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As part of the ongoing Second Year Fourth Semester Design Studio, this year at SAA, we have undertaken a studio project named as "Emergent Sri Lanka – Past and Future" situated in Colombo, where students explore possible scenarios for emergent Sri Lanka through visual, tangible and spatial identities.


For richer understanding and facilitate collaboration, we are organising ARCHITECTURE DESIGN SPIN-OFF, a 2nd Year Design Studio initiative to share, collaborate and nurture various aspects of Architecture Design thinking on Monday 12 April 2021 from 1000 - 1300 Hrs IST.
Here's the Who and Who...
Session Chair: Prof Dr. Vibhuti Sachdev, Dean, SAA
Moderator: Prof Amrita Madan, Second Year Studio Director and Design Track Director, SAA 
Student Emcee: Rashi Chawla, Second Year Student, SAA
Speakers from Sri Lanka
1. Dr. D.P. Chandrasekara, Dean, Faculty of Architecture, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka - He brings to us a wealth of information from academia and research at FARU
2. Architect Chinthaka Wickramage, Principle Architect, Chinthaka Wickramage Associates - He brings to us a deep understanding of Sri Lankan identity through his extensive work 
The Student-led debate will comprise of following student panelists
1. Gauri Gautam and Pakhi Srivastava from Unit 1 (Visual Identity Unit)
2. Ann Samuel and Kushagra Gossain from Unit 2 (Space for All Unit)
2. Samiksha Bansal and Tanishq Roy from Unit 3 (Architecture for Stability Unit)
Agenda of the day is as follows:
9.45- 10.00 Set up and Introduction 
1000 - 1045 - Design Lecture Series 2021 Lecture #1 by Dr. D. P. Chandrasekara
1045 - 1100 - Break
1100 - 1145 - Design Lecture Series 2021 Lecture #2 by Architect Chinthaka Wickramage
1145 - 1200 - Break
1200 - 1245 - The Design Spin-Off - A Student-led Debate



Google Meet Link to Join for all sessions: https://meet.google.com/cws-jxdf-hej