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Excellence in teaching must be nurtured. At Ansal University, it is strongly believed that every student should be focused and motivated to succeed. The thrust lies in building personalities and careers with a realistic road map that guides every student towards a successful professional career.

There is a strong focus on experiential learning with the help of latest tools and techniques using case studies, role plays, field visits, projects, classroom exercises etc.

The teaching pedagogy adopted is benchmarked against global standards and every faculty uses international pedagogy involving experiential learning. Seminars and presentations are given by students, which help them in developing their skills in effective expression and public speaking. Teaching and assessment in every school is done not only to award degrees but to validate the learning outcomes of the particular course.

Practical sessions are an integral part of any professional course. Students are asked to undertake practical classes, wherever required, so that they not only know the subject but are able to apply it in the laboratory.

Every student is required to submit his/her work, including dissertations, long essays or research projects, for evaluation and critical discussions regularly. The University actively involves the parents and guardians in the holistic development of the students and believes that parents are important stakeholders in the education process who are expected to pro-actively interact with the faculty mentors and coordinators to apprise themselves of their ward’s progress. Such efforts by the students give them the chance to develop their skills in original research by testing out theories and advancing their own ideas.

Scientific testing and measurement tools like conceptual tests, continuous assessment and critical evaluation are adopted. These tests focus on key concepts and learning goals for the class.

Most of the Programmes have a built-in provision of opportunity for students to go for industry attachment, corporate internship, field studies and surveys. Such trainings chisel the students to adopt real world work environment after completing their studies.