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SOL students to give Legal-Aid to the needy

School of Law, Ansal University under the umbrella of Ansal University Legal Aid Clinic (AULAC), in its mission to impart social justice and nurture their students with social inclusivity has adopted two Legal Care and Support Centres: Protection office, Mahila Thana, Sector 51 and at Counsellor Office, Arjun Marg, DLF phase 1, Gurugram. The Centres were officially handed over by Sh. Narender Singh, CJM cum Member Sectretary, District Legal Services Authority, Gurugram today at Mahila Police Station, Sector-51, Gurugram. Prof. Kanu Priya and Dr. Komal along with the team of PLVs and student members of AULAC from School of Law, Ansal University took over the charge and allocated the duties to the students to coordinate with the Police Incharge and Protection officer in providing counselling services and redressal mechanism to the women complainants and other distressed people.

Representatives of AULAC will visit and provide free legal aid to the downtrodden and distraught members of the society. AULAC will also conduct research relating to the procedure being adopted by women police officials in dealing with complaints and attempts for amicable redressal of disputes. School of Law is the first Law School in the state of Haryana to adopt such Legal Aid Centre and join hands with the District Legal Services Authority in furtherance of its objective to impart social justice.