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Title of the talk: Wisdom: Source of Wealth and Power

Mr. Pavan Choudary, renowned author and Managing Director of Vygon India shared his pearls of wisdom on the topic “Wisdom: Source of Wealth and Power” under the aegis of Platform Lecture series at Sushant University on 25November2016. He deliberated upon the quintessential meaning of wisdom in discretion and discrimination of good and evil. From his rich repository of knowledge he delineated the philosophies of Confucius, Buddha and also shared some of his own experiences and stories which made the session highly interactive and interesting.

The erudite speaker enlightened the audience by his rich insights on how wisdom can be attained by maintaining balanced growth in life. The balance lies in equanimity, walking on the middle path and balancing between human relationships. He also emphasized that virtuous people should empower themselves with their courage and conviction. He delved deep on the theories of wisdom which enunciate that good and bad person should be blessed or cursed equally.
The session concluded with pertinent discussion and questions.