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The promoting body of School of Law, Sushant University has a vision and mission to build and continuously nurture a self-financed institution with excellence in education, research, development, consultancy and extension of internationally recognized standards. This institution serves as an intellectual resource base for the development of professional human capital bridging the gap between academics and real life to meet the professional challenges of the millennium. The Centre for Corporate Legal, Research and Training (CCLRT) is an endeavor to provide a professional platform and outbound exposure to the students to excel in the field of corporate laws.


  1. Inauguration of CCLRT - February 14, 2019

To foster academic discussion on competition law regime and further to elucidate upon the emerging legal scenarios, School of Law, Sushant University has established "The Centre for Corporate Legal Research and Training (CCLRT)" on February 14, 2019, under the auspicious presence of Ms. Payal Malik, Advisor (Economics), Competition Commission of India. CCLRT aims to undertake cutting edge interdisciplinary research on areas overlapping (corporate and business laws, environmental laws, IPR) with competition law in India. 

Annexure 1

  1. Article Writing Competition on Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code - September 2019

Online Article writing competition was organized on Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code. 

  1. National Conference on Latest Trends in Corporate Laws and Governance Regime - 06 & 07 February 2020

National Conference on “Latest Trends in Corporate Law & Governance Regime” has been organized by the Centre for Corporate Law, Research and Training (CCLRT), School of Law, Sushant University, Gurugram on 6-7 February 2020. The Conference was a forum to bring together students, researchers, academicians, legal professionals to discuss innovative ideas and diverse aspects of corporate law. The Conference focused on the principles of corporate governance i.e. fairness, transparency, responsibility and accountability.

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Centre for Corporate Legal Research and Training (CCLRT) is going to organize a “SECOND ONLINE ARTICLE WRITING COMPETITION” as a part of its endeavors of providing with facilitation with its student’s community and proliferating awareness about the recent trends in India in relation to Corporate & Business Laws. This competition will circumscribe the latest developments and contemporary affairs in relation to current corporate & business laws in and around India.


  1. Dr. Komal Sandhu, Assistant Professor, Sushant University, School of Law, Centre Head (CCLRT)

Email Id- komalsandhu@ansaluniversity.edu.in

  1. Mr. Vipul Gaur, Assistant Professor, Sushant University, School of Law

     Email Id- vipulgaur@ansaluniversity.edu.in


  1. Ms. Priyanka Singh, LL.M. ( Corporate Law)
  2. Mr. Tarun Kumar, 4th Year, B.A. LL.B.(H)
  3. Ms. Gnanapriya, 4th Year, B.A. LL.B.(H)
  4. Ms. Sonam Mehrotra, 4th Year, B.A. LL.B.(H)


     Contact us at: cclrt@ansaluniversity.edu.in


Women Entrepreneurship Centre


With the important social, political and economic role that women play for the nation, we find it necessary to encourage and provide a platform to those women while aiding them to identify their potent. Therefore, Women Entrepreneurship Foundation & Sushant University signed a Memorandum of Understanding and established World Entrepreneurship Centre. The vision to be carried out by this Centre is to initially create a web of people and establish a community to help our young women entrepreneurs.

Vision of Women Entrepreneurship Centre-

Women kick start the role of building up a back bone of our country. Basically the concept women entrepreneurship involves all sectors of women to participate and engage in the process of innovating, creating a product by starting up a business solely and bares risk and enjoys the profits of the business solely. Each and every successful women entrepreneur has failed and faced all sort of struggles while trying to sustain their business with their will-power, which impacted the society positively by offering many offers and opportunities to many people.

The vision at women Entrepreneurship center at Sushant University aims at fostering the spirit of Entrepreneurship among female students through awareness, education, training and industry linkages.

We aspire to become a world class center by facilitating all ingredients of entrepreneurship amongst women. In the coming future our agenda is to achieve-

  1. Tying up with Government and private agencies to foster environment for women entrepreneurship.
  2. To invite successful women entrepreneurs on continuous basis from different industries to motivate female students.
  3. identifying and grouping female students into their interest area of entrepreneurship and professional career across all disciplines of Sushant University.
  4. Arranging workshops and seminars for women entrepreneurship on continuous basis.
  5. Access and vigilance on the latest trends to match the basic characteristics and the fundamental character of the entrepreneurs is necessary to show that a lot of potential among Indian women for their entrepreneurial skills.





Dr. Kirti Dahiya,

Assistant Professor,

SOL, Sushant University


Ms. Gnanapriya,

B.A. LL.B. (Hons.)

SOL, Sushant University


Mr. Ishan Sachdeva,

LL.B. (Hons.),

SOL, Sushant University


Mr. Tarun Kumar,

B.A. LL.B. (Hons.),

SOL, Sushant University


Ms. Vaishnavi,

B.A. LL.B. (Hons.),

SOL, Sushant University


Ms. Muskan Singla,

B. Des. (Interior Design),

SSD, Sushant University


Ms. Shareen Vandal,

LL.B. (Hons.),

SOL, Sushant University


Ms. Bhavna Purohit,

B.B.A. (Hons.),

SSB, Sushant University