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Greetings from Sushant University!

Hope you and your family both at home and at work are keeping safe during this uncertainty!
Change is a harbinger of possibilities.

We always aspire for change to bring more prosperity, enthusiasm and sustainability. A positive change is always instrumental and acts as an important milestone in our journey from good to great. We are delighted to announce that Sushant University will now be known as Sushant University. In an effort to re-establish the heritage and legacy of the brand “Sushant”, This change is intended to enhance the vision, identity and perception for us as a University as well as the goodwill associated with our stakeholders. We have augmented towards a journey of opulence spreading around peace and harmony (meaning taken from the word “Sushant”) in the foothills of Aravallis. We are glad to share our intent and initiatives planned for achieving excellence and creating this institution an actual Temple of learning.

1. Beginning of New Semester – As an effort to avoid the impact of COVID 19 pandemic on academic endeavors of our student, we strengthen our IT infrastructure to a great extent and shifted our teaching, learning and evaluation to online mode. The same approach we continued in the current semester also by starting our semester as per schedule.

2. Conducting Practical Classes – We are planning to conduct the practical classes required in all the programmes once the students will be available on the campus. This is to avoid any compromise in the learning and skill developments of our students.

3. Accreditation – These are very important parameters to reflect the quality of academic delivery, standards, systems & processes and infrastructure of any institution. It lays a key role in placement and higher education of passed out students. We have started our efforts or important accreditations like NAAC, NIRF and ABET (For engineering). Various committees have tarted working on these accreditations.

4. Enhancement of Intellectual Pool – We are in process of hiring some senior academicians and administrators with rich academic, research and industry experience. It will significantly enhance the academic rigour at the University and better learning experience of students.

5. Strengthening of IT Infrastructure – The University is collaborating the various IT industry partners like TCS, Adobe etc. It will provide a robust platform for IT based blended learning with experts from India and abroad, so as to achieve the experience of a global classroom.

6. Office of International Affairs – This office is established with a major objective of providing global exposure and learning opportunities at foreign soil. It will create diversity by bringing students from different nationalities along with creating opportunities for our students to go and learn certain courses, advance technologies and best practices in different countries.

7. Industry Interaction – The various schools have planned to provide the best industry exposure through interaction with the experts from the relevant industry. These interactions will be arranged through online, offline and personal visit mode.

8. Certificate Courses – As an effort to provide multi skilled environment and diverse learning opportunities, the concept of providing certificate courses is developed across all schools. The rare opportunities of learning from best institutions like Harvard was also conceptualized and to our fortunate, we made it feasible for our students to learn various courses by expert faculty of Harvard Business School. Moreover, all certificate courses will be made available to our students on highly subsidized cost.

9. Strengthening of Center for Corporate Relations (CCR) – The CCR department will be further strengthened and restructured so as to cater the training and placement requirements of all the schools. They will generate better opportunities for online internships (during COVID 19) and will connect with more corporates for placement options for all passing out students.

10. Center for Soft Skills (CSS) – It is established with the vision to enhance the mployability aspects of each student. This center will deliver specific module based training programmes as per the need of particular profession opted by our students.

11. Center for Co-Curricular Activities – The University will focus equally on the culture, values and traditions of students from different parts of the Globe. A separate center will be established for Co-Curricular Activities like Music, Dance and Yoga. Trained professionals will be empaneled to enhance and exhibit the talent of our students in various events or the competitions organized within and outside the University campus.

12. Fee Concession/Scholarships – To support the parents facing challenges posed by economic disruption due to COVID 19 pandemic, a fee concession in the current semester fee is given to all existing students.

Needless to say that the academic excellence and laurels earned by the University till date is mainly an outcome of excellent efforts of our students and trust and continued support of their parents. We ensure that with new name and new energy, we will bring a global recognition to our University. We all will always feel proud to be a part of this University

Wish You A Good Day And Peaceful Time Ahead!

Best Regards,

Dr. Sanjeev Sharma,
Registrar, Sushant University