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B.Tech- Computer Science and Engineering with specialization in Cyber Security

Industry Partners ( Euinac )

Web Application, Network, Mobile Attacks, Zero days, Ransomware, Critical Infrastructure Cyber Attacks etc. are recent examples of the common threats we have faced online globally. It is also predicted that in coming years, cybersecurity risks will increase many folds as lives are becoming more dependent on digital devices, services and cyberspace — it attracts hackers who are increasing by the day.

This course is designed for creating comprehensive understanding in the field of cyber security. Students will undergo deeper into hard-core cyber security topics during the course. This will set the level field for all the students to be able to come at par and move together with the ever changing needs and demands of IT industry.

According to a recent report by Intel Security in partnership with the CSIS, the global cyber-security workforce will have over 1 million job vacancies by 2022. Even Forbes stated that cybersecurity market is expected to grow from $75 billion in 2015 to $170 billion by 2024.


Curriculum Highlights

  • Eight specialized courses in collaboration with industry partner. These are
    • Cryptography and network security
    • Network and hardware security
    • Network Vulnerability Analysis and Penetration Testing
    • Web Application Attacks and Security
    • Mobile Ecosystem Security
    • Risk Management and Information Security Governance
    • Cyber Forensics and cyber laws
    • Malware Analysis/Reverse Engineering
  • Two industry internships – after second year and third year
  • Capstone Project under guidance of industry mentor
  • Transdisciplinary Learning – one credit per semester from other school
  • Technology Trends courses – cover emerging technologies
  • Soft-skills and Communication related courses


Career and Placements

CRC (Corporate Resource Centre) at Sushant University, Gurgaon plays a vital role in training and placements of students of all disciplines in the institution. With the recent increase in the competition for employment, the students are equipped with necessary skills set and mind set to make the challenges industry possess in this century. AU strives hard to get students trained in all the fields of education to make them complete individuals and imbibing human skills so that they can become a better human being. We assure you that our students are adequately equipped with personal and professional skills and industry-ready.



Our recruiters

Job profiles for fresher

  • Security Analyst
  • Security Engineer
  • Security Software Developer
  • Cryptographer/Cryptologist
  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Security Consultant/Specialist
  • Computer Security Incident Responder
  • Penetration Tester (also known as Ethical Hacker or Assurance Validator)
  • Vulnerability Assessor
  • Source Code Auditor

Fee Structure

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Pathway admissions through AUEEE (Sushant University Engineering Entrance Exam):

Minimum 50% marks at Higher & Senior Secondary level (10th & 12th)

Non-Examination Pathway:

JEE Main Cleared and

Minimum 50% marks at higher & Senior Secondary level (10th & 12th) and minimum 50% aggregate in PCM at senior secondary level (12th class)


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