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Art of Mooting

Mooting is a form of an oral proceeding similar to that of a court proceeding practiced mainly in institutions and universities where law as a subject is taught. For a student who is going to become an Advocate in near future, mooting is an integral part of his education making his work easy and presentable in a real courtroom. It is an experience where a student gets real life courtroom proficiency while pursuing law. Mooting is an enriching experience benfitting students in various facets of their legal career.

Mooting Advantages-

a) Networking

b) Researching and writing skills

c) Building Confidence

d) Practical knowledge

e) Team work



The Moot Court Committee at School of Law, Sushant University has been providing a platform to young lawyers to experience real life courtroom situations. The committee has been organising moot court competitions enabling students to analyse the legal issues. It also gives students an opportunity to learn writing skills and practise their oratory skills in mooting exercises. These skills are invaluable to anyone aspiring to make a career in law. Throughout the year the students are encouraged to participate in intra as well as inter college moot court competitions. The members of the committee also promote and encourage mooting in School of Law.

Since its inception the Moot Court Committee has been one of the most active committees of School of Law. The committee also organises training session for the newly admitted students of law. These training sessions aim to provide a basic idea to the new students about the oral and written skills required for moot court competitions.



Prof. Arushi M. Mehta, Faculty Convener Moot Court Committee

Prof. Vidushi Puri, Faculty Co-Convener Moot Court Committee

Student Body

Divyansh Mahajan, Student Convener

Tanya, Student Co-Convener

Sonam Mehrotra

Vivek Balhara

Mmd Anwar Aman

Shikha Yadav

Vaishnavi Mishra

Jasleen Kaur