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BBA  with an Edge

Bachelor of Business Administration Honors is semester wise regular program of  School of Business (SoB) aimed at students who want to join the corporate league or become entrepreneurs providing employment to many. It is the best BBA program in Gurugram with an international Collaboration with University of Warwick, UK.

Eligibility: Grade XII applicants

WHY BBA  at SoB Sushant University

  • BBA with International Collaboration (University of Warwick, UK, CIMA, UK/ CMA,US)
  • Honors Course with course embedded with New Age Domains like Digital Marketing, Leadership Skills, CSR, Finance, Marketing & HR.
  • Corporate Connect via Live Projects/ Summer Internships & Guest lectures
  • Industrial Visists and Guest Lectures embeded in wach semester
  • Corporate Resource Centre helps studnets undertake Summer Internship with stipend
  • Sensitizing students towards society- Social Internship program as a credit course
  • Mentoring System that guides and supports students in all endeavors
  • Trans Disciplinary Learning
  • 40 hrs Personality Enhancement & Soft Skills Training and 20 hours IT in each semester
  • Clubs at SOB help in holistic development of studets by giving them an enriching Campus Life.
  • Opportunity for International Cultural Exchange and Immersion programs- University of New Castle Australia, Singapore, Mauritius, etc.


It’s important what we teach to students, but even more imperative is the way we teach. BBA aims at delivering skills along with a degree that is well recognized with All Leading bodies and Corporates. The applicative way of learning is student centric. The pedagogy uses caselets and activity based learning. A blended learning model is used adapting technology, e resources and MOOC’s.

Basket of Certifications offered to BBA students

The student has to choose ONE certification out of the ones mentioned below and after successful completion, certificate will be awarded

This helps the students to get extra knowledge and skills that are needed by corporates when they apply for placements

Digital Marketing

Major jobs in the market today are in areas of Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Website Manger, SEO Manager and Affiliate Marketing. All these are specializations of digital marketing domain. Student can do certification and live projects to be absorbed in these positions. 


In the new age corporate needs and the uncertainty that surrounds business, analyzing data is the key to take right managerial decisions. Students can do an Analytics Certification to gain skills in data handling and analytics. 

Graphic Designing

Tools of designing are taught with hand-on workshops that equip students to create various kind of content for marketing. Be it images, graphics, infographics, GIF, Video editing and Animation that help them working as freelance. 

Family Owned Business

Students that belong to business families want to join the same after successful completion of course. They should do this certification, which helps them to handle, their role in family business and acquaint with new skills and technology that helps the family business to grow. 

International Business

Certification in IB educates students the entire process for export and import, documentation and legalities that should be known if business has to happen across boundaries. 

Future Prospects after BBA 

After BBA the students have basic knowledge plus added certifications and live projects that are needed by the industry. Abundant career opportunities await them.

They can choose from the following options:

ü  Take up jobs in the industry as they. Job sectors range from- E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Retail, Banking & Insurance, Risk Analyst and Market Research.

ü  Higher Education in areas of MBA (in best of National or International         B-Schools)

ü  Join the family business and expand it further

ü  Take up an entrepreneurial journey 

Life @ SOB    ( link below to the pages)

Industry Visit

Student Driven Clubs

Hostel Life


Outbound Learning


Trans Disciplinary Learning 

Student Speak

My journey at BBA (H) at SOB, Sushant University taught me how to created a space for myself, differentiating Sneh from the crowd. The professors here did not only give me academic guidance but mentored me to choose the right over the easy. The attitude, knowledge and skills that I gained in three years laid a strong foundation that would help me achieve the goals in my life”.


Sneh Shahi


Batch 2016-19


BBA in collaboration with University of Warwick, UK

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BBA with Specialization in Aviation Management

Aviation Industry

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BBA with Specialization in Logistic & supply Chain Management

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