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School of Planning and Development is providing its newly admitted students and others with skill based programmes before the commencement of the academic session. These are known as capstone programmes. 

The capstone programme 2022 will begin from 4th July and it will continue till 12th of August. This online certification short term course is divided into 3 parts and the overall theme for the capstone programme is  "CAD/GIS/BIM integration of Spatial and Urban Planning".  

The details of the three sessions are as follows: 

Capstone 1:  4th July to 15th July – Writing and presentation tools (Microsoft Word, excel, PowerPoint and Google Form) 

Capstone 2:  18th July to 29th July – Planning and designing tools for novices (AutoCAD & REVIT) 

Capstone 3: 1st August to 12th August – Advanced planning and designing tools (ArcGIS)

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