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The clubs at the school are purely driven by the students under the guidance of faculty members. These clubs play a crucial role in the overall progress of the students. The conferences, tournaments, trips and social events organized by students offers them opportunities to nurture the experience of being an Ansal-ite. There are activities related to every profession, sport, or special interest that the students can think of. The groups focus on diversity and cultural awareness.


The HR Club

The HR Club organized a Banner making competition for employee morale and motivation. The students participated with seal and banners were put up on notice boards.

Name of the activity: Banner making competition

Theme: Employee motivation

No. of participants: 40

Teams Participated: 17 (2 members in each team)

Winners: 5 Teams

An organization cannot build a good team of working professionals without good Human Resource. HR-Club promotes team building activities and facilitates effective learning about the innovative thought process and how to polish the skills of an ideal workforce. There are several events organized by the club, to name few are Tic Tac Toe, Role Plays and Group Discussion.


The Literary Club

Kaatib – Literature club kindles students’ passion for reading books and allows them to realize their self-potential. The club ignites love for language and gives a platform to boost morale by keeping in constant touch with the literature. The students organize Annual Literary Fest, which is Inter University event.


The Marketing Club

The name Blaze represents brightness, shine and flame. These acronyms define the ideology of Blaze Marketing Club; as it is a platform where scholars get an opportunity to blend marketing theories with the real time application. The events organized by the students are Market Plan contest, Brand-a-Thon, Elevator Pitch Competition and Logo Quest.

Blaze – The Marketing Club of SSB organized a Marketing Plan Competition on the 20th of September 2019 and Logo Quest on 11 th of October, 2019. Participants were very excited and experienced fun filled learning in a creative way.

Marketing Plan activity Details

  • It was a Team activity (3 to 4 members).
  • Participants were given products on the spot.
  • Participants made a poster of the plan for the marketing of the given product wherethey included 4Ps, a unique Brand name, and a punchline and then participants presented the plan in front of the audience.
  • 9 teams participated from all the programs.
  • Team for BBA Ist Year secured Ist Position and Team from BBA IInd Year secured IIndPosition.

Logo Quest Activity Details

  • It was Logo Quest with a twist.
  • The logos were divided into 4 parts and each part hidden at different places in campus.
  • Participants had to pass through three levels to win the Logo Quest.
  • First Level: Search all 4 parts of the logo hidden at different places in campusbased on given clues.
  • Second Level: Join all parts and make the logo.
  • Third Level: Identify the company name of the logo.


The Sports Club

Sports activities are linked to lower the anti-social behavior in the students. Sports teach punctuality, patience, discipline, teamwork and dedication. Hunkoxide Sports Club helps students to develop their social skills such as good citizenship and positive peer relations. Inter University sports events are organized by the students in different sports category every alternate month.

The Sushant School of Business Sports club “Hunkoxied” was instrumental in organizing a ‘Sports Fiesta’ to commemorate the birth anniversary of Major Dhyan Chand on 29 August 2019 and the launch of ‘Fit India Movement’. This day is celebrated as ‘National Sports Day’ every year to honour him. Major Dhyan Chand was a legendary hockey player who brought glory to the nation by winning three Olympic gold medals. The ‘Fit India’ is a movement to take nation forward on the path of fitness and wellness. The event was inaugurated by former Union Minister, Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) and High Commissioner Mr. Ajay Singh.


“Beats Forever!’’ is the very motto of our refreshing club which aims to promote art and music through a bunch of passionate young future managers. ‘’Beatmasters’’ music band and the group of dancing divas is one of its kind. This entirely student driven club focuses on inculcating and nurturing the talent by not only participating in Intra and Inter University Competitions but organizing too which in turn propagates and enhances their other skills as budding professionals.


 The Finance Club

The Finance club – ‘PENNY-PERPETUITY’ encourages Accounting/ Finance related activities throughout the AU community. The club focuses on conducting prolific gatherings in the field of Accounting and Finance. Events organized by the club include Mock the Stock, Quizzards of Business and Panel Discussion on Budget.

The Finance Club of SSB organized a Business Plan competition on 27th September 2019. The students participated with complete zeal and enthusiasm.

Activity Details

  • Participants were told to come up with the detailed business plans.
  • The product/ service for designing the business plan were at the discretion of the participants.
  • Shortlisted Participants were asked to present their business plans.
  • Sarthak Singh (MBA 1st Year) secured the first position.

The Beatmasters Club: Cultural Club

Talent Hunt

The Club hosted a Talent Hunt for 1st year students of Sushant School of Business, Ansal University on 6th September 2019.It was a fun event where all 1st year students were given the opportunity to showcase their talents in Singing, Choreography, Dramatics and many more categories.

Investiture ceremony

The Beatmasters Club organised the Investiture ceremony of the Student Council on 4 October 2019. The Faculty mentor and Dean pinned badges for the 6 student council comittees

Fresher’s Party

The Beatmasters Club hosted the Fresher’s Party on Wednesday 16 th October.

Fashionista was the theme for the grand event. Mr & Miss Fresher were crowned at the event that had 3 rounds of Cat-walk, Dare and Q&A. The show saw lively and entertaining cultural performances friendly banter and lots of prizes for the fashionistas in various categories.


Sports Club- Hunkoxide