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HOMEing 2 - People, Pigeons and the Public

SSAA and the Sushant School Alumni Association announce HOMEing 2 - People, Pigeons and the Public Realm.
2020 is the 25th year of graduation of the second batch of graduates from SSAA – the 1990-1995 alumni who have gone on to do brilliant things in their careers. Runit Chayya, co-founder of Grain Collective, New York, and Sujata Hingorani, Partner at Oasis Design Inc. New Delhi, are two birds that are HOMEing back to SSAA in this very aptly placed and curated Jugalbandi. Our very own, Prof Suruchi Modi, Urban Designer and Alumna of SSAA Batch 1996-2001, is the moderator of the session.
What: HOMEing #2
Who: Sujata Hingorani and Runit Chhaya (batch 1990-1995).
When : 15 June 2020
Time: 4-5.30pm
Where: Google Meet Link - https://meet.google.com/npm-bgfe-pod