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Training Session at The Taj Hotel

Hotels and Hospitality Academics closely complement each others functions and may go hand-in-hand, they yet stand to be two distinctively different branches of study for very valid reasons.

Whilst on one hand the academic counterparts have endeavored to seek a close collaboration with the hospitality professionals to get the latest trend of their best practices, and experiences, the hotels too feel the necessity to induce academic excellence into their own systems and skills, which can be achieved only by way of a direct interface with the hotel management professors.

In the same spirit, Mr. Sidharth Srivastava, Assistant Professor, School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Sushant University was invited to conduct a session for trainees enrolled in Taj Golden Threshold Programme at Taj Palace hotel, New Delhi. The hotel managers may though have a biased choice of the subject they wish to discuss with the trainees, the academic experts, like Mr. Sidharth Srivastava excel in discussing the varied hotel management subjects in their totality.