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An IQAC Initiative 

On Thursday, 11th march 2021, FDP on Academic Audit was organized at Sushant University to facilitate the learning just before the Audit Cycle scheduled to commence from April 19 onwards. 

The FDP was conducted with an objective to ascertain bottlenecks and areas of improvement in the existing academic and administrative system & to assess the efficiency & effectiveness of administrative functions being performed by schools through audit of policies, documents and standard practices thus suggesting ways to improve quality through practicing good practices & continuous improvement procedures. 

The same was conducted by the Chairperson of IQAAC, Prof. Dr. Garima Parkash and was attended by the deans of the respective school with the IQAT Teams, Program Directors & Coordinators of the school. 

Dr. DNS Kumar, Vice Chancellor, Sushant University in his opening session explained the importance & need for conducting an Academic Audit. In his session he has given an overview of the academic audit process and briefed that every year IQAAC will conduct academic audits during the months of April and November. 

Dr. Kumar reiterated the fact that this audit is to introspect the academic and administrative functions of the university, propose suggestions based on areas of improvement and monitor the implementation and adherence of the same & The Committee has the responsibility to collect and assess the following information, processes and outcomes. 

Dr. Garima Parkash in her session explained the process of conduct of an Audit, the SOP’s and roles and responsibilities of Auditors, Deans of Schools and members involved in the process. Dr. Parkash also have shared the timelines for the academic audit and a copy of the audit card with the member details were circulated to the attendees in hard copy as well. 

A detailed description of all Criteria’s, their respective activities and their weightages was presented and explained by Dr. Parkash & the marks obtained in the audit scorecard will reflect in the audit grade sheet based on which the academic performance of the school will be ascertained.

Next in the Agenda was a session by Dr. Latika Duhan on geo tagging of pictures for University/School events (Both Academic & Non Academic Events), which is also a requirement by the auditing bodies and agencies and is a proof of the conduct of an event. 

The FDP was concluded with a Q & A Sessions wherein Deans, Program Directors & members of the faculty have raised their concerns and doubts. The Pictures, Attendance sheet and feedback forms are being collected and filed for audit purpose.


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