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Industrial visits and guest lectures from industry experts are integral part of B.Com.(Hons.) Curriculum in Ansal University, Sector-55 Golf Course Road, Gurugram. The students here are required to for guest lecture and industrial visits for every course that they study. Such activities help the students to have practical exposure in the areas of their study. This also helps to minimize the gap between bookish/theory knowledge and the practical knowledge.

  1. Sushant School of Business (SSB) organized a visit for MBA students to Azure Power – it’s a global independent power producer on 10th Oct 2019. The visit included two sessions, one for Compensation and Benefits where students learned about all HR Practices at Azure Power and also experienced hands-on practice on Compensation along with all the performance appraisal systems. The second session was for Learning and Development which was started by team-building activity followed by a training and development activity. It was an enduring visit for students.

  2. Sushant School of Business organized an Industrial visit to Escorts Agri Machinery, Faridabad on October 25, 2019.

  3. Visit to an Audit Firm by Students of Sushant School of Business, Ansal University, Gurugram.

  4. A Batch of the students of B.Com.(Hons.) 2nd Year, went to an audit firm, Arora Prem & Associates in Gurugram to have practical exposure in auditing. CA Manav Prem gave the students the practical exposure regarding auditing. The students came to know how to read financial statements of a business firm. The students were found to be keen to learn the things as they posed questions on audit procedure, etc. The students were also explained the relevant things in auditing with help of bills and vouchers used therein. Overall it was great learning for the students as they were able to correlate the theory to the practice.

  5. Visit to Amul for the students of BBA on October 17, 2019. The students got an opportunity to see the process of how milk is procured from Gujarat, Banas and further processed into Full Cream, Toned and Double Toned.

  6. Visit to Shahi Exports (Sarla Mills) India’s largest apparel manufacturer and exporter on October 11, 2019.

  7. Students of MBA Sem I and Bcom sem I visited Bisleri Plant, Sahibabad on 23rd September, 2019. The students saw Production and Operations at the plant. Insights were shared on market strategy and sustainable plant operations at Bisleri.

  8. A visit was organized to Labour Courts in Gurugram for Students from MBA final year HR specialization 26th September, 2019 and witnessed live proceeding in the court under Additional District Judge – Amrit Singh.

  9. Visit to Roseate a luxury resort in New Delhi, on October 7, 2019 for MBA students. A premium hotel chain that offers quality services to cater to the new generation needs of cosmopolitan guests carving a niche in the hospitality industry.