Postgraduate programme

M.optom (Masters In Optometry)

Optometry is a branch of allied health science which deals with eye and vision which involves examining, diagnosing, managing and treating eye conditions which includes binocular vision conditions, low vision, refractive errors and diseases of the eyes also prescribing spectacles, contact lenses, and other visual aids.

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M.Sc in Clinical Research

Masters in Optometry is a Speciality and Research focused program which is designed in a curriculum that upgrades your knowledge in public health, contact lens, low vision and Binocular vision and vision therapy and allows you to choose a speciality for further knowledge enhancement.

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Master of Optometry (Practice and Research

Salient features of the program

  • 3 years (2+1) integrated program to upgrade the existing knowledge and clinical research skills of experienced practicing optometrists

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Master of Public health

Under this course, students learn Public Health Administration of various health policies, their role & implementations in a hospital or an organization. It also includes the study of financial management, program planning, human resources, operations research, economics, and monitoring.

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M.Sc. Cardiovascular Technology

The M.Sc. Cardiovascular Technology course is a Post –graduate programme designed to train technologist interested in working with vital team members

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M.Sc Medical Radiology and Imaging Technology

The Radiologic/Medical Imaging techniques are certified technologists who capture images of organs, bone, and tissue for patient diagnosis. Technologists are equipped with the technological skills to handle imaging equipment and the interpersonal skills necessary for patient care.
Educational and licensure requirements vary by state and profession, 4 year degree programme is common for radiologic/medical...

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M.Sc Psychology

The programme has been designed to help eligible candidates delve deep into the study of the mind and its various functions. It involves the study of working of mind processes, conflict resolutions, motives, reactions, feelings, crisis management, group thinking, motivation, and nature of the mind. Psychological understanding and application plays an important role in the functioning of many fields...

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