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Course Curriculam 2024



Semester 1

Communication in English

Introduction to Data Analytics

Universal Human Values

Fundamentals of Programming

Internet of Things (IoT)

Multidisciplinary Course -1

Computer Fundamentals


Semester 2

Environmental Studies

Web Development-1



Data Structures-I

Multidisciplinary Course -2

Introduction to Emerging Technologies


Semester 3

Decision Making and Problem Solving


Data Structures-II

Computer Architecture

Introduction to Database Systems

Multidisciplinary Course -3

Specialization Elective-I


Semester 4

Professional Etiquettes

Fundamentals of Computer Networks

Operating Systems

Object Oriented Programming

Web Development-2

Specialization Elective-II


Semester 5

Software Engineering

Introduction to Cyber Security

Advanced Programming

Artificial Intelligence

Seminar on Latest Topic

Specialization Elective-II

Internship* Evaluation


Semester 6

Software Project Management

Cloud Computing

Specialization Elective-III

Specialization Elective-IV