Faculty Profile

 Name: Avitesh Vaishnavi Nayak

Designation: Assistant Professor, Secretary – Cultural Committee, Sushant University


Bachelors of Architecture – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow (2015)

Masters in Construction Engg. - Himalayan University (2017)

PGD in Urban Planning and Development - IGNOU (2018)

PGD in Rural Development - IGNOU (2021)

PhD Scholar at SAA, SU 

Email: avitesh@sushantuniversity.edu.in 


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/avitesh-vaishnavi-a65b32123/

WordPress: https://vaishnavinayak.wordpress.com/

Research Gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Avitesh-Nayak 

Short Biography

Ar. Avitesh, winner of Young Achiever Award in Architecture, is a loving faculty among students of SAA with a charming way of teaching, dynamic in nature having 14 research papers and multitasking. Apart from her current research area Bio-Solar rooftops in Ph.D., published many articles, essays in various leading architectural magazines.

She has a strong feeling to give back to the society and nation, for which she has started a social initiative Mam Gram Samraddh Dhaya unique approach under which she not just provides education but also hope and aspirations to young kids from underprivileged and low-income groups. She has a strong belief that every child of India has potential to become the next Kalam.

Avitesh has been associated with many professional organizations in her field. She is an active member of The Indian Institute of Architects (IIA), Haryana chapter. It was her strong consistent contribution towards society, due to which, she was nominated as DISHA committee in her native district Bulandshahr. DISHA committee is a district level committee constituted by the Union Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development, chaired by Member of Parliament to ensure the timely implementation of various government schemes of welfare.

Her fresh approach of observing nearby environment and behavior led her to get award at WADE for photography after her life changing experience as second runner-up of Mrs. India International in Malaysia. Currently, she is working on Black Architecture and Circular Economy for Rural Development.

Core Competency

  • Able to appreciate social and humanistic concerns with aesthetic perspective.
  • Strong in design thinking and use of multi-media.
  • Have strengthen in communication and interpersonal skills with collaboration & teamwork.
  • Able to conduct a well-crafted and thought provoking class. 

Research Interests

Renewable energy systems, Rural Development, Black Architecture, Circular economy 


  1. Avitesh Vaishnavi Nayak – 2022. Concept of Circular Economy in Building Construction – 2022. (JOURNAL OF THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS) [ISSN-0019-4913] JUNE 2021 VOLUME 87, ISSUE 06 
  2. Avitesh Vaishnavi Nayak – 2022. Circular Economy for the Solar Industry. (International Journal of Urban Design) VOLUME 5, ISSUE 02 
  3. Avitesh – 2021. ANTYODAYA VIA INCLUSION - Rethinking Urban India. (JOURNAL OF THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS) [ISSN-0019-4913] JUNE 2021 VOLUME 86, ISSUE 06 
  4. Avitesh & Dr. Tejwant Singh Brar – 2020. Bio Solar Terrace - A Review on Benefits of Photovoltaic Green Roof. (International Journal of Contemporary Architecture "The New ARCH") [ISSN 2198-7688] 
  5. Avitesh & Dr. Naveen Nandal – 2021. Psychology and Black Architecture. (Psychology and education) [ISSN: 1553-6939] p3630 -3637.      
  6. Avitesh – 2020. Black Architecture. (International Journal of Architecture and Infrastructure Planning) [eISSN : 2456-0154] p36-40      
  7. Avitesh – 2020. Lockdown Impact on Rural Life. (International Journal Rural and Regional Planning Development)
  8. Avitesh & Zeeshan Ansari – 2017. Aligarh City : Indian Habitat (International Journal of Rural and Regional Planning Development)
  9.  Avitesh & Danish Saifi- 2017. Vacuum Dewatering During Concreting. ( International Journal of Construction Engineering and Planning)   [ISSN: e2456-2335] 
  10. Avitesh – 2016. Real estate for Urban Management (Industrial Estates in National Capital Territory, Delhi) – 2017. International Journal on Emerging Technologies   [ISSN No. (Print) : 0975-8364, ISSN No. (Online) : 2249-3255]
  11. Avitesh & Karan Nagpal – 2017. Role of Digital India in Enhancing Transportation SMART AND SAFE SOLUTIONS FOR ACCIDENT FREE INDIA. International Journal of Town Planning and Management [eISSN 2456-5253]
  12. Avitesh – 2017. Urban Green Reserve Management – 2017. International Journal of Urban Planning and Management eISSN : 2456-0154
  13. Avitesh – 2016. India Needs Smart Villages More than Smart Cities for Better Tomorrow. (International Journal Rural and Regional Planning Development)
  14. Avitesh – 2016. How a City Develops With Respect to Architecture Bulandshahr Part-1 (Present Condition) – 2016. (International Journal of Landscape Planning and Architecture)       [ISSN: e2456-5091]
  15. Avitesh – 2016. Design and Innovations in Transportation Systems for ‘Make in India’ – 2016. International Journal of Transportation Engineering and Traffic System) [eISSN : 2456-2343]
  16. Avitesh & Zeeshan Ansari – 2016. How to Control Climatic Conditions by Vernacular Architecture in Palei, Rajasthan. (International Journal of Landscape Planning and Architecture) [ISSN: e2456-5091]Vol. 2: Issue 1. pg. 27- 34.

Workshops Conducted:

1. "Energy Conservation Building Code - 2017" by HAREDA & BEE at Sushant University in May 2021. 

Awards and Achievements (including Scholarship)

  1. 2022 – SMEBIZZ MSME Star Award for Social Work
  2. 2021 - Young Achiever Award in Architecture- A3 foundation, Chandigarh.
  3. 2021 - Women Prestige Award (for social work)
  4. 2020 - Special achiever -51 Influential Women of Uttar Pradesh.
  5. 2020 - Naari Shakti Samman- Brijbhoomi Foundation, Mathura U.P.
  6. 2019 - Indian Icon Awards-Architecture, fashion and glamour Icon.
  7. 2018 - 1st runner up- Photography competition WADe ASIA.
  8. 2016 - 2nd position in Spectrum, IIT Roorkee. 


  1. Council of Architecture, CoA Number- CA/2016/78459
  2. Indian Institute of Architects, IIA Number- 23741
  3. Marketing Chair – ASSOCHAM GEM Haryana Chapter
  4. ISHRAE Number 31283

(ISHRAE- Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers)

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