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Sushant University shall acquire and sustain intellectual and professional leadership in India and abroad by creating, applying and validating new knowledge through research, consultancy and dissemination. We are specifically geared towards providing an inspiring, competitive and state-of-the-art academic environment for an all-round and value-based development of human capital. We are constantly striving to provide an advanced quality of education with a futuristic approach for students drawn from around the world in the disciplines and professions that have the greatest bearing on the future of India and the World such that our graduates are specifically trained to work within the industry and according to the growing needs across various industries. We do so by integrating our curricula with the specific needs and demands across industries thus creating an environment that is competitive as well as cooperative, such that our students learn to excel while working together and pursuing common goals

Our constant endeavor therefore is to deliver a stimulating teaching and learning environment, where the best teachers and researchers apply innovative pedagogical techniques and encourage young minds to explore the frontiers of research, knowledge creation and wisdom that will equip society for the challenges of our collective future. Sushant University strives to generate this knowledge and to develop competence in all disciplines that are necessary for the sustainable growth of our cities and the survival of our rural communities, through innovations in architecture, planning, engineering and technology, design, arts, humanities, social sciences, management, and other up-and-coming contemporary fields.

We work towards nurturing our students who shall further go on to lead the communities and organizations of the future, where they can apply their talent &knowledge and conduct their work with the rigor and steadfast purpose that is common to all great institutions.

In keeping with the University’s vision for the future, the School of Design is constantly reinventing itself to adapt to and work upon the challenges facing society today. We hope to create not just Designers but Design Thinkers who could go on to use the medium as a way of developing society.