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Empowering Future: Insights on Master's Abroad with Mr. Bill Rammell on 25 Jan,2024

TSushant University had the honor of hosting Mr. Bill Rammell, President of Zoom Abroad and a former UK Minister and Member of Parliament. Mr. Rammell provided insightful guidance on the successful application and pursuit of Master's courses abroad, with a special focus on the advantages of studying in the UK. He covered application procedures, the appeal of international education, diverse opportunities, and a comprehensive cost comparison. Emphasizing the excellence of UK education, Mr. Rammell detailed admission criteria, entry requirements, and exceptional career prospects. Additionally, he introduced Zoom Abroad's Global Immersion Program, a six-day, seven-night experience priced at £1800, seamlessly integrating lectures, skill development, and tourism for a holistic educational journey.

Mastering Corporate Financial Planning: Insights from MNCs

The School of Business organized a special session called "Corporate Financial Planning in MNCs on 4th Oct, 2023." It was a fantastic opportunity for students to learn about how big companies handle their money. Led by industry expert Mr. K.V. Hariharan, Sr. VP, Amway India, the session was informative and easy to understand. Students got to ask questions and learn from real-life examples. It was a fun and interactive class that everyone enjoyed. The session helped students understand finance in big companies better, which will be useful for their future careers. Overall, it was a great learning experience for everyone involved!

This program equips faculty members, researchers, and professionals with the knowledge and skills to navigate the ethical complexities of management. Renowned international speakers will address critical topics like:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Decision-Making Frameworks
  • Ethical Issues in Finance, Marketing & Technology
  • Global Business Ethics
Program Highlights:
  • Free Registration for all participants.
  • Expert Speakers from around the world.
  • Convenient Online Delivery via MS Teams.
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Don't miss this opportunity to make a lasting impact!
  • Limited Spots Available!

Dr. Richa Nangia: richanangia@sushantuniversity.edu.in ( +91 9953024474)

Ms. Farhana Mariyam: farhanamariyam@sushantuniversity.edu.in ( +91 9718525323)




Exciting news! School of Business invites final year students to UDAYA (Summer Internship Competition) on January 20, 2024. Showcase your internship work and compete for prizes—1st position: Rs 10,000, 2nd position: Rs 5,000. Registration is open to all students. Don't miss the chance to win and gain recognition! Register at https://forms.gle/YdscVKxeHVwRzFaL6. Stay tuned for venue details.

Platform Lecture Series : H.E. Ms. Jacqueline Mukangira’s visit to Sushant University. On November 8, 2023, H.E. Ms. Jacqueline Mukangira, Rwanda's High Commissioner to India, gave an enthusiastic talk about Rwanda's history and progress. She shared how Rwanda transformed from a divided society to a safer, more progressive nation. She also highlighted the country's safety and high female representation in government, exciting and engaging students during the Q&A.

On Teachers' Day- 5 Sep, 2023, our students showcased their appreciation for our dedicated educators through captivating dance and melodious singing performances. It was a heartwarming tribute to our teachers, who were also honored with entertaining titles and cherished mementos. The event brimmed with gratitude and admiration, fostering a sense of unity and respect between teachers and students. It was a delightful celebration of the invaluable role our teachers play in shaping our futures.

On September 12th, the School of Business had the privilege of hosting a guest lecture by Mr. Amit Sharma, Senior Territory Manager at Sharekhan Ltd. Mr. Sharma shared his extensive knowledge and experience in the field of finance and investment, providing valuable insights to students. His engaging session offered a unique perspective on the financial industry, leaving attendees inspired and better informed about the dynamics of the business world.

Hindi Diwas Celebration: A Vibrant Showcase of Language and Talent

The School of Business' Kaatib Club hosted a Hindi Diwas event on September 14, 2023, attended by all students. The event commenced with inspiring speeches by Prof. Dubey and J.S. Mukul. A vibrant rangoli and bookmark painting competition followed, alongside engaging poem recitations by students and faculty members. The atmosphere was enriched by poetic contributions from Dr. Giri, Ms. Aanchal, and Dr. Gunjan. The event concluded on a lively note with a fun quiz that saw enthusiastic student participation, making it a memorable success.

The SoB Orientation 14-18 Aug, 2023: A Sneak Peek into the Beginnings

Fostering Connections and Camaraderie: Prarambh Day 1 at SoB : 14 August, 2023

SoB's Orientation began with B.Com-V's Abeer Chopra and MBA-III's Prachi as anchors. This led to a warm welcome by Associate Dean Prof. Vijay A. Dubey. Following this, the 'Life at SoB' screening followed, along with a presentation introducing faculty mentors, concluding with an interactive Ice-breaking Session.

The completion of the icebreaking games for our group of freshers was met with cheerful faces and an evident sense of camaraderie. Through these engaging activities, our newly joined business class of 2023 quickly connected, shared laughs, and formed the foundation for meaningful relationships. The atmosphere was charged with excitement as participants actively participated in games like “Lost Horizon”, and "Build Your Business." These games not only broke down initial barriers but also unveiled shared interests and experiences, fostering an environment of inclusivity and friendship. As we wrapped up the session, it was evident that these icebreaking games had successfully created a positive and welcoming atmosphere, setting the stage for a collaborative and vibrant journey ahead.

Day 2:

Building Skills Through Fun: Prarambh Day 2: 16 August, 2023

The second day started with the dynamic activity "Express Yourself," followed by a team-building session guided by the Soft Skill mentors. Prof. Vijay A. Dubey, well-regarded, discussed "Expectation Settings Do’s & Don’ts." An enlightening talk on the School's Anti-Ragging Rules ensued, followed by the introduction of Student Clubs. The day concluded with students relishing interactive Management Games. Ms. Chakshu, Ms. Farhana, and Ms. Neha, organized these games to help students become better at making quick decisions. The games were about recognizing logos and slogans, good communication, and finding partners. These activities exemplified teamwork's pivotal role in success, encouraging qualities such as coordination, cooperation, and quick thinking among students.

Day 3:

Creativity unleashed: Prarambh -Day 3: 17 August, 2023

The third day began with a stimulating speech by Prof. JS Mukul, SU's Director of International Affairs. The eagerly awaited Ad Mad Show followed. This featured SoB students displaying ingenious marketing skills. They presented captivating advertisements, merging creativity with strategy. The event highlighted talent within the School of Business, showcasing their ability to craft compelling narratives for various product themes. Dr. Ashok Kumar Sangwan, from Kyndyrl Solutions, provided an enlightening session for newcomers. The day wrapped up with an engaging activity called "Unfold Your Talent."

Day 4:

Empowering Day with Self-Motivation Talk, Success Stories, and Engaging Workshop- Prarambh Day 4: 18 August, 2023

A new day commenced with a stimulating talk by Prof. Jyoti Sinha, SHS's Associate Dean, titled "Pursuing Dreams through Self-Motivation." Soon after, Success Stories of SoBians enabled student interaction with newcomers. The day also featured well-received activities such as a Time Management Workshop and Management Lessons from Bollywood, engaging and benefiting the students.

International Conference on 'Ongoing Research in Management & IT'

School of Business, Sushant University, Gurugram proudly announces the collaboration for INCON 2023 (International Conference on Ongoing Research in Management and IT) organized from 19th – 21st January 2023. The XVIth edition of the revered conference is going to be held from 19th- 21st January 2023 at the campus of ASM Group of Institutes, Pune, India. The main theme of the event is "Ongoing Research in the fields of Management & Information Technology. For any queries and paper submissions contact Dr. Richa N. Agarwal (Associate Professor, School of Business ) richaagarwal@sushantuniversity.edu.in





School Of Business, Sushant University, one of the best private universities in Delhi NCR, organized a cultural event titled “Mehfil-e-andaaz” headed by Prof. Nisha Nandal along with the students in the college auditorium. This is the most awaited day for all the students as they were highly enthusiastic and determined to showcase their talent. All the students were requested to participate in the event at a university level. The energy among the participants was electrifying leaving us with stage knocking performances and great experiences. The auditorium had been set up in a grandeur arrangement. The event started at and about 10:00a.m. with an inaugurating or moreover motivating speech of honourable Dean sir. Then there was an opening musical performance that bound the warmth and interest of the audience. Everybody enjoyed the great serene environment that was created. There was a long list of performances in different activities such as Dance, Singing. Theatres and Stand-up Comedy in different forms such as solo, duo and group. All the audience experienced a wonderful day in the program. This was the day where all the compassion among the audience and participants was felt within the boundaries of discipline which was efficiently managed by the discipline committee. All the students got time for nothing but to make the day a bit extra special. The participants were entitled to E-Certificates. The event ended with an amazing quote channelising energy and motivation within the students and obviously unforgettab¬ [le memories.

School of Business, Sushant University, one of the best universities in Delhi NCR, successfully organized a guest lecture on "Digital Transformation of Business" by an Industry expert Mamta Singh, Senior Manager, dotConverse on 22 Feb 2022.

Ms. Singh enlightened the audience by sharing the concept of LoB (Line of business) and how digital marketers can integrate the objectives of LoB with digital channels. She emphasized on various components of digital marketing with real-time campaign planning projects. It was a highly informative and interactive session for the assemblage.

On 21 October, 2021, Sushant University, one of the best private University in Delhi-NCR, in association with Vimukt Ghuman Janjaati Kalyan Sangh organized a National Seminar on “Denotified (Ghumantu) Community - How to make them economically Atma-Nirbhar”. The Eminent speakers for the seminar were Dr. D.N.S. Kumar, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Sushant University, Gurugram, Mr. Durgadasji, Akhil Bhartiya Ghumantu Karya Pramukh and Karnveer Mr. Bhiku Ramji Idate, Chairman, Development & welfare Board for Denotified, Nomadic & Semi-nomadic Tribes, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Government of India. The seminar was attended by the Deans, faculty members and students of Sushant University. The speakers’ enlightened the audience about background, importance and contribution of denotified community in the upliftment of the country.

The seminar was followed by a Book Launch of the “Proceedings on International Conference on Advanced Technology, Sustainability and Management” edited by Dr. Arti Vaish and Dr. Surabhi Goyal. The book was launched by Dr. D.N.S. Kumar, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Sir, Registrar Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Sharma, Dr. Milind, Dean, School of Business, Dr. Sudipto Sarkar, Dean, School of Engineering & Technology and all the dignitaries of the day. Being the top University in Delhi-NCR, it is committed to the social ideals of the country.

Sushant School of Business has organized a successful webinar illustrating the Impact of COVID-19 on Global Economy on 6th May ,2020. The Session was delivered by Prof. Charan Singh, CEO of Egrow Foundation and RBI Chair Professor at IIM Bangalore. The event provided useful insights about economic implications of current pandemic and had been well appreciated by the participants.

Sushant School of Business has organized a successful Panel Discussion on Fostering Young Business Mindsets during Turbulent Times on 22nd May ,2020. The panel Comprises of Vice Chancellor of Bhiwani University, Prof. R.K. Mittal, industry expert Mr. M.A. Mateen and registered valuer Mr. Maneesh Srivastava. The event provided useful insights about the requisite skill sets to be acquired by management graduates. The discussion was well appreciated by the participants.

Sushant School of Business has organized a successful webinar on the Contemporary Careers for Management Graduates: New Age Opportunities on 6th June ,2020. The discussion has provided fruitful insights about the contemporary careers that young management graduates can pursue in these turbulent times. It also highlights the experience of SSB alumni’s regarding their MBA journey at AU.

Sushant School of Business has organized a successful webinar on Environment and Covid 19 on 7th June, 2020. The session was delivered by Bhavesh Swami, Lead-clean energy policy, Climate Reality India and Ms. Shubhi Kesarwani, Governance Consultant & Program Manager, GuruJal. The discussion provided useful insight about the current situation of the environment, their consequences and the measure that can be taken about this. It also highlighted the importance of water management during this pandemic as the demand of the water is increased nowadays.

17th May 2020

SSB organized a webinar on "Challenges & Opportunities for HR Professionals during and after COVID-19 Outbreak" on Sunday, 17th May 2020 (12:30 P.M. - 2:000 P.M.). The resource person for this was Mr. Amit Malik (Senior Manager HR & IR, Denso Haryana Pvt. Ltd.) Approximately 250 participants registered for this event and it was a very interactive session wherein lots of queries from the audience were answered by the speaker.

Organiser: Dr. Meenakshi Dhingra

7th June 2020

SSB organized an exclusive discussion on "Environment & Covid 19" on Sunday, 7th June 2020 (3:00 P.M. - 4:30 P.M.). The discussion was carried by the eminent speakers namely Bhavesh Swami (Lead - Clean Energy Policy, Climate Reality India) and Shubhi Kesarwani (Governance Consultant & Environment Enthusiast, Program Manager, GuruJal, Gurugram District Administration). Approximately 150 participants registered for this event and it was a very insightful session.

Organiser: Dr. Naveen Nandal

Moderator: Dr. Meenakshi Dhingra

School of Business organized an exclusive webinar on “Financial Contagion during the COVID-19 Pandemic” on 23rd October, 2020. Chief Guest for the webinar was Dr. Md Akhtaruzzaman, who is a Head of Department of Accounting and Finance at Peter Faber Business School, Australian Catholic University. He specifically talked about the financial impact of the Covid-19 around the world including India. He also shared with participants some exclusive data of how it pandemic is affecting the companies, banks and financial institutions across the world and what are the potential steps that can be taken to improve the situation. The webinar received an overwhelming response in terms of participation. The session was very well received and appreciated by the participants.