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Sushant Vision Care Centre, led by Prof Monica Chaudhry is established on the Sushant University campus to provide advanced vision care to patients. This vision centre will be the referral hub in and around Gurgaon, Delhi and North India for independent eye clinics and hospitals which need specialized vision care for their patients such as managing patients with Irregular Corneas, Low Vision, Vision Therapy, Binocular Vision Problems and Myopia Control in children and precision in spectacle prescription. The centre will also support academic training and research programs for their Optometry students and eye care practitioners.

To begin with, the centre has collaboration with Menicon Ltd Uk and Oxsight Uk Ltd and has developed a centre of excellence to provide the best eye care to their patients.


Various Training Fields:

1. OxSight Glasses (Low Vision Sight)

2. Vision Restoring Lenses with Irregular Cornea (Menicon, UK Ltd.)

3. Myopia Control Lenses - Orthokeratology (Essilor & Euclid)

4. Vision Therapy & Lazy Eye Treatment for Children

5. Squint or Binocular Vision Problem

6. High Quality Soft Contact Lenses (Johnson & Johnson, Bausch, Alcon, Cooper Vision & Many More)


Services offered at SVCC

  1. Contact lenses for irregular cornea - The center of excellence is developed in collaboration with Men Icon Ltd UK and patients suffering from keratoconus, PMD, post lasik ectasia, corneal trauma, corneal opacities etc. are fit with high quality lenses in this centre and their vision is restored. The vision centre has all range of lenses and patients are recommended the most suitable one for their eyes
  2. High Quality and Range of contact lenses at affordable price:  The vision centre prescribes lenses most suitable and bet fit to the patient after complete eye examination. The contact lens patients are followed up regularly to ensure comfort and good eye health forever.  Brand lenses like Johnson and Johnson, Alcon, Cooper vision, Bausch and Lomb, Puerco etc. are recommended after appropriate pre examination and selection.
  3. Low vision devices:  The Low Vision Clinic is developed as centre of excellence with the support of Ox Sight Ltd Up which covers the best low vision management. This clinic responds to the needs of the patients who have variety of eye conditions like macular degeneration, Retinitis pigments, Glaucoma, Diabetic retinopathy etc. who even after the best treatment fail to restore normal vision. The visually impaired are thus prescribed devices here which tries to make them independent.
  4. Pediatric clinic: Infants, children and children with special needs have special vision care demands and examination procedures and this clinic caters to examination of the young ones. Here Counseling is done to educate them on eye health and how they can have improved vision. Lazy eye (amblyopia) or squint is also managed here
  5. Vision therapy and Binocular vision: With increasing demand for eye and increasing digital screen use, the eye develop stress which is managed by therapies.  There are conditions where such therapies improve the eye sight and binocular anomalies in all age groups. There are therapies to enhance abilities of sports person and those are advised in this centre.
  6. Myopia Control: The clinic here provides lenses for slowdown of progression of myopia with Orthokeratology technique. The most advanced lenses worn at night are fit to control myopia by experienced professional. The centre also counsels on myopia control