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In the upcoming years, India is expected to grow at a faster pace and will be built on its capabilities and new opportunities - nationally and internationally. At School of Business (SOB), we aim to create new business leaders and entrepreneurs that are critical for any economy because they create employment, generate new ideas and implement new techniques in management functions. We believe that these students after graduating from SOB will contribute to strengthening India’s GDP and will make a greater impact in the development of the Indian Economy. We also believe that a first-class faculty is the core of any top business school, and at SOB, we take pride in our emphasis on the quality of our faculty. Our strong faculty is the key to prepare our students for insights into management theory and practice, and a global outlook on new business strategies. The dedication of School of Business is to maintain a world-class faculty has been a cornerstone of its remarkable progress. It’s important that students should be equipped with a global mindset. School of Business strives to provide its students with a worldwide learning platform, facilitated by our own and visiting faculty, a rich array of student exchange opportunities, and an extensive network of strategic partnerships and alliance with top schools, organizations and institutions across the globe. School of Business, we promise that you will learn and explore new horizons in the field of management focusing on managing businesses in fast-evolving environments.


Dr. Milind