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Prof. Monica Chaudhry, Director, SHS

  • Article Published on india Express (Online).Details are as below

Headline-Psychology courses can be the next big thing, post-COVID

Nature of the story-Authored Article

Date-25th July 2020



  • Completed FDP on MOOCs and E-Learning Technologies (online mode only) by FDC, MDU.

  • Article Published on JETIR. Heading –Attitudes and beliefs among young adults   towards purchasing spectacle and visiting optometry practices in India.Date : June 2019   Volume 6 Issue 6.ISSN-2349-5162
  • Invited as a Chief Guest and Speaker by Jabalpur Divisional Optometrist Welfare Association by National Optometry conference.
  • Invited by Arunodaya Deseret Eye Hospital (ADEH)” as Speaker on the Topic “ Hope for Sight” on 08.10.2020
  • Invited as panelist for speaking on topic “ Eye Health in a Changing World – virtual International Conference hosted by India Vision Institute.
  • Selected as a Book Coauthor in AIOS guidelines and telehealth doc.

Dr.Chhavi Singla

Principal in Dept of Pharmacy, SHS

  • Invited as a Panelist in Panel Discussion on a New Normal For Pharmacy Field of Covid-19 Pandemic

  • Completed FDP on MOOCs and E-Learning Technologies (Online Mode Only) From MDU

  • Completed 3 Weeks online course on TTT-Teach the Teacher using Flipped Classroom Approach.

Dr. Nadeem Luqman, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, SHS

  • Received Certificate of Appreciation by OPTIMUS on the topic of Parametric and Non- Parametric Statistics.

  • Received Certificate of Appreciation by OPTIMUS on the topic of Research Methodology

Mr. Zeeshan Akhtar Assitant Professor, SHS

  • Invited Speaker at E learning Platform for Nepal (Mero Eye) (Introduction to Research Methodology) on 10th May 2020

  • Invited Speaker for E learning platform “For OPtom” (Introduction to Research Methodology)

  • Invited Speaker for Guest Lecture at Sharda University on Optometry Advancements & Research on 17th October 2020

  • Completed Special Olympics Bharat-Clinical Director Training
  • Invited Speaker at Several Conference (ERAICON-ERA University Lucknow 2019)


Mr. Phani Krishna Athreya

Assistant Professor, SHS

  • Invited as a Guest Speaker in OOLS (international platform tie up with Malaysia & UAE optometric associations)

  • Invited as a Guest Speaker in Indain Optometry Association

  • Invited as Guest Speaker by Meru eye Foundation on Eye Talks Webinar on History talking about occupation in optometry.

Mr. Saurabh Saraswat
Assistant Professor in Dept of Pharmacy, SHS

  • Completed below mentioned Online courses from World Health Organization WHO:
    i) Severe Acute Respiratory Infections (SARI) Treatment Facility Design
    ii) ePROTECT Respiratory Infections (EN)
    iii) Clinical Care Severe Acute Respiratory Infections
    iv) Covid 19: Operational Planning Guidelines
    v) Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) for Novel Corona Virus (Covid 19)
  • Fulbright Fellowship offered by United States - India Educational Foundation (USIEF) organised by Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India (APTI)
  • Article published on the topic Food Borne Illness for Nav Chetna Publications
  • Attended more than 20 conferences, seminars, FDPs, Guest Lectures, Workshops & Webinars.

Ms. Shweta Thusoo, Assistant Professor, SHS

  • Attended the Webinar organized by WHO

  • Invited for Guest Talk on Online Teaching modalities during Covid-19 by Indian

    Confederation of Medical Laboratory Sciences

  • Completed course on Clinical Transfusion Practice &Collection Blood specimens by Blood Safe.
  • Appreciation certificate received for presenting topic
    Comorbidities and its impact on Covid- 19 patients in National Online Webinar series organized by MSDES


Ms. Roshini Sengupta
Teaching Assitant, SHS

Following three articles are published in VisionPlus Magazine

1.Contact lens correction for presbyopia with monovision

2.Diagnosing children with vision problem

3.Diagnosing children with  eye problem


Dr. Sumit Grover has been awarded as an Eye Health Hero by IAPB.