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Title of the talk:Passion for Fashion

Date:29 April 2016

Sushant School of Design, Sushant University had the pleasure of hosting India’s first lady of fashion, Ms. Ritu Beri at its campus on April 29, 2016, under the aegis of Platform Lecture Series of the Institution. Ms. Beri is the mentor of the Fashion and Textile programme at the Sushant School of Design (SSD) and is an Advisory Board member of the School. On her maiden visit to the University, she announced the Best Student Award for the most promising student of the Design School. She also offered three top students the opportunity to work with her. She spoke on her passion for fashion and had a very interactive session with the students and faculty members. She advised the young students to be open to life and be passionate about whatever they do. She said that the state of mind of an individual should be his inspiration. Her presence at the campus was a big moment for the entire design fraternity, who look up to her as a style icon.