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Guest lectures expose students to the real-world experiences from the perspective of someone who has been there. Students get to see the insight and perspective of the guest speaker’s particular field. The school organizes guest lectures to empower students to know more about the advancements of the modern world. Some of the successful guest lectures are- Recent Learning and Development Trends and Training Evaluation in the Corporate Sector, Fundamentals of Financial Maths and Quality Structure Systems, Business Excellence, Analytics, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship & Cyber Security.



Industrial visits give greater clarity about the important management concepts, as students practically experience how these concepts are put into action. Practical, hands-on learning is essential for better understanding of work processes and business functions. SoB repeatedly organizes industry tours so that students can avail ground breaking statistics of market.

Advanced SEO

On 27thMarch’2019, The MBA students of school of business had the privilege to attend Mr. Saurabh Pandey’s guest lecture on Advanced SEO. In this guest lecture, He imparted knowledge on traffic building activities, search queries, 3-pillars of SEO, On page SEO factors, Types of searchers and explained how to search for relevant keywords. He gave practical hands on experience in searching for generic and specific/ relevant keywords using Google Keyword Planner and inurl:”keyword” to determine competition online.

SCHOOL OF BUSINESS organised a session of “Placement Preparedness” for students of varied disciplines Management, Engineering and Hospitality.

Placements and internships are an integral part of the long-term goals that any educational institution would have – these include making students confident, boosting their analytical abilities, making them business-ready and ultimately employable.

The session enabled the students:

  1. To understand the various processes conducted by corporate recruiters.
  2. Helped them to understand that they have to frame a personalized strategy to tackle the job-placement process.
  3. To know what skills/attitudes are needed to not just crack the placement process but also to excel on the job.

The session was appreciated by all students and was a sensitization for the coming session of SIP’s, Live Projects as Placements are already leafing to a closure.

  1. Guest Session was conducted 

    • Class: BBA 2nd Year
    • Subject: Sales and Distribution Management
    • Resource Person: Saeed Bhatti, North India Sales Head, Cremica
    • Learning: Students learned about how companies manage their distribution channels and sales territories.
  2. Guest Session was conducted

    • Class: BBA 3rd Year and B.Com 3rd Year
    • Subject: Consumer Behavior
    • Resource Person: Gayatri Malik, Marketing Manager, Forever New
    • Learning: Students learned about how companies analyze the consumer’s preferences for various products and how do the brands conduct their consumer’s research.
  3. Guest Session was conducted

    • Class: MBA 2nd Year
    • Subject: MIS and Decision Making
    • Resource Person: Kovid Vats, Sales Manager, NoPaerForm
    • Learning: Students learned about how companies develop and implement the MIS solutions and how do these solutions benefit the organizations in their day to day operations.
  4. Guest Session was conducted

    • Class: Com and BBA Ist Year
    • Subject: Organization Behavior
    • Resource Person: Deepak Soni, AVP, EvalueServe
    • Learning: The students immensely benefited from the session as it gave a practical orientation about workplace competencies for successful career.
  5. Guest Session was conducted

    • Class: Com 3rd year/ MBA 2nd year/ BBA 3rd year
    • Subject: Entrepreneurship
    • Topic: A journey of an Entrepreneur
    • Resource Person: Tanushree Bora, Owner Xquads
    • Learning: The students immensely benefited from the session as it gave a practical orientation about the challenges faced by an entrepreneur and how to deal with that.
  6. Guest Session was conducted

    • Class: Com 1st year, B.com 2nd year and MBA 1st year
    • Subject: Business Mathematics, Statistics and Quantitative Techniques
    • Topic: Application of Mathematics & Statistics in real Life
    • Resource Person: Shefali Sinha, Operational & Process excellence expert
    • Learning: Shefali Sinha is an expert at creating operations and share her experience of more than 20 years with the students in the field of analytics, statistics, operational research and quantitative techniques.
  7. Guest Session was conducted

    • Class: BBA 2nd year and BBA 3rd Year
    • Subject: Human Resource Management II and HR Specialization
    • Resource Person: Mayank Ahuja, Senior Manager HR, Blackberrys
    • Learning: Mayank Ahuja shared his more than 13 years of experience in the field of HRM across various industries such as IT, Insurance, Finance and Apparel with the students.
  8. Guest Session was conducted

    • Class: MBA 2nd Year
    • Subject: Branding
    • Resource Person: Aksh Raghav, Operations Manager, Puma
    • Learning: The students got an opportunity to connect with International and National Brand Strategies.
  9. Guest Session was conducted

    • Class: BBA 3rd Year
    • Subject: Auditing
    • Resource Person: CA Arun Ahuja
    • Learning: Students also got an opportunity to understand the practical implications of Auditing and the dynamism of Auditing as a profession. The lecture was an interactive one and it lead to diversification of the student’s perspective towards Auditing not just as an academic subject but also as a career building pathway as far as the industry is concerned.
  10. Guest Session was conducted

    • Class: Com. 3rd Year
    • Subject: Corporate Accounting
    • Resource Person: Meenakshi Chhabra, Country Head, Malaysia, Milvik (BIMA)
    • Learning: She also talked about the shareholder’s position & asset valuation undertaken at the time of the Corporate Restructuring. Students were also told about Cascading choices and integrated set of choices as far as strategies and M & A are concerned. This leads the students to develop a better understanding of the academic concept of Mergers and Amalgamations through a professional perspective.
  11. Guest Session was conducted

    • Class: Com and BBA Ist Year
    • Subject: Principles of Management
    • Resource Person: Dr Tanushree Bora, Founder Proprietor of Xquads Healthcare Quality Management Consultancy.
    • Learning: Session was very insightful for students on running an organization adhering to POSDCORB concept.
  12. Guest Session was conducted

    • Class: MBA 2nd Year
    • Subject: Cross Cultural and Global HRM
    • Topic: Culture Shock and how to best manage a foreign culture.
    • Resource Person: Laurent Guiraud, Director Vatel and Campus Life, Sushant University.
    • Learning: Students learnt how to manage culture shock and ways to blend into a foreign culture. Sir shared anecdotes from his extensively travelled life and the students got to learn about business and personal etiquette of French culture.
  13. Guest Session was conducted

    • Class: MBA 2nd Year
    • Subject: International Finance
    • Resource Person: Kamal Kishore, Head (Accounts & Taxation), V Mart Retail Ltd.
    • Learning: Students learnt about International Inventory Management.
  14. Guest Session was conducted

    • Class: BBA 3rd Year
    • Subject: Project Finance
    • Resource Person: Hitesh Goel, Deputy Vice President, Infra-advisor Pvt. Ltd.
    • Learning: The session was focused on Capital Budgeting in a project.