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Dean's Message

A recent study suggests that only a minuscule proportion of business graduates across the spectrum possess the requisite skills that are critical for success in the contemporary business climate. The School of Business (SOB), with its focus on the development of global management professionals passionate to make a positive impact in the corporate space, is widely recognized as a premier B-school in India. Governed by the philosophy of Excellence-with-Compassion, the rigorous program delivery at the SOB is further reinforced by corporate lectures, industry interaction, the analysis and interpretation of corporate decision-making with the help of case study sessions, and business and simulation games. Both, the summer and social internship, are integral components of the programs offered by the

school. The team of highly qualified faculty members, our intellectual resources at the school, act as mentors and role models for the students and help them make an effective transition from classroom to corporate. With companies vying to offer employment to our management graduates in their final semester of study, there are multiple employment opportunities available to them. I extend a warm welcome to the aspiring management graduates and invite you to join us in your pursuit of corporate excellence with the promise of an enriching, enjoyable, and empowering experience at the School of Business.

Prof. V.A.Dubey