and Medical Imaging Technology Gurgaon

Conference Report Summary

On Wednesday, 13th November 2019, Sushant School of Health Sciences, Department of Radiology and Medical Imaging Technology Gurgaon Sushant University in collaboration with Indian Society of Raddiographer and Technologist and MED Skill DevelopmentEducation Society hosted its first Radiological  Technology Conference- “Technical Advancement and Future Prospects in Imaging Technology” at the premises of Sushant University under the Chief patroonship of Shri Shanker Agarwal Hon’ble Chancellor of the university and Patroonship of Prof.Monica Chowdhry, Director Sushant School of Health Sciences Sushant University .

The conference was opened for students, Professionals and technologists across the country. The conference was focused on upgrading clinical management skills through the sharing of clinical and theoretical knowledge of experts from Various institutes .

It was the first ever radiological technologist conference at the technologist level which focused only on unique technologies and procedures, enriched the audience through the different methods. The academic leaders were the speakers and panelists in this conference. This educational meet was conducive for all novice radiology  technologist and students to acquire the latest techniques that have evolved in their field. The huge gathering of 100 delegates included students, faculty from educational institutions, and students who had newly joined Sushant University in the department of Radiology and Medical Imaging  Technology.

In the inaugural ceremony Shri Shanker Agarwal Hon’ble Chancellor of the university, Col.Rajivee Chauhan ,registrar ,Sushant University,Prof.Monica Chowdhry, Director Sushant School of Health Sciences Sushant University with the conference organizing team were felicitated by Shri. Shanker Agarwal Hon’ble Chancellor of the university, in his word of wisdom  brought forward the need for quality education, research, and innovation in the profession for better Radiological Technology . The  Guest of Honor  was Mr.Mohan Lal Bhagwat ,Head Depatment of Radiology and Medical Imaging Technology,Jamia Hamdard University New Delhi whose enlightening speech mesmerized the audience as he endorsed that the care of Technology  and Health is to be done with compassion and ethical values along with clinical and technical expertise.

The day is not only included clinical technologies and advancement for radiology  technology students, while following “techniques and methods of imaging modalities . Generation and Advancement of CT Scanner Equipment in the state of-art presented by Mr.Nitish Virmani ,Asst.Prof. SGT University.Mr.Mohan Lal Bhagwat Head department of Medical Imaging Technology Hamdard University an expert in “Safe and Logical Radiography of Lumber Spine ’’ of abnormal and normal and explained the difference between the normal and abnormal images of the spine with different neurological  disease conditions.

“An overview on Radiation Protection in CT Procedures” was discussed by Ms.Bushra Khan Asst.Prof.Sharda University,G.Noida. The presentation on “Risk Management in Diagnostic Radiology’’deleverd by Mr.Abhishek Anand ,Quality Manager ,Institute of Liver and Billary Sciences New Delhi.

Detail discussion on The advancement of  “Technology behind advanced X Ray Tube’’was delivered by Mr.Navreet Boora Asst.Prof. TM University Moradabad . and gained the attention of all the audience, Mr.Kripanand Yadav Asst.Prof. MMU,Moulana Punjab discussed “The  Advancement and Uses Computed Radiography’’of recent trends in the Imaging technology . A unique amalgamation of trends, knowledge and creativity in discussing about “Basics of Nuclear Medicine’’ by Mr.Rajesh Rohella Asst.Prof. Starex University,Gurugram.

The last talk in the conference was by Ms Shewani Thripathi from Hamdard University a study on “Breast Imaging’’

The event was highly appreciated and had positive feedback from delegates, it was a great learning experience. The support from Prof.Monica Chaudhary and organizing team, ISRT and MSDES was appreciated and applauded.

The industry, academia concept of this unique conference under the leadership of Prof. Monica Chaudhry and the Organizing team Mr.Mohd.Usman Khan as organizing secretary Mr. Phani Krishna,Mr.Zeeshan Akhtar,Ms.Meenakshi Jha,Ms.Shweta Thusoo,Ms.Jyoti,Mr.Ramesh Basa,Mr. M.K. Yadav ,Mr.Iqrar Alvi,Mr.Saurabh Sarawat Ms.Navneet Vinayak,Ms.Maanvi Agarwal, and Dr.Nadeem Luqman  look forward to many more educational events in the future.

Welcome of Shri Sahnker Agarwal Hon’ble Chancellor by Dr.Chavi Singla and Mr.Mohan Lal Bhagwat Guest of Honor by Mohd.Usman Khan ,Organizing Secretary

Welcome of Prof.Monica Chowdhary by Ms.Manvi Agarwal .

Lamp linghting ceremony by Shri.Shanker Agarwal,Hon’ble Chanceelor of the University Mr.Mohan Lal Bhagwat Guest of Honor,Col.Rajivee Chaohan ,Registrar of Sushant University,Prof.Monica Chaudhry Director SSHS and other eminent guest .

Fecilitation of Mr.Mohan Lal Bhagwat as Guest of Honor by Shri Shanker Agarwal Hon’ble Chancellor of Sushant University.

Fecilitation to Shri Shanker Agarwal Hon’ble Chancellor of Sushant university by Prof.Monica Choudhry Director SSHS Sushant University and fecilitaion of Prof.Monica Choudhry by Shri Mohan Lal Bahgwat Guest of Honor.

Fecilitation of Mohd.Usman Khan Organizing Secretary by Shri Mohan Lal Bhagwat and Prof.Monica Chaudhry.

Group photograph of participant and speakers.

Students performance during cultural activity.

Date of event: 18/11/2019

Dr. Nadeem Luqman.

I strongly believe students should get this type of exposure on periodical basis as it adds to their knowledge. On 18th of November all the psychology students went to Earth Saviors Foundation where they had interactive session with staffs and people who live there as well as with the founder of the NGO . Besides this they visited various sections


The experience at Earth Savior Foundation was amazing. I got to learn a lot from there. I would like to visit the place once again.


The experience was very good at the Earth saviour foundation. I got to know a lot by talking to the people about their lives and the people there were friendly and kind.


The experience was great at earth saviour foundation. I came to know about many things like, how different people deal with their problems, what different kind of people are there in our society, by interacting with them. It was a good experience.


We visited the Earth Savior Foundation at Bhandwari village on 18th of November. It was a visit full of new experiences which taught us a lot. The old people we met were amazing, vibrant people. I would like to visit the place again just to meet the old people once more.


My experience at The Earth Saviours Foundation was very fantastic. I loved it. I saw people with mental health issues. They were all very nice. It was not difficult to deal with them. I learned that every person is special and has a heart. We went there and sung a song for them. After that we also included them and they enjoyed themselves. I would also like to visit them again.


My experience with the earth saviour foundation was great as I got to know about a lot of things regarding their lives. People there were very kind and welcoming.


My experience at NGO the earth saviours foundation which is located in gurugram was great. All the people at NGO were very kind and humble.

The NGO was looking after homeless-abandoned senior citizens, people suffering with incurable disease and other less privileged people.

They had a rescue center to look after mentally disabled people.

They had a jia nari niketan shelter to look after deprived females.

They also celebrated different festival and provided entertainment for the residents to offer joy, happiness and hope to live with dignity.

They had a very dedicated and committed staff.

Overall it was an amazing experience and would love to visit there again.


My experience was so good in earth saviours foundation I got to know many things about the people lives . And i have seen many people were mentally disabled.. But still they are kind.. Many old age women share there live stories… It was gud and so amazing place..

Sushant school of health sciences student went for an industrial trip to the Mother Dairy largest plant at Patparganj, Delhi on 15th Nov,19. Mother Dairy is one of the largest, liquid milk company in Asia. It started its operations in 1974 under the Operation Flood Programme of National Dairy Development Board.

Students were briefed about the procurement and processing of the milk. They were also explained the testing processes for multiple parameters. Firstly, the presentation explaining in detail all five processes from Standardization to pasteurization was explained with all its procedures and importance. Then students were led to main insulated central area from where they were shown all the chambers in which milk was going through all the processes.

Insights about adulteration also was interesting for the students, how adulterants like urea can be detected from milk sample through basic tests. The students were informed about 25 main tests for which mother dairy is known to maintain its high-quality standards.

At last, all the students were given Mother Dairy flavoured milk and ice-creams. Overall it was an informative as well as fun experience for the students.

Feedback from students

Our Mother dairy visit helped us in many terms. Earlier we used to see milk as a normal product, after our mother dairy visit took place, we got to know the importance of milk in an individual’s life. Earlier, we just had a theoretical knowledge about the technique of pasteurization, but in this visit, we got to see this process practically. Overall a very informative visit!
Vishesh , MLTIII

It was overall a very explorative and nice initiative from Sushant University. We were being practically shown all the process through which milk is being processed and tests to check adulteration.
Harshit Ahuja , OPTOM III

It was an immense pleasure for all of us from the Pharma batch to have such an informative industrial visit to Mother Dairy. We came to know about lot of things that we never pondered on. From the milkman to our home, the journey of milk was explained so well. We would like to have such knowledgeable industrial visit again.
Anshika , B.Pharma I

The School of Optometry at Sushant University celebrated World Sight Day 2019 with a weeklong of activities.

Multi-day school bus driver screenings: It began with a school bus driver screening on Monday, October 7, 2019, for drivers from Skylark and Adarsh Schools in Gurgaon. Drivers were prescribed spectacles at no cost. Screening for diseases such as glaucoma, diabetes and hypertension were also performed.

On Wednesday, we performed comprehensive eye exams for employees of Johnson & Johnson, and helped them to understand the importance of regular eye exams and also how to avoid signs and symptoms of computer vision syndrome. On, Friday, October 11, we again participated in 2 bus driver screening projects.
American Public School and Suraj Schools were both screened by faculty and students for vision impairments. Almost 100 drivers were screened on this day and spectacles will be given at no cost to those who required them.

Awareness Program with guest speaker Mr Nazmul of Johnson & Johnson: On the actual occasion of World Sight Day, Wednesday, Oct 10, we had a celebration which included students performing an eye health awareness skit, a presentation about the epidemiological statistics of preventable blindness, and a student’s presentation about the role of optometrists in the prevention of global blindness. The guest speaker at this occasion was Mr. Nazmul Mazumder of Johnson & Johnson. He spoke about the importance of understanding myopia control

Diabetic Screening Workshop with Dr. Padmaja of LVPEI: We culminated the weeklong celebration of World Sight Day on Saturday, Oct 12. Sushant School of Health Science, School of Optometry, hosted a Diabetic screening workshop on this day. The guest speaker was Dr. Padmaja Kumari Rani from LVPEI. It was hosted with support by both OCI and Zeiss. Dr Padmaja taught the students how to not miss any diabetic retinopathy and how to grade it appropriately and understanding the proper time for referral and treatment options. Dr. Premjit of Zeiss then held a hands-on session for students to learn how to use their new, portable Visuscout retinal camera.  Upon completion of this workshop, students have the opportunity to receive a certificate certifying them to grade diabetic retinopathy!

Sushant School of Health Science of Sushant University had a very successful week long World Sight Day celebration!

Mr. Nazmul of J&J

Students at Bus Driver Screening

Students at Bus Driver Screening

Dr. Padmaja, retinal specialist, LVPEI and Ms. Paula of OCI

Dr. Padmaja, Ms. Paula, P rof Monica Chaudhry, Dr. Premjit of Zeiss

Vision Rehabilitation includes a wide range of services that can restore functioning after vision loss. It allows people who are blind or have low vision, to continue live independently and maintain accustomed quality of life.

Shalini Khanna, the Director of the National Association of Blind centre of Blind Women and Disabilities in New Delhi, India; visited our School of Health Sciences to make us aware of the different rehabilitation methods which a low vision person can use as an alternative to access  higher education, gain employment and become self-reliant. This lecture was attended by our Optometry students as well as the faculties.

The session was followed by Oxsight Crystal (device for peripheral vision loss) demonstration from our Sushant OXSIGHT low vision centre and they agreed for the same demo on patients from their centre.

From August 8-10, Faculty from SSHS took 40 optometry students to serve Asha Kiran Hospital for the Specially Abled, a vision screening event organized and supported by The Special Olympics Bharat and Lions Club International. For 3 days, the students worked tirelessly and with earnest to screen almost 900 children and adults living at the Center. The students not only improved their skills, but learned to practice with empathy. We at Sushant University are proud of our students for making an impact in society!

Orthokeratology Seminar was held on 3rd September 2019 at our campus. It is the one of the exclusive lenses which is done worldwide for myopia control in children. Speaker was Mr.Chris Eskteen (Global Marketing Director for Global Orthokeratology Vision USA).

The session was attended by 130 delegates including our students, practitioners and students from different institutes.

The session was followed by hands on for our Optometry faculty at clinic. It was a good opportunity to listen to such speaker, and whole session was very informative.

Cardiovascular technology conference: 2019 “Recent trends and advancements in cardiac diagnostic procedures”

6th August 2019

On Tuesday, 6th August 2019, Sushant School of Health Sciences, Sushant University and MIER  hosted its first Cardiovascular Technology Conference- “Recent trends and advancements in cardiac diagnostic procedures” at the premises of Medanta the Medicity under the patroonship of Dr. Naresh Trehan (Chief managing Director: Medanta Hospital) and co patroonship of Dr. Ravi R. Kasliwal (Chairman: Medanta Hospital), Dr. Awadhesh Dubey (Medical Superintendent: Medanta Hospital) and Dr. ( Prof.) Raj Singh ( Vice Chancellor: Sushant University). The conference was opened for students, doctors and technologists across the country. The conference was focused on upgrading clinical management skills through the sharing of clinical and theoretical knowledge of experts from Medanta Institute of Education and Research (MIER). It was the first ever cardiovascular technologist conference at the technologist level which focused only on unique technologies and procedures, enriched the audience through the different methods. Expert Cardiac doctors and academic leaders were the speakers and panelists in this conference. This educational meet was conducive for all novice cardiac technologist and students to acquire the latest techniques that have evolved in the cardiac care field. The huge gathering of 100 delegates included students, faculty from educational institutions, and students who had newly joined Sushant University in the department of Cardiovascular technology.

Felicitation of Dr. Pooja Sharma and MIER team and Dr. Naresh Trehan by Prof. Dr. Raj Singh, Vice Chancellor, Sushant School of Heath Sciences, Sushant University.

Sushant School of Health Sciences and Sushant Vision Care Centre on Sunday, 4th of August, 2019 at Sushant University, Gurugram, hosted ‘MEHF Foundation Day’.

During the conference we have received divine blessings from H.H Gyaneshwar, Dr. Shri Swami Divyanand Ji Maharaj, the chairman of MEHF. The conference was attended by dignitaries from the State, Smt. Kavita Jain (Cabinet Minister, Urban local bodies, Woman & child development, Govt. of Haryana) and Sh. Manish Grover (Minister of State for Cooperation & Urban Local, Govt. of India).

Ourt guests of honour were Dr. Manish Ahuja, Vice Chancellor, Gurugram University, Dr. Parveen Vashisth, Professor & Head, Community Ophthalmology Department, Dr. R.P Centre, AIIMS, Dr. Harsha Bhattacharjee, founder, Medical Ddirector & Trustee of Sri Sankardeva Nethralaya and Dr. T. N Ahooja, President, Niramya Charitable Trust, Founder, AEDI Gurugram.

A high quality scientific session was also planned and was focused on newer trends in the field of community eye care. It was given on the topic of “Avoidable Bblindness – 2020 How far we have come.”? The scientific sessions were on Childhood Blindness (given by Dr. Poonam Gupta), Uncorrected Refractive Errors and Amblyopia (by Mr. Zeeshan Akhtar), the “At Risk Glaucoma Population (by Dr. Mainak Bhattacharyaa), Diabetic Retinopathy (by Dr. Divakant Mishra), Corneal blindness (Dr. Ankit Malhotra), Low Vision (by Dr. Niluparna Deori), Generating awareness among the Masses- Role of Screening and Awareness Camps (by Dr. Sumit Grover

Life time Achievements Awards were given to Dr. Dr. Parveen Vashisht, DR. Harsh Bhattacharya, and Dr. T. N Ahooja. Felicitations were given to all the speakers and organization committee of School of Health Sciences, Sushant University.

Sushant University, India’s leading private university, signed a memorandum of understanding with the Heart Care Foundation of India (HCFI), a leading national non-profit organization committed to making India a healthier and disease-free nation, on Doctor’s Day (1 July 2019). The partnership is intended towards setting up a Centre of Excellence at Sushant University campus to impart students training in advance areas relevant to emerging healthcare industry.

Due to increasing need of low vision services in the aging Indian population where diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma are prevalent. The aim of the CME is to revise the skills of practicing optometrists in Delhi NCR area and to motivate them for a better management of low vision. We the team of SSHS have organised a one day CME on Low-vision and its advancements with the support of V-square on July 2, 2019.

The session started with a welcome note by Prof Monica chaudhry, our director of SSHS and follwoed by the stastics of low vision in india with some published data by Ms Aaisah and Mr. Zeeshan. A talk on Assessment of Low vision was covered by Ms Roshini and Ms Meenakshi

Mr Athar Ali, Head of Product & Manufacturing from Oxsight UK have joined us on skype for giving his valuable insights on the low vision assessment and a feedback about how to go about giving Oxsight trials for the people in Indian scenario.

Mr Phani krishna spoke about various low vision devices to be given to help regain the usable vision of a low vision.

Prof Monica Chaudhry mam concluded the session with her practical tips on low vision trials and briefed us on the initial reluctance and time taken for the patient acceptance to accept the devices.

The session ended with a fruitful discussion moderated by Mr Vikash Chaturvedi on the practical cases of Low vision.

There were around 10 practicing optometrists from Delhi NCR region and 5 master of optometry students who attended the session and benefited with the practical knowledge on Low vision management.

Revolution in Healthcare Education-

Inauguration of YUVA Immersive Learning Simulation Lab on July 1, 2019 (Monday)

Sushant University has launched a hi-tech Simulation laboratory for the training of students of its Sushant School of Health Science and to transform teaching methodologies on smart robots which can simulate different health parameters of a human body.

In association with Yuva Healthcare Institute, the launch took place at the University campus on Monday, July 1, 2019 which is also celebrated as Doctor’s Day.