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The changing landscape of India in engineering and technology needs more innovation and innovation starts with design. At the School of Engineering and Technology (SET), we educate the engineers who will be facilitating the passage from design to product and from product to start- up to create a socially and environmentally sustainable ecosystem.

Welcome to the Ansal University’s School of Engineering and Technology (SET) having a  long and distinguished tradition of excellence in engineering education. SET is one of the largest schools of  Ansal  University.


Professional Clubs & Committees

  1. CSI Club
  2. Tech Club
  3. Robotics Club
  4. Music Club
  5. Theatre Club
  6. Lit Club
  7. Hackers Club
  8. Call for Humanity Club
  9. UBA Club
  10. Code Conquerors Club
  11. MAGIC Cell

Guest Lectures/Alumni Talk arranged for Students

1 Mr. Ajoy Pathak Head of Crypto University The Future of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain 19th April 2022
2 Mr. Anand Bhardwaj Senior Architect - Sterlite Technologies Product Development Lifestyle based on 5G & IoT 12th March 2022
3 Mr. Harsha Kikkeri Founder and CEO of HoloSuit Metaverse in Educations 7th March 2022
4 Ms. Surbhi Dewan Project Lead and Blockchain R&D at McKinley & Rice Technology MasterClass - Blockchain Beyong Bitcoin 4th March 2022
5  Dr Nitin Varma International Adjunct Faculty, IIM How AI, ML & Big Data can improve Urban Life 26th February 2022
6 Dr. Manoj Kumar Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science & Technology,  University of Petroleum and Science Technology MasterClass - Digital Forensics 25th February 2022
7 Mr. Vikas Singh CEO BloqueLabs Technology MasterClass - Demenstifying NFTs 15th February 2022
8 Mr. Nitish Goel Alumini Session with Alumni 23rd December 2021
9 Ms. Megha Saxena Destination Manager USA & Canada SOP and LOR Writing 27th October 2021
10 Mr. Himanshu Batra Strategic Advisor-NIIT Full Stack development - A career perspective 4th September 2021
11 Mr. Himanshu Batra Strategic Advisor-NIIT BCA-A new Career Option with NIIT 22nd September 2021
12 Mr. Harsh Sharma  Team Head  Introduction to AIRCHEM solutions 9th May 2020
13 Mr. Hardeep Sokhey Sterling and Wilson Solar Pvt Ltd. Roles and opportunities in the world of Solar energy 4th May 2020
14 Ms. Nandini Final year placed student Coding and Decoding 2nd May, 2020
15 Mr. Nikhil Final year placed student Boats and streams and mixture and alligation 26th April 2020
16 Mr. Yogansh Final year placed student Ages and percentage 25th April 2020
17 Mr. Manay Final year placed student Probability and P&C 19th April 2020
18 Mr. Rohit Final year placed student Venn Diagrams and Seating arrangements 18th April 2020
19 Mr. Kunal Tiwari Real Time data Services Pvt Ltd Mock Interview 11th April 2020
20 Mr. Parth Final year placed student Time-Distance work 11th April 2020
21 Mr. Ojasvi Gaur Uno Minda Alumni Talk 27th November 2019
22  Dr. Manleen Department of Law,
Ansal University
Lecture on Voting rights  12th October 2019
23 Mr. AnandMohan Dey Career Counsellor Career Counselling Session  11th September 2019
24 Mr. Hetal Sonpal Career Counsellor Talk on Startup Enterprises 2020 11th September 2019
25 Mr. Pawan Pratap Praveen  Founder of
Global Pvt. Ltd.
Session on Virtual Reality(VR)
 and Augmented Reality(AR)
22nd August
26 Mr. Santosh Gupta &
Mr. Aviral Sharma
Alumni Alumni Talk 20th August 2019
27 Dr. Meha Sharma Ansal University Career Counselling Session on Robotics Engineering 6th July 2019
28 Mr. Saket Modi Lucideus  Opportunities in Cyber Security 22nd June 2019
29 Ms. Ritu Ghosh Panasonic India Pvt Ltd Green environment and Technologies 16th April 2019
30 Mr. Rahul Tyagi  Lucideus  Career in Cyber Security  1st April 2019
31 Mr. Rajesh Gopal Corporate Gurukul Seminar on AI, ML,IOT about GAIP 6th February 2019
32 Mr. Rahul Tyagi  Lucideus Career in Cyber Security 11th January 2019
33 Mr. Pritthish Gupta GreyBeez Pvt. Ltd Solar PV Energy 26th September 2018
34     Guest Lecture on Academia to Industry 19th September, 2018
35 Mr. Anubhav Dhawan & Engineer in Policy
bazaar dot com
Alumni Talk 17th September, 2018
Mr. Nitish Goel
Squad Alumni Talk 17th September, 2018


Industry Visit

Details of industrial visits organized for students

S. No





30th September 2021


Escorts Ltd.

1st October


 Amul Factory, Manesar

28th November 2019


Havell's India  Ltd, Neemrana

23rd November 2019


Centre for e-Governance, MeitY,
Electronics Niketan, Lodhi Road , New Delhi 

18th November 2019


UNO-MINDA, Manesar

16th November 2019


Coca Cola Happiness Factory, Noida

7th August 2019


Associated Electronics
Research Foundation (AERF), Noida

25 th April 2019


Hydro power plant visit

15th -16th April 2019


Daikin, Neemrana, Rajasthan

6th April 2019


Visit to Sewage treatment plant, Jhajjer

1st February 2019


Convergence India, Pragati Maidan

29th January 2019


Coca Cola Happiness Factory, Noida

31st August 2018


National Power Training Institute, Faridabad

26th March 2018


26th Convergence India Conference
And 2nd Edition of IoT India Expo,
Pragati Maidan

7th-9th March 2018


National Cement Building and
Research Laboratories, Ballabhgarh

3rd March 2018


Water Treatment Plant, Basai, Gurgaon

26th February 2018


HCL, Noida

21st February 2018


AKGEC FAB Lab, Ghaziabad

20th February 2018


5th International Data Science Summit,
India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

19th February 2018


Escorts, Faridabad

17th February 2018


Festival/Trips organised@SET

S.No Fest/Trip Details Date
1 Gratitute day 2nd May 2020
2 Club Day 13th February 2020
3 Alumni Meet 14th February 2020
4 Goa Trip 15th-22nd January 2020
5 Inter University Sports Fest
Blaze 4.0
4th- 6th December 2019
6 Tech Fest 14th-15th November 2019
7 Jim Corbett National
 Park Trip
31st Oct-2nd November 2019
8 CSI -HACKTOBERFEST 2019 24th October 2019
9 Freshers Party 11th October 2019
10 CSI student chapter -
 "PubG" gaming
26th September 2019
11 Farewell 30th April 2019
12 Science Exhibition
 for School Students
26th October 2018
13 Club Day 30th October 2018
14 SET Freshers Party 4th October 2018
15 Teachers Day 5th September 2018
16 Sports Day 13th August 2018



Workshops/Conferences/FDPs @SET

S. No. Event  Date
1 PAN India Online Hackathon 7th October 2021
2 Health Checkup Camp 8th October 2021
3 School visit and hands-on workshop on Arduino and IoT 13th November 2021
4 Quiz Competition on the occasion of National Library Week 18th November 2021
5 Workshop on Indian Talent and Global Markets 23rd November 2021
6 Magic Cell 2nd December 2021
7 Python Workshop 7th - 8th Decemeber 2021
8 Cybersecurity Workshop 9th December 2021
9 How to catch fake/predatory/cloned journals in academics 11th December 2021
10 Maths Day 22nd December 2021
11 Tips and Tricks - How to get maximum in board examination 2022 28th January 2022
12 Two Days Workshop on Teaching & Learning in the 21st Century 4th - 5th February 2022
13 Alibaba Cloud Low Code Contest 2022 21st - 25th February 2022
14 Intensify your Web skills with Live Projects - Project Exhibition 28th February - 4th March 2022
15 Exergy'22 (Club Day) 3rd March 2022
16 SIH 2022 Internal Project Hackathon 11th March 2022
17 Future of Cyber Security by Mr. Subhakant Das/Mrs. Nisha Sharma 23rd July 2021
18 RPA-The future is here now by Dr. Bindu Thakral 16th April 2021
19 Soft skill Sessions IV-Telephonic skills by Mr. Rajan Bansal 21th August 2020
20 Soft skill Sessions III -CV Writing by Mr. Rajan Bansal 14th October 2020
21 Soft skill Sessions II-Interview Skills by Mr. Rajan Bansal 7th October 2020
22 Soft skill Sessions I-Email writing ettiques by Mr. Rajan Bansal 23rd September 2020
23 Design and Smart Manufacturing by Dr. Isha Saini 4th August 2020
24 Qualitative research, blog writing and neuroscience in covid 19 outbreak by Dr Latika 22nd May 2020
25 Webinar on Introduction to
AIRCHEM solutions
9th May 2020
26 Webinar on Roles and Opportunities
in the world of Solar energy
4th May 2020
27 workshop on Climate Change 24th January 2020
28 ARDI-ROBO 2019 29th November 2019
29 DigiTech 2019 28th November 2019
25th -27th November'19
31 Alumni Talk 27th November 2019
32 Climatech 21st November 2019
33 Hack Exploit-
Cyber Security workshop
6th-7th November 2019
34 Lecture on Voting rights by Dr. Manleen 12th October 2019
35 Talk on Startup Enterprises 2020 11th September 2019
36 Blockchain Workshop-
 Ethereum learning
27th-28th September 2019
37 Session on Virtual Reality(VR) and
Augmented Reality(AR)
22nd August
38 Ardee-Ansal Bridge Program 8th-12th July 2019
39 Career Counselling Session on Robotics Engineering 6th July 2019
40 Opportunities in Cyber Security 22nd June 2019
41 IoT NCR workshop 8th June 2019
42 ENTREPRENEURSHIP Development Program  on Solar Energy Systems 22nd & 23rd April 2019
43 CSI - Student Chapter  Exergy’19 15th April 2019
44 Primavera & Tekla worshop 28th & 29th March 2019
45 IOT workshop 28th March 2019
46 LoRA workshop 16th March 2019
47 International Conference on
Smart Cities-2019
8th-9th March
48 Workshop on Introduction to
Cyber Security
11th Jan 2019
49 Seminar on AI, ML,IOT about GAIP 6th Feb 2019
50 FDP on Deep Learning 3rd-7th December, 2018


Professional Societies

  1. Computer Society of India (CSE), Coordinated by Dr. Mamta Dahiya
      1. Two Year Institutional Membership (April 2018-2020)
      2. Student Chapter (In Progress)

  2. Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE)

      1. Life Membership IM1689

  3. Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE)

      1. Life Membership No. G00359.

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