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Bachelor of Optometry (B.Optom)


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Bachelor in Optometry: B.OPTOM (LATERAL ENTRY)

The optometrist will have two entry levels Both Diploma and Degree and the proposed career progression for Ophthalmic Assistants, for a diploma holder. Understanding the situation, the diploma is encouraged to upgrade to degree through lateral entry courses.

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Bachelor of Pharmacy (Approved by Pharmacy Council)

It is an undergraduate course deals with the science of Preparation and Dispensing of drugs and medicines providing knowledge on various topics of organic chemistry, biology, biochemistry and health care .

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B.Sc. in Psychology

The programme has been designed to help eligible candidates delve deep into the study of the mind and its various functions. It involves the study of working of mind processes, conflict resolutions, motives, reactions, feelings, crisis management, group thinking, motivation, and nature of the mind. Psychological understanding and application plays an important role in the functioning of many fields...

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B.Sc. In Medical Radiology and Imaging Technology

The Radiologic/Medical Imaging techniques are certified technologist who capture images of organs, bone, and tissue for patient diagnosis. Technologist are equipped with the technological Skills to handle imaging equipment and the interpersonal skills necessary for patient care. Educational and licensure requirements vary by state and profession, 4years degree programme is common for radiologic/medical...

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B.Sc. In Medical Lab Technology

Medical Laboratory Science has played a significant role in the advancement of Medicine, especially in the past few decades. As modern medicine becomes more of a team effort, the Medical Laboratory Scientist/Technologist is an important member and integral part of the Medical team. This programme is related to the diagnosis, prevention and timely...

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B.Sc. In Cardiovascular Technology

To prepare and train the students for working as a Cardiovascular Technologist in Healthcare Institutions where they will manage the machines and care for patients who are suffering from cardiovascular problems.

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B.Sc. in Clinical Research and Health Care Management

This is an undergraduate course of medical science which is majorly focussed on safety and effectiveness of a recently manufactured medical drug before it is marketed as a commercial product which can help the intended person to maintain human health.

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Diploma in Medical Laboratory technology (DMLT)

Medical laboratory Technology is the branch of science, which deals with all the clinical laboratory investigations on clinical samples for laboratory diagnosis of various diseases. Blood, tissue and body fluids are analyzed and examined for various types of foreign organisms and abnormalities. The medical team to make decisions regarding a patient’s medical care then uses this information....

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