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Dean's Message

Director’s Note

Welcome to School of Planning and Development, Sushant University! 

School of Planning and Development strives to be an exemplary planning school with a strong sense of excellence towards education, practice, research and scholarship. With a strong belief and values for creating socially conscious scholars to transform the built environment for public well-being, we at SPD aim to accelerate positive changes in the planning educational practices through its various digital endeavours. 

The recent coronavirus pandemic has given us with a unique opportunity to chart a new path to achieve excellence in the field of planning and to create a better learning eco-system.  We will continue to focus on innovative and entrepreneurial research and practice to make SPD a knowledge hub. 

Here at SPD, we have a collaborative and interdisciplinary learning ecosystem that helps in engaging with local, national, and international planning communities to mobilize knowledge. 

As the director of the School, I am extremely proud of the fact that we at SPD:

Value the uniqueness of all

Embrace critical thinking and innovation

Pursue knowledge for actions

Collaborate for excellence and quality

Work with ethics and integrity

Celebrate success and failures

Ignite the imagination

Instil a love for learning……. 

Our graduate and postgraduate urban planning courses provide our students with the moral depth and intellectual integrity required to tackle the challenges of a society facing a critical transition. 

SPD programmes are recognized by Institute of Town Planners, India (ITPI). We also take sustainability very seriously and have incorporated the fundamental principles of sustainability into our curriculum. This was made possible through our collaboration with Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) and Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). These associations have provided the perfect opportunity for our students to begin putting their education into sustainable action. 

I invite all of you who are interested in expanding your knowledge and ignite your imagination for a creative yet an enriching career in planning to explore our school further either online or through a visit to campus. I hope that you will join our community of life-long learners. 

If you are in practice or academia, we welcome you to reach out to see how we can collaborate. 

Alumni and friends of college: do support us in our mission of excellence in education, research, practice and scholarship. 

Together let us plan a better world for us and for our future generations!