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Dean's Message

“The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts.”
― C.S. Lewis

Globalization has put constant pressure on the educational system to explore and do better. The present status of the legal profession is no more restricted and confined to what the teachers teach in a law school or to what questions are posed in an examination but the wide range of exposure to the legal fraternity has given the legal acumen a new and diversified direction. Covid-19 has brought in tough times to encourage us to bring considerable shift in the pedagogy to adapt to blended form of learning where the inhibitions and boundaries are eliminated and the students tend to gain the global experience by wider reach to available opportunities. It has become indispensable to include the clinical and practical perspective of law in the existing scheme of studies. Widespread use of technology, leading to multiple means of communication has given rise to various legal implications, which have to be dealt with in an innovative and professional manner. It has become indispensable to understand the practical terminology of regulatory measures for the settlement of issues. 

Moving beyond classroom teaching, the meaning of education has expanded not only the horizon of the educational institutions but also the students to give them a smooth landing in their transition from educational to the professional world. In the wake of emerging trends in globalization and internationalization of legal standards, students at School of Law, Sushant University are given the opportunity to enhance and showcase their ability and skills thus, leading to elevation in standards of the legal profession. We, at School of Law, aim to nourish the theoretical as well as the advocacy skills of the students, involve them in legal aid and countless community projects. We are proud to inculcate learning with an emphasis on contributing to the lives of the less fortunate.

School of Law, Sushant University offers a holistic approach to legal education through Guru-Shishya relationship transforming each student into a well-groomed professional. The enviable standing of the School is due to the excellence of students we admit, the class of the academic staff the University engrossed, the eminence of the learning and teaching resources that the University avails to the faculty and students and the status of learning environment and amenities enjoyed by our faculty and students.


Professor (Dr.) Jagbir Singh Dahiya