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The faculty, the institution, my peers and the relationships i've forged during my 4 year journey have been invaluable pillars of support. I believe without Sushant Universities support and guidance, I wouldn’t have been where I am today. As I grow, I would want to continue making a positive contribution to the society and be an impactful steward for Sushant University. I am a Senior Associate at Wodehouse Capital, a multifamily office with a $200 million asset base and an investment bank. At Wodehouse, I facilitate investments across asset classes, in line with the targeted returns of my clients and also advise marquee enterprises in their private equity fundraise endeavors.

Madhav Verma

Batch: 2011-2015 / B.Tech. (IT)

While pursuing my B.Tech. at Sushants, I was really fortunate to study under the supervision of great teachers. After graduation from Sushant University Jigyasa taught for two years in the Teach For India Fellowship and then worked as a National Student Leadership Consultant, designing and piloting learning experiences to build a culture of student leadership across the seven cities of TFI.

She currently leads Slam Out Loud that works at the intersection of arts, education and leadership by providing access to art and artistic opportunities to at risk individuals. Having worked with a multitude of organizations in leadership building and expression, including MHRD, Creatnet and Delhi University she’s an entrepreneur incubatee by Government of Delhi, Unltd and N/Core and a recipient of the Gold International Award for Young People.

She's an Unleash fellow, an Arts for Good fellow at the Singapore International Foundation, an avid traveller and musician, having shared her journey through three TEDx talks.

Jigyasa Labroo, B.Tech. (CSE 2015)

CEO Slam out Loud

While pursuing my B.Tech. at Sushants, I was really fortunate to study under the supervision of great teachers. Right from great teachers to infrastructure to library to staff, everything gave a strong foundation for a healthy educating ecosystem. Being a passionate in engineering, I was always ready with my questions (sometime stupid) at the end of a lecture, which were always welcomed by the expert in their fields. In the very beginning, I was very hesitant of asking questions from faculties but as the time progressed, I developed a strong assurance of getting answered almost always.

Prince Baluni , 2008 - 2012 B.Tech. (ECE)

Sr. Electronics Engineer Eaton

Sushant University is the best place to be in where your future is in making while introspecting and evolving yourself parallely. Also the faculty here is no less than a family, always supportive, caring and always alert to monitor the students whether we are on a right and a positive track or not. So enjoy this phase if life; it is the only time you can be a child and an adult. It is your time to figure yourself out. So don’t let anyone snatch away the time or the figuring. In this rat race, don’t attempt to fit in, rather attempt to stand out.

Lavish Gaba , B.Tech. (CSE) - 2012-2016 Batch

VOIP Engineer, HCL



Sushant University has been a crucial milestone in my journey. The experienced professors and supportive staff is an asset to the college. They have always been motivated, helpful, giving proper guidance from time to time. The college strives to develop and nurture other aspects of the personality by conducting entrepreneurial, cultural and sports events. I am grateful to be a part of such an institution. I want to express my heartfelt thanks to the College who gave me the perfect opportunity to explore myself and raised my level of confidence.

Prakhar Arora , B.Tech. (CSE) - 2012-2016 Batch

Working as Account Manager, Times Internet, Times of India

It has been three years since I graduated from Sushant University with a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and communication engineering
and my experience at Au has been irreplacable. As I reflect on AU’s positive impact, I look up in appreciation and praise for its constant
drive for improving and supporting professional engineering education.

Aashita Manchanda , (AIT 2011-2015 ECE Batch )

Electronics Product Engineer at Aptiv, U.S



In addition to the excellent academic program, Sushant University aims towards overall development of the students. Career advisory services, on-campus activities like cultural festivals, technical workshops and sport tournaments and professional clubs are all designed to provide students an enriching experience.

Apoorva Verma (AIT 2010-2014 ECE Batch)

Component Design Manager- Intel Corporation

The experiences during the period at Sushant were enriching for my personal development in respect of the knowledge I gathered during
the course, the exposure and interaction with the faculties and students.

Vandana Mittal (AIT Batch 2009-2013 ECE Batch)

Ph.D. - Student, University of Manitoba, Canada

Over the course of my stay at this esteemed institute, I was fortunate to receive constant guidance and support from my
mentors and teachers. They have helped me develop a technical way of analysing things which in turn helped in faster grasping
of various concepts in my post-grad. AU has provided a holistic environment for the students to successfully undertake their future aspirations.

Shubradeep Paul (AIT 2011-2015 ECE Batch)

Associate Solution Advisor, Business Valuation at Deloitte India (Offices of the US)


Indralekha Pasumarthy ( Batch of 2017-2021 )


I am Yashasvini from the batch of 2017-2021 from Sushant University (erstwhile Ansal University). The university has not only taught me to trust my instincts more but has also taught me how to work under pressure and complete given tasks in a time crunch. That said, there had never been any instance of the faculty not coming forward to help us. It felt like a home away from home. Everything taught to me in college has helped me apply the technical knowledge with soft skills. I believe that Sushant University has the best faculty for Computer Science and courses at par with industry standards. My only regret was that almost half of my college life was spent at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I would always wonder what adventure I had in store had the pandemic not hit.

Yashasvini( Batch of 2017-2021 )


Ansal University has helped me hone my soft skills as well as provided me a strong technical background for what I am today. Looking backwards today, as a Cloud Solution Architect at Amazon, USA , I can totally connect the dots of what sets me apart and makes me succeed in life. I had my best time as an undergraduate student at Ansal University.Fabulous teachers who mentored me almost anytime. I remember spending my time in various multicultural activities during college which made me confident and helped me build my networking skills. Ansal has a very special place in my heart with Koshish NGO, which we started at Ansal campus as students. Unfortunately, we closed that NGO, but that whole experience of running an organisation made me extremely independent. I can't thank enough; Ansal, its teachers and all its staff for making me ready to succeed in life.