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Dean's Message

Director, School of Health Sciences 

Over the last few years, the demand for competent professionals has increased with the advancements in healthcare in India. The treatment approach is a lot more dependent on healthcare professionals than just the doctors or nurses. The vast population and its growing healthcare needs cannot be fulfilled unless the healthcare team has qualified, educated and well-trained health professionals.

Currently, there are many unregulated hospital-based programs which train some allied / health professionals but have failed in imparting best skills and professional care because of poor teaching delivery base. The delivery of teaching by these health care professionals can be effective if they have the complete training of the profession both in terms of theoretical and clinical. Steps have been taken by the Government to regulate all health / allied health care professions and it is not far from reality. Those with poor knowledge and skills shall have a tough time to compete. The demand and employment opportunities are immense because these are unexplored professions with greater scope and opportunities which are untapped. The demand is likely to increase further and scope shall widen.