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David Foley

Chairperson of Interior Design

Pratt University, Brooklyn 


B.A. Architectural Studies, University of Pittsburgh; M.Arch., University of Illinois; M.Arch. Urban Design, University of Notre Dame; AIA, NCARB; Bond-Montedonico Fellow, University of Notre Dame.


Expertise in retail and residential markets with broad experience in the Americas, Europe, and Asia; academic interests include iterative methodology, narrative design, activism and design for social justice, landscape as an architectural imprint, and landscape stewardship as the first step toward creating sustainable environments. M.Arch. thesis “The American Rural Cemetery: An Outgrowth of European Romanticism.”


Sarah Charles

Lead Academic Creative Arts for Fashion

Bournemouth, United Kingdom

An energetic educator, committed to the development of a challenging and international curriculum, closely aligned to professional Fashion practice within the global design industry. A team player, who strives to deliver the best possible learning and teaching experience to students. Ardent supporter of innovative teaching methods and learning strategies with a firm belief that innovation involves risk. Masters in International Education, with a keen ambition to use and extend my experience and knowledge by working in Higher Education abroad.




Vanessa Collingridge


Bournemouth, United Kingdom

I am a great believer that being a practising artist not only feeds but improves me as an art educator and visa-versa. My continued development as a practising artist informs and adds a level of authority to my teaching. The students I work with are a constant source of inspiration; their creativity, enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge is energising.

Mixing the mediums in a way to layer the work, allowing the layers to build through each reference of an abstract memory. The use of photography plays an important part in the initial production of my work, as a means of interrogating my surroundings, allowing me to see things in a more complex and refined view.

The Art programmes I am and have been responsible for explore a range of contemporary themes and ideas, they are fun and engaging, challenging and differentiated. I allow students the opportunity to experiment with a broad range of materials, techniques, exercises and activities appropriate to the subject, project and their individual strengths.