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Dean's Message

At the Sushant School of Planning and Development, we focus on developing creative problem solving skills through innovation in teaching-learning systems. The School shapes its teaching and research agenda through constant exchanges with physical communities and communities of practice. This also allows us to position ourselves internationally. We prepare the future generations of planners, who are ethical, purposeful and diligent, to play their positive roles in a rapidly globalising society. Upgrading research skills in the country and developing intensive faculty training programmes help us extend our pedagogic outreach whilst infrastructure is regularly upgraded to provide exciting learning environment. Expanding the library with an online database of books, references, national and international periodicals and journals are some critical steps for the way ahead that the school has heavily invested in. In our endeavour to attract talented students, we have developed professional linkages with the corporate sector and professional association apart from showcasing the School’s work at important forums. SSPD is in the process of positioning itself as a Knowledge Hub for Gurugram and the NCR through evidence based planning, capacity building, data management and training opportunities for working professionals. SSPD’s spatial engagement strategy revolves around local ‘Learning City Gurugram’, national ‘Five Million Plus Cities’ and international ‘South Asia, Middle East and Africa’. Through these, we study critical planning issues of the city and use the generated evidences to inform and impact stakeholders towards effective spatial solutions. The intellectual strategy stems out of the need to educate a new generation of policy professionals capable of ‘spatial thinking’ who aspire to be policy entrepreneurs and decision-makers instead of decision-takers. The social strategy helps in embedding the values of ‘inclusion, justice and peace’ into place-making. This way, future planners and policy professionals will be hard-wired to create age-friendly, accessible, thriving and peaceful places. SSPD is evolving as an intellectual destination for the prospective urban planners and policy professionals. The programmes and curricula have been reviewed and updated regularly with the emerging discourses and policy issues at the core. While a vibrant research ecosystem generates ideas centred on student and faculty-led research, the School also invests in disseminating the impactful ideas using policy dialogues, community engagements and student entrepreneurship. In the current global economy and in this time of exchange, networked systems are essential for the co-production of sustained knowledge. These systems are created and governed by us as individuals as well as by our collective selves. This is the essential philosophy that underpins SSPD’s global connect. It is a place of sharing wherein the network becomes more robust by drawing on the strengths of each other within a synergistic value system. We invite institutes, schools, individuals, practices, firms, thinkers, philosophers and artists to come together at Sushant and evolve specific platforms where this sharing can take place. The platformsare of diverse nature and the exchange is multifarious and bilateral. Our endeavour is to give and to receive, all from the perspective of shaping new knowledge. Through these endeavours and developments, we envision SSPD as a hub of innovative disciplinary discourses that are ethical, responsible, inclusive, socially effective, and global yet rooted within our context.


Prof. Dr. Vibhuti Sachdev - Director